His True Colors 1219-1220

 Chapter 1219

Just as Chongyang was about to refute Han Marchant, Han Marchant had already made a move to gather momentum, his body slightly crouching, ready to strike at any moment.

        "Since that's the case, I'm not going to be polite to you, it's better for a young man like you to suffer a bit more." Chong Yang sneered and said, he didn't take Han 3000 in his eyes, from start to finish, as his understanding of martial dao was beyond normal, and he knew very well how important the accumulation of years was in this matter of martial dao.

        Han 3000, on the other hand, was only a child after all, and even if he was exceptionally talented and hadn't trained for a long time, there would be a certain upper limit to his strength, and this limit would never exceed his strength.

        The battle between the two of them was on the verge of starting.

        Everyone in the stands almost held their breath at this moment, for them, this match was very crucial, in addition to being able to see Chong Yang, a retired expert, they could also see how far the peak of Han Qianli's strength was.

        "Go for it!"

        "Go Idol."

        "Down with him, down with him!"

        Those girls who came at Han Three Thousand once again set off a wave of voices, they treated Han Three Thousand as their idol, naturally hoping that Han Three Thousand would be able to show off her skills in the ring.

        Shi Jing was also nervously clenching her fists at this time, although Han Three Thousand had shown a very strong confidence at home, she knew that this opponent in the ring was found by Nangong Boling, and with Nangong Boling's status, there was no way he could just find cannon fodder to appear.

        Moreover, Han Qianqian had also said that this person called Chong Yang was a very powerful expert, so this had to make Shi Jing nervous.

        "Son, you mustn't lose, or else all your previous efforts will be in vain." After saying these words to herself, Shi Jing looked towards Nangong Qianqiu's direction.

        Seeing a faint grimace on Nangong Qianqiu's face, Shi Jing knew that her inner thoughts at this point must be that she wanted Han Qianqiang to lose, because only if Han Qianqiang lost would she be able to vent the dissatisfaction in her heart and continue to identify her choice.

        Just when everyone was expecting to see the results as soon as possible, the scene that made the entire arena silent happened.

        Only Han Giangli's fist was on Chong Yang's chest, and at this moment it seemed as if the entire world had stood still.

        Chong Yang didn't move at all, and Han 3,000 was also inside the same place, not launching a second attack.

        But soon, Chong Yang's pupils became blood red, seemingly due to the congestion of blood.

        Han Three Thousand Year, on the other hand, also withdrew his hands and stood in front of Chong Yang with his hands behind his back.

        In the eyes of those martial daoists, Han Three Thousand Thousand's doing this to break open was the perfect time for Chongyang to return fire.

        But strangely, Chongyang didn't even move.

        "What's going on? Why didn't Chong Yang counterattack."

        "This was his big chance to return fire, and Han 3,000 wasn't even defending."

        "Why are you all stunned, what's the situation!"

        Everyone in the stands, all of them wore a puzzled expression, unable to understand what was going on in front of them.

        This was a ring, this was the place of a great war, why were both on stage as if they had been spotted with acupuncture points.

        An outsider couldn't understand what was going on in this situation.

        But Chongyang was very clear, Han Qianqian's punch just now was almost about to break his heart, and there was non-stop blood coming from his throat, if he hadn't held back, he would have splattered three feet of blood.

        "This is only a fraction of my strength, Chong Yang, I know you're strong, but in front of me, you're not even an ant." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        These words made Chong Yang's face even more pale, he had always regarded Han Three Thousand as someone deliberately held up by the Wuji Summit, believing that the competitions that Han Three Thousand had won before were all part of the Wuji Summit's underhanded operations.

        But at this moment, Chong Yang understood how foolish he had been, using his own narrow-mindedness to limit Han 3,000's strength, believing that even if Han 3,000 had talent, it would be impossible for him to gain a strong body at such an age.

        He stubbornly believed that the path of martial arts required time for strength to settle, but how could normal human thinking be applied to someone with exceptional talent?

        Han Qianqiang was clearly a special case, his genius was in a category that could not be understood by normal people, and his trajectory of becoming stronger could not be reasoned with normal people.

        "Master, what are you doing, why did you stop fighting." At this time, Qi Hu came to the edge of the ring and asked Chong Yang with a puzzled face.

