His True Colors Chapter 1056

 Han Qianqian was stunned, how did this old turtle know that he was lying to Heiyu, but at this time Han Qianqian would obviously not admit it and said in a dumbfounded manner, "What?"

        The old tortoise shook its head without saying anything and slowly swam forward.

        Han Qianqian waved his hand at the four dragons, who instantly disappeared into the water.

        The little Tianlu Pixiu kept looking at the direction the big Tianlu Pixiu had left, with some inexplicable sadness and some anxiety in its small eyes, wanting to rush over.

        Han Qianqian stroked its little head: "Don't worry, it's fine, just take it a little further away."

        Only after hearing Han Qianqian's words did the little Tianlu Pixie lower its head sadly and stick out its little tongue to lick Han Qianqian's hand, finally turning into a coloured light and returning to Han Qianqian's arm.

        Only after soothing the little one did Han Qianqian raise his eyes, only to find that the old tortoise had already swum far away with them.

        What confused Han Qianqian most was that the old turtle's floating route was strange, sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes up, sometimes down, and sometimes even drawing words.

        "Elder Turtle, are you sure you haven't been drinking?" Su Yingxia was a little dizzy from the old turtle and couldn't help but wonder.

        The old turtle did not say anything, but Han Qianqian at this end frowned.

        Su Yingxia was wondering about the old turtle's trajectory, which was normal, after all, she didn't know the map of Immortal Spirit Island, but Han Qianqian was stunned to find that the old turtle's route to Immortal Spirit Island was extremely similar to the route to Immortal Spirit Island in her own head.

        But Master had said that the location of Immortal Spirit Island changed frequently, and only the Immortal Spirit Divine Ring would know the location of Immortal Spirit Island in real time, so how could this old turtle know?

        Amidst Han Qianqian's vigilance and doubts, the old tortoise continued to walk forward.

        After travelling for about half a day or so, the calm sea in front of them suddenly became furiously windy, and the waves rose to the sky.

        "You guys, sit tight." The old turtle made a rare sound.

        Han Qianqian nodded, took off his own clothes and held them over Su Yingxia's head, then wrapped his right hand slightly harder around her waist.

        The old turtle accelerated and rushed straight into the giant wave.

        As soon as he entered the giant wave, the sky, which had been quiet and serene earlier, was suddenly filled with lightning and thunder, the wind roared and the sea roared.

        The fierce tide was like a giant's hand, slapping Han Qianqian directly on the turtle's face.

        Han Qianqian shielded Su Yingxia behind him and held up his energy shield to block the waves coming from all directions.

        As time passed, and with the old turtle's final sprint, the two men and the turtle finally leapt over the last big wave.

        Once again the wind and waves were calm, only for the sea to suddenly be covered in fog!

        "Which way to go?" The old turtle whispered softly from the sea.

        "Towards the front?" Han Qianqian wasn't too sure, the picture in his head wasn't actually very accurate, flashing from time to time, sometimes not clear enough.

        The old turtle said no more, and as Han Qianqian said, he accelerated forward and went straight into the fog.

        The fog was so strong that the visibility was barely half a metre. If Han Qianqian had been driving the boat himself, he would probably have been lost in the fog.

        About an hour later, Han Qianqian was already sweating profusely, having to keep checking his mind for flashes and telling the old turtle. The old turtle, however, kept doing what Han Qianqian said at a strange speed, but the old turtle was so peaceful that it didn't even seem to breathe.

        "Here it is." With a soft hum, the old turtle's body accelerated and swam fiercely towards the front.

        The two men and the tortoise rode the wind forward, passing through the last layer of mist, and what came into view was a picture-perfect landscape with a beautiful breeze and sunshine, like a god.

        The blue sky and white clouds, the sun still shining, the sky-blue ocean in the distance, a green island in the middle of it, the island around the sea birds flying song, the island group of flowers everywhere, the most striking is a pink peach forest, peach forest southeast of the white house black tile, beautiful like an immortal island.

        "Is this the Island of Immortal Spirits? Oh my, it's so beautiful." Looking at the island from afar, Su Yingxia couldn't help but let out a gasp.

        Han Qianqian also couldn't help but reveal a heartfelt smile, this island was really beautiful, like an out-of-this-world paradise where only gods should live.

        The old turtle slowed down to allow the two of them to enjoy the unparalleled beauty. When the two of them approached the shore, those beautiful birds flew in groups and swam low around them.

        Su Yingxia was happy like a child.

        "The island is all forbidden, so let's send you to the pier." The old turtle stopped at the dock made of bamboo on the island and said softly.

        When Han Qianqian and the couple got onto the pier, it didn't say much, and with a turn it swam into the sea, never to be seen again.

        Han Qianqian couldn't even thank him, but what was even more strange to him was how this old turtle knew that he had come to find the island instead of the people! You know, this matter, the people who knew and were in the Eightfold World, there was no one else except Su Yingxia and his own master, Shifu.

        What's more, this old turtle seemed to know something about the location of the Immortal Spirit Island, but Master had also said that no one else could possibly know about it except himself.

        This was really unbelievable.

        "Three thousand, what are you thinking about?" Su Yingxia said curiously.

        Han Qianqian smiled, "Nothing, it's just that this place is so beautiful that I didn't reflect on it for a while."

        In order not to let Su Yingxia worry, Han Qianqian laughed.

        "Yes, it's such a beautiful place, and your master and grandmother don't want to come back, so you can imagine what painful memories that evil thief Wang Juzhi has produced for them, so much so that ...... hey." Su Yingxia gritted her teeth and said.

        "Ugh!" Han Qianqian also let out a long sigh, took out the urn of the teacher's grandmother and held it in his hand, murmuring as he glanced at the island.

        Su Yingxia gently grabbed Han Qianqian's hand, comforting him that he didn't need to feel too sad for Granny Shi, that the end of life was sometimes not an end, but a new beginning.

        Besides, it was probably a relief to her that Shifu could finally return to her hometown after her death.

        "Let's go." Han Qianqian smiled, pulled Su Yingxia along, and walked into the island.

        There was only one road into the island, but soon after walking in, the two couples came to a bamboo forest.

        The bamboo forest was dense, and it was as high as the sky, and when the two of them walked in less than a few moments later, they suddenly heard the strange sound of the wind and the bamboo shadows swaying.

        "Wait." Han Qianqian suddenly pulled Su Yingxia and shielded her behind him, looking around warily.

        "What's wrong?" Su Yingxia looked around strangely, but there was nothing around except for the wind being a little stronger and the bamboo swaying a little.

        "Something's not right!" Han Qianqian looked around with a torch-like gaze, while the jade sword in his hand crossed.