His True Colors Chapter 2060

 Han Qianqian nodded and reincarnated the Immortal Spirit God Ring into a key, which he then placed into the small hole of the stone door.

        As the Immortal Spirit Divine Ring, which had been transformed into a key, took on a brighter red colour, the entire mountain was flooded with watery air and the stone door was opened.

        The dragon lady obediently retreated, leaving Han Qianqian with Su Yingxia to slowly walk through the stone door and into the cave.

        Once the two had entered, the Immortal Spirit Divine Ring once again transformed into a ring and flew onto Han Qianqian's finger, while the stone door was heavily re-closed.


        Above the walls, lights burst into flame.

        The cave's jade brick and stone walls were neat and bright.

        The cave was ten metres long and then it was down a staircase all the way to the bottom.

        Beneath the stairs was an incomparably wide underground space, not exactly luxuriously decorated but distinctive, wrapped in white jade and green bricks throughout and topped with a ceiling of two cranes flying together.

        "Three thousand, there are murals." Su Yingxia pointed at the two sides of the wall and said in an odd voice.

        Han Qianqian looked at the stone walls and saw that there were many lifelike patterns carved on them.

        In the middle of the floating sea, there was an isolated island with an old turtle drifting outside the island all year round.

        "So the old turtle knows the way because this old turtle itself has some connection with the Immortal Spirit Island?" Han Qianqian murmured.

        "It should be, it's just because it was called out by Heiyu, so, we got in first." Su Yingxia explained.

        Yes, and it was normal for the old turtle to be ordered by the sea maiden because it was a creature of the sea, it was just that Han Qianqian and the others hadn't expected the turtle to be involved with Immortal Spirit Island.

        "Three thousand, look what this is? It's not that what you said ......"

        "Tianlu Pixie?" Han Qianqian was stunned, how could the underground palace of Immortal Spirit Island still have a portrait of a Heavenly Lu Pixi!

        On the picture, a Pixie is frantically breaking all kinds of ships, and the island beacons up in battle behind him!

        "Could it be that it was carved by the Master before the Immortal Spirit Island's accident?" Su Yingxia said strangely.

        "No, look at the size of this brave, compared to the ship, it's actually only about ten times bigger, but the one we met today is nearly twenty times bigger." Han Qianqian denied.

        "Then there are others?"

        "It was the same one. I remember when I fought that big brave, he was missing a sharp finger from his front hoof, and look, there's a brave missing from this one too." When Han Qianqian finished, he looked at Su Yingxia and said, "I suspect that it was drawn during the last incident on Immortal Spirit Island, when this Heavenly Lu Pixie had not yet grown up."

        Besides, with the recent war caused by Wang Juzhi, Shigong was already dying and he had no chance to come in and carve these stories.

        "Three thousand, I know the answer, this should be the Immortal Spirit Island that saved this Heavenly Lu Pixie." Su Yingxia pointed in surprise at a mural in the distance.

        On the mural, the Tianlu Pixie, which was only the size of a child, was saved by an old man because of the injury to his front finger, and the old man was dressed with the imprint of the word Immortal right on his chest.

        And on the mouth of the Heavenly Locust Pixie was a small, fast red stone, bending its head to contain it into the old man's hand.

        "I see, whenever there is a crisis on Immortal Spirit Island, the Heavenly Lu Pixie will come to help, it's just a pity that this time, it's late and, moreover, treats us as enemies." Han Qianqian said.

        Looking back, there was a small box in the distance with a faint red light in it. After picking it up, Su Yingxia opened the box and inside was a small red stone that wasn't too big, almost identical to the one on the mural.

        "Is this the bead?" Han Qianqian frowned and put the red stone into his spatial ring.

        I don't know if it's useful, but what if it is?!

        "Corpse Valley Land!" Su Yingxia suddenly pointed to a mural at the far end and lost her voice in surprise.

        Han Qianqian rushed there with a few steps, but couldn't help but frown. The mural was just an empty acre of land, other than that there was only a curved water flowing slowly.

        Underneath the mural were four big words: "Corpse water nourishes the sky.

        What does this mean?

        Han Qianqian couldn't understand it, but he felt that the curved water was a bit strange, but he couldn't tell what was strange about it.

        When Han Qianqian touched it, he instantly felt that his whole hand was going to lose consciousness, the temperature of the ice bed was so low that it was terrifying.

        But miraculously, when she pulled her hand back, she suddenly felt the warmth of the room again, as if she could not feel the absolute coldness of it without touching it.

        Su Yingxia opened the first box, which was full of all kinds of medical books.

        When she opened the second box, it was filled with all kinds of alchemy books, which made Han Qianqian very happy.

        The third and fourth chests were all kinds of exotic treasures, which should be the wealth of Immortal Spirit Island.

        As for the fifth chest, it was all kinds of seeds.

        Han Qianqian was quite puzzled, what was the point of taking seeds? Could it be that the Immortal Spirit Island still lacked supplies?

        This shouldn't be right! When they entered the island, the plants were majestic and vibrant, so it didn't seem like a place that lacked food and clothing?

        Then what could these seeds be?

        Han Qianqian didn't understand, and it wasn't until Han Qianqian unintentionally flipped out an ancient book after taking stock of the items that the bastard finally understood that this fifth box was, in fact, precisely the most important item within the five boxes.

        It would even make countless people in the world ecstatic!