His True Colors 1217-1218

 Chapter 1217

Seeing this situation, Han Qianqian was a bit dumbfounded, although he didn't know anyone on the stands, this situation felt very familiar to him, when Yan Bingfeng appeared, wasn't he also the same person, with all the attention, and the eyes of those women, hating to eat Yan Bingfeng.

        And now, Yan Bingfeng's treatment seemed to have fallen on his head.

        "These people, they can't be Yan Bingfeng's former fans, they've become too fast." Han Qianqian said cryptically, this fan effect was too unsturdy, they changed just like that, last match, they were yelling Yan Binghong's name?

        Faced with this situation, Shi Jing was so happy that she could barely hide her smile anymore, she did like the fact that these people were treating Han Marchant as their idol, maybe, she could even find her daughter-in-law in this group of girls.

        "What, aren't you happy?" Shi Jing asked.

        Han Giangli shook his head as if he was indifferent and said, "What's there to be happy about, do I need their cheers to win the competition?"

        Shi Jing helplessly rolled her eyes, Han Qianli knew a lot, everything was good, but he was just too incomprehensible, these women's cheering cries, for a man, how exciting it must be, but he was so insensitive.

        "I see that in your life, you can only play bachelor." Shi Jing said speechlessly, in his state, if he wanted to find a girlfriend, unless the other party was blind.

        Playing a bachelor?

        It was a non-issue for Han Giangli, after all, his future wife had already been chosen, and they had been married at one time.

        "Mom, you're wrong about that, my daughter-in-law, she's definitely the most beautiful." Han Qianli smiled.

        Shi Jing glanced at her mouth, of course, it was only disdain on the surface, but inwardly, she also felt the same way, if she wasn't beautiful, how could she be worthy of such an excellent son of hers?

        "Han three thousand, I love you."

        "Han 3,000, you're my idol."

        "Can I marry you?"

        Those women in the stands began to coax, competing to reveal their thoughts to Han Three Thousand.

        Han 3,000 big head, the last life has enough peach flowers, did not expect this life is even more serious, he even doubted his own last life is not a peach tree, otherwise, where would so many flowers appear around him.

        On the contrary, Shi Jing was so happy when Han Marchant's head was big, it was something to show off and be proud of for her, but unfortunately, after leaving the Han family, she and those friends also broke contact, want to show off now can't find anyone.

        Right at this moment, an old man and a young man appeared at the venue, they weren't followed by anyone, but Han Giang spotted them right away.

        Chong Yang was younger, while Qi Hu was more just a child, but Han Giang recognized them with just a glance.

        Compared to the adult Qi Hu, the current Qi Hu was slightly smaller, but he was still much more robust compared to his peers.

        At this time, Shi Jing discovered a problem, Han Qianqian, who wouldn't even show a smile when he saw a woman, was smiling at this time, and the place he was looking at was the old man and the young man.

        Shi Jing's heart thudded, could it be that this son, who still had a special fetish, didn't like women at all, and that's why he would show such a weird smile to a boy?

        Just that one thought almost broke Shi Jing's heart, although everyone had the right to pursue what they loved, loving something so special was something Shi Jing couldn't accept.

        "Three thousand, what are you laughing at?" Shi Jing couldn't help but ask.

        "It's nothing, I saw today's opponent." Han Giangli said.

        "Opponent, you mean that little boy?" Shi Jing was confused.

        "No, it's that lord, he's Chong Yang, he's very good at it, and the little boy next to him is his disciple Qi Hu." Han Giangli explained.

        It wasn't a strange thing to know information about an opponent, so Shi Jing didn't think much of it, but the way Han Giang looked at Qi Hu made Shi Jing worry!

        "Son, you and that little boy, do you know each other?" Shi Jing asked.

        "We don't know each other yet, but in the future, we'll become very good brothers." Han Qianqiang said with emotion.


        Shi Jing let out a sigh of relief, as long as it wasn't a couple, anything was easy to say.

        Han Giang didn't know the strange thoughts in Shi Jing's head, and if he knew, he would probably be terrified by this crazy idea of Shi Jing's.

        At this time, among the crowd, another person who made Han