His True Colors Chapter 2061

 "I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich."

        Coming out of the underground palace, Han Qianqian was placed in the bamboo house at the back by Granny Long. At this moment, Su Yingxia was cleaning the room, although Granny Long had already cleaned it in advance, Su Yingxia still boiled water and tidied up the hygiene, for Su Yingxia, this was the home they might have to live in for a long time.

        What kind of home is a home without fireworks?

        Su Yingxia had just finished boiling water, and at this point she couldn't help but roll her white eyes out of the sky: "I know you took two boxes of jewellery, look at your little smug look."

        "Honey, you don't understand this, do you? How much is two boxes of jewellery? The jewels I scavenged from the Four Dragons are literally dozens of times more than this, would I care? What I care about are these seeds." Han Qianqian did not conceal his complacency.

        In a way, he had indeed made a fortune, and, in a big way.

        "Seeds? Do you think we're still short of food? Besides, for those with cultivation levels like ours, it doesn't really matter if we eat or not." Su Yingxia said with contempt.

        "You think it's the seeds that you eat? You're wrong! These seeds are all essential for refining all kinds of wondrous pills, and there are some essential items that must be used. For example, the Bitter Cold Fruit, or whatever the Extreme Ice Fire Grass is, hey, the seeds are being collected, everything is there." Han Qianqian couldn't say how happy he was.

        The most important thing in alchemy is what, one is technology, two is material, technology, there is the secret book of Immortal Spirit Island, material, ordinary before in the auction house to buy have, originally only want to practice some ordinary for the disciples to use, which know this ancient book not only has some magical method of turning waste into treasure, more importantly, high grade strange shortage of materials, is also the solution.

        To think that back then, a single Ten Thousand Bitter Cold Lotus could have been a direct bid king, but something like the Ten Thousand Bitter Cold Lotus, in these seeds, was only of inferior grade!

        What was this if not a fortune?

        From being a small farmer to a big moneymaker in an instant!

        Hearing these words from Han Qianqian's recitation of the Extreme Ice and Fire Grass, Su Yingxia also froze, because the Extreme Ice and Fire Grass and Bitter Cold Fruit were basically extremely precious materials in the Eight Directions World, and any one of them was enough to exchange for tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of Purple Crystals, and it could even be said that these things were priceless.

        "Holy shit, it can't be true, right?" Even someone as refined as Su Yingxia could not help but speak foully in excitement at this moment, walking a few steps to Han Qianqian's side and sitting down.

        After seeing the writing on the ancient book, Su Yingxia's pair of eyes also widened.

        The two of them now understood why Wang Juzhi would even do such a treacherous thing as committing regicide in order to obtain the position of the Sect Leader.

        To many people, this was indeed a heavenly temptation.

        "However, it says that you need corpse valley land in order for these seeds to germinate. Shit, corpse valley land again?" Han Qianqian looked at Su Yingxia in a depressed manner.

        Why was the place Corpse Valley Land always mentioned? If it was such an important place, how could Wang Juzhi have let it go!

        "Why don't we go and take a look?" Su Yingxia also felt that this was fishy.

        "Let's let them out first." Han Qianqian said.

        "I've already spoken to Granny Long, and we might have other disciples."


        Early the next morning, Han Qianqian released all of the hundred or so people in the Eight Wastelands World. During the time they had been in the Eight Wastelands World, the Alliance disciples had been cultivating day and night and had made rapid progress, especially Ning Yue and Fu Mang, one had reached the middle stage of Evil Punishing and the other had reached the middle stage of Kongdong.

        And Qin Shannon had also improved, she was still mainly playing with Nian'er, but even so, Qin Shannon, who had outstanding talent, had reached the middle stage of Evil Punishing and had broken through extremely quickly.

        Many of the other disciples, the worst of whom were at the upper stage of the Dao realm, and many more were almost at the middle stage of the Saint realm.

        Important disciples like Shiyue and Qiushui had even reached the Ethereal Realm.

        A dozen days outside was decades in the Eight Desolate World, and although they were of average talent, there was plenty of spiritual energy inside, so they had improved considerably. Moreover, over this period of time, Jianghu Baixiao Sheng had also specifically planned accordingly for the alliance.

        Fu Mang led the backward male disciples for the Hot Blooded Hall, and Ning Yue led her own disciples for the Women's Gang, the two of them ranking as the left and right generals of the alliance.

        This is a very clever arrangement, as it ensures that Fu Mang has someone to lead and Nging Yue's forces will not be scattered, and at the same time, if something happens, they can check and balance each other.

        When the group came out and saw Immortal Spirit Island, they were both amazed and confused.

        Some of them didn't even feel like they had changed places, as the beauty of the place simply didn't look like the Eight Directions world, but more like the Eight Wastelands world.

        Han Qianqian took the Dragon Lady and met with everyone. Although the Dragon Lady had previously been a servant, Han Qianqian withdrew her from this status and demanded that everyone must treat her with sufficient respect, and also sent someone to serve her specifically. To Han Qianqian, the only living Dragon Lady was perhaps the only totem of Immortal Spirit Island's past.

        After settling everyone down, Han Qianqian took Su Yingxia and carried Han Nian, followed the dragon lady all the way through the backyard and walked about ten metres in the opposite direction of the weak water.

        Suddenly, they stopped at a dry and incomparable clearing.

        "Island Master, this is the land of the Valley of Corpses."