His True Colors Chapter 2059


        With a loud bang, the grave of the Master Gong exploded in front of him.

        Sand and soil flew.

        Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia looked at each other in disbelief.

        What's going on here?

        "I didn't disrespect anything, did I?" Han Qianqian froze and looked at Su Yingxia in wonder.

        "Three-thousand, look." Su Yingxia suddenly pointed at the grave and said in surprise.

        Han Qianqian let his eyes look, only to see a red light shining in the grave.

        What is this?

        Han Qianqian frowned, got up and went to the grave, fixed his eyes and saw that there was a simple coffin in the exploded grave, and the red light was leaking out through the gap in the coffin.

        The next second, the red light suddenly shrunk into a strong light, and then flew directly into the Immortal Spirit Divine Ring in Han Qianqian's hand.

        After the red light invaded the ring, the Immortal Spirit Divine Ring also burst into colour and then returned to its original state, except that a strange little totem suddenly appeared in the centre of the ring.

        With a search of his divine sense, Han Qianqian was astonished to find that the Immortal Spirit Ring suddenly contained a powerful and incomparable aura that was not there before.

        What was this?

        Han Qianqian was frozen!

        At that moment, a loud laugh rang out from nowhere.

        Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia looked around, but apart from the peach blossom forest, there was no one there!

        "Good disciple, good grandson-in-law, I am here." A gentle voice rang out.

        The two of them were instantly startled, as the voice actually came from inside the coffin.

        "Master Gong?" Han Qianqian froze.

        As soon as the words left his mouth, a repeated stream of green smoke floated out and transformed into a human figure, standing on top of the coffin.

        Although transparent, his rather heroic face was nevertheless vaguely visible, and when he saw Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia, he smiled faintly.

        Han Qianqian froze, and as Su Yingxia looked at each other, they hurriedly knelt down, "Disciple Han Qianqian and his wife Su Yingxia, meet Master!"

        "Get up." The silhouette smiled faintly, and two streaks of green smoke radiated from his body, gently helping Su Yingxia and Han Qianqian up.

        "A handsome man and a beautiful woman, a match made in heaven indeed." When Han Qianqian got up, the figure suddenly turned a smile into anger and said in a cold voice, "This foolish pupil, Han Xie, is an eternal disgrace in my life of teaching, not only is his talent incredibly poor, his head is even more pedantic, he is simply a rotten wood. If I were alive, I would expel him from the school."

        Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia did not interrupt as they watched the figure's angry appearance.

        After taking a deep breath, the human shadow placed his gaze on Han Qianqian: "It would be better to accept you as a disciple, at least, to console the old man, so that I can die in peace."

        "I'm sorry for your kindness, but I'm just a foolish disciple, I haven't learnt anything." Han Qianqian did not dare to be arrogant and said in a low tone.

        "Excessive modesty is pride, and what I hate most in my life is such people." The silhouette said suddenly, as if his anger and joy were not normal.

        Han Qianqian bowed his head, not knowing what to say.

        "You should go and open the underground divine palace, which naturally contains all kinds of secret techniques of my Immortal Spirit Island. The figure said.

        "But Master, I have opened the underground divine palace according to what Master said, but unfortunately, I can't open it." Han Qianqian said strangely.

        "Stupid!" The silhouette suddenly cursed angrily, but the next moment, he let out a long breath, "That's fine, you can't be blamed for that."

        "It's because I made some small moves in the Immortal Spirit Divine Ring." The silhouette murmured, "That red light just now was actually helping you unlock the small seal of the Immortal Spirit Divine Ring. Because I did it myself, the people of Immortal Spirit Island naturally found out that something was not normal in the ring."

        After saying this, the figure let out a long sigh, "This is all the fault of my Immortal Spirit Island division's misfortune, the old man was free in life and had a good temper, he took in two disciples, one was your master and the other was Wang Juzhi. Your master was so ignorant that I passed on almost all of my life's knowledge to him, but I gradually discovered that Wang Juzhi was extremely ambitious and greedy, and would do anything to achieve his goal."

        Seeing that he was getting old and that he had a daughter, Ling'er, on the way, he decided to test Wang Juzhi before he abdicated.

        So, Ziyaozi falsely rumoured that he was going to pass on the position of Sect Leader to Han Xiao, and wanted to see what Wang Juzhi's reaction would be. Originally, he intended to give the title to Wang Juzhi if he accepted the fact peacefully, but he did not expect that this would make Wang Juzhi kill himself.

        Wang Juzhi kidnapped Ling'er and seriously injured Zunyaozi with a sneak attack. Afterwards, he blackmailed Zunyaozi into handing over the Immortal Spirit Divine Ring by slaughtering the disciples of Immortal Spirit Island.

        He then threatened to slaughter the disciples of Immortal Spirit Island and threatened to hand over the ring.

        His wife and himself were killed by Wang Juzhi, his young daughter Ling'er was nowhere to be found, and all of his hundred men fell into the bloodstream.

        "I was afraid that there might be an accident in the future that would allow Wang Juzhi to regain the Immortal Spirit Ring, so before sending Han away, I tampered with it and hid the secret within my spirit."

        "I knew that the traitor was as arrogant as I was, so I made a poisonous oath before I died, that if anyone paid three obeisances in front of my grave after my death, they could open the sealing energy and release the final ban on the Immortal Spirit God Ring."

        After hearing these words, Han Qianqian froze.

        Wang Juzhi should have hated Prosperous Son to the core, so he could never kneel and worship before Prosperous Son's grave, which also meant that even if Han Cun's Immortal Spirit God Ring was captured by him, he would still be unable to open the underground divine palace.

        It had to be said that this move by the Protagonist was truly a brilliant move among brilliant moves.

        "Now, the Immortal Spirit Ring has lifted the final ban, and you are now the true meaning of Immortal Spirit Island Master, by the way, there is a piece of corpse valley land behind the Peach Source, remember to go there after taking down the items of the underground palace, it will be very helpful to you."

        "It's getting late, I'm also going to join your master's wife on the road." With a soft smile, the figure of the Free Spirit suddenly turned into emptiness.

        After paying his respects once more in situ, Han Qianqian then took Su Yingxia with him and returned to the White Room Bamboo House.

        On the way to the underground divine palace again, Han Qianqian also learned that the old woman was the only survivor of the Immortal Spirit Island back then, called Granny Long.

        "By the way, Granny Long, I heard Shifu mention that there was a place on Immortal Spirit Island called Corpse Valley Land. It sounds like a place where corpses are buried?" Han Qianqian asked curiously.

        Granny Long shook her head and laughed as if Han Qianqian was joking with her, "Island Master, how can the Valley of Corpses be a place where corpses are buried? If you knew about it, Island Master, how could you spare it for burying corpses?"

        "Island Master, the underground palace has arrived."