        At this time, Chongyang was even careful with his breathing, as he had to forcefully suppress the blood that was about to spurt out, and he might not be able to endure it if there was a slight mood swing.

        And then Qi Hu's appearance made his emotions fluctuate.


        A mouthful of blood mist sprayed out.

        Everyone in the stands were all dumbfounded.

        When the blood mist dissipated, only then did Chongyang realize that at some unknown time, Han Qianli had retreated to the edge of the side rope, not only was he amazingly strong, his speed was equally astounding!

        Only a faint bitter smile appeared on Chong Yang's face, then his entire body fell backwards.

        This was because he couldn't hold on any longer, not only physically, but mentally as well, the strength that Han Giang had shown was far beyond him, and he knew that it was useless to hold on, and the moment his heart slackened, his body would not be able to do what he wanted.


        It was only when Chong Yang collapsed in the ring that those in the stands understood what had happened.

        It wasn't that Chong Yang didn't fight back.

        It wasn't that he was stunned in the ring and didn't move.

        Rather, he, had lost!


        In one punch, he lost to Han Qianli.

        For those who knew Chong Yang's identity, the visual shock this scene gave was almost unparalleled.

        "Losing, I can't believe I lost." This was the trembling voice of someone.

        "I didn't expect that even Chong Yang would lose so easily."

        "A single punch, just a single punch ah, Chong Yang couldn't even carry a single punch."

        "This little monster, is he a heavenly god descending? Otherwise, at his age, how could he possess such great strength!"

        Watching countless sighing voices swell up on stage, the tone of their voices appeared incredible, and their emotions appeared unbelievable.

        There were even many people who looked at Han Qianli with eyes that were no longer contemptuous, but fearful and frightened.

        They couldn't imagine what would happen to them if they were standing in the ring!

        Moreover, the most terrifying thing was that no one knew if Han Qianxiang had taken out his full strength.

        If he still had reservations in this situation, what a terrifying existence it would be!

        "It's too strong, too strong." Wang Xiangnian's mouth kept repeating these three words, and at this moment he understood how foolish it was to want Han Qianli to join the Wind Ling Pavilion, how could Han Qianli's strength make him look good to the Wind Ling Pavilion?

Chapter 1220

It wasn't just Wang Past Year that had the same thoughts, but almost all the Martial Dao Hall masters had the same thoughts.

        They all wished for Han Three Thousand to join their martial dao schools, but after watching this match, they all equally understood that Han Three Thousand's powerful strength would not be able to look at them at all.

        Some were even already thinking that perhaps Han Three Thousand could already represent the pinnacle of the Yanjing martial arts world.

        Unless those hidden experts, or even those from the apocalypse, were willing to step forward, otherwise, I'm afraid that no one would be able to win Han 3000.

        This year's Martial Extreme Summit, although the preliminary rounds had only ended, the champion figure, had already appeared, and this was a fact that no one could change.

        "Phew, my Yang family's choice is really not wrong, it's really worth celebrating." Yang Bin said with a sigh on his face, he now felt more and more that he had made a wise choice, if he had to go against Han Qianxiang, it was unpredictable what kind of end he would end up in.

        And now, the Yang family was befriended with Han Marchant, this was definitely something that could make other families envious.

        "Old Ancestor, in my opinion, this person called Chong Yang doesn't have much strength." Yang Wanlin opened his mouth to say, because Han Third Thousand was too easy to win while Chongyang didn't have any outstanding performance, so he would have the illusion that Chongyang wasn't powerful at all, or perhaps he was just mythologized by those people.

        Yang Bin glared at Yang Wanlin and said, "What do you know, this Chong Yang, is definitely a strong man, his inability to show strength in front of Han 3000 only means that Han 3000 is too strong."

        Yang Wanlin cringed, although he couldn't feel it, but if the old ancestor thought so, then it must be true.

        "Old Ancestor, wouldn't the winner of this year's Martial Arts Summit be Han Three Thousand Years old?" Yang Wanlin asked.

        Yang Bin nodded, there was no doubt about it, could the entire Yanjing still find a rival for Han Marchan now?

        Those martial arts schools, I'm afraid, were all thinking of what excuse to withdraw from the competition.

        After all, it wasn't a wise decision to let one of their own get injured in the ring when they knew that they weren't Han Marchant's opponent.

        Right at this moment, the silent venue suddenly erupted into waves of sound after waves of sound.

        It was those fans of Han 3,000 who had finally come back to their senses, as the match had ended so quickly that they didn't even have a bit of time to react.

        That was why the venue had just fallen into a pin drop situation.

        But now that they were awake, the attributes of the crazy fans were exposed at this moment.

        "Han 3,000! Han Three Thousand Thousand."

        "Han 3,000, Han 3,000."

        "Han 3,000, Han 3,000!"

        These three words filled the venue of the Wuji Summit, almost threatening to take off the roof of the venue.

        Nangong Qianqiu's face grew pale as she listened to this intense cheering.

        She was expecting Chong Yang to win and make Han Qianli fall back to the bottom, but the truth was that Han Qianli had stood at the end and had the entire arena boiling.

        How could Han's wasteful young master be able to make so many people cheer for him?

        To Nangong Qianqiu, if these cheers were because of Han Jun, she could accept it and would be proud of it.

        But these cheers were because of Han Giang, which was a general humiliation for Nangong Qianqiu.

        "Grandmother." Han Jun gritted his teeth and tugged at the corner of Nangong Qianqiu's shirt, he was very displeased, how could Han Third Thousand get so many cheers, he was just a piece of trash that no one wanted.

        In this instant, Nangong Qianqiu actually had a slight dislike for Han Jun, a feeling she had never felt before, and she knew that her attitude, had begun to waver.

        Because the results that Han Qianqiu had achieved were simply too good, already incomparable to Han Jun, a thought had to arise in her head.

        Was her own choice, was it wrong, was it really the right thing to do to listen to that old monk back then?

        Han Jun, really could hold up the Han family, not Han Sangsan.

        But with the current situation, Han 3000 only needed a word to save the Han family from the fire, but Han Jun was ten thousand times unable to do so.

        And Nangong Qianqiu also understood one thing, it would take at least ten more years for Han Jun to carry the responsibility, but Han 3000 didn't need it at all, he could do it right now.

        "Grandmother, you have to help me." Han Jun saw that Nangong Qianqiu didn't pay any attention to him and continued to say.

        Nangong Qianqiu took a deep breath, looked at Han Jun with the gentlest of sides and said softly, "Don't worry, Jun'er, the higher you climb, the more miserable you'll die if you fall."

        Han Jun bit his back groove teeth and said, "En, he'll definitely die a miserable death."

        By this time, Han 3000 had already stepped down from the ring, but the cheers from the stands were still there, and there was no intention of subsiding at all.

        If it were Yan Bingfeng, he would have enjoyed this situation immensely, but for Han Third Thousand, he couldn't feel it at all.

        When Han 3,000 was about to leave the venue, all the martial daoists at the scene couldn't help but stand up, as if to bid Han 3,000 a respectful farewell, such a situation had never happened before, and probably wouldn't happen to anyone else in the future, such was the shocking power that Han 3,000 had brought to the Yanjing martial dao community.

        At the same time, Nangong Boling also got up and followed Han Qianxiang's lead, leaving the venue.

        There were many people waiting outside the venue who were not qualified to enter the venue, but were very curious about the cheers that suddenly erupted from the venue and couldn't wait to find out what the outcome was.

        In a wasteland not far from the venue, Han Qianlian stopped, and Nangong Boling, too, walked behind him.

        "You seem to have changed your mind before the match even started," Han Three Thousand said faintly.

        Nangong Boling had an unreadable feeling as he looked at Han Giangli's back.

        He had indeed changed his mind because he didn't want to expose himself when he had Chongyang on stage, so he used Chongyang to test it out.

        However, when Han Gongshan looked at him, Han Gongshan's eyes clearly recognized him.

        In this situation, it no longer mattered whether or not Nangong Boling exposed himself, and Chong Yang's value naturally didn't reflect it.

        "Why do you recognize me?" Nangong Boling was puzzled, he had information about his identity that many intelligence agencies couldn't investigate, as the person who controlled the economic power of the Nangong family, he protected his information very well, so he was now curious as to how exactly Han Qianli had managed to do this.

        "No one can hide anything I want to know from me, such as this matter of my grandfather still being in the Earth's core." Han 3,000 faintly said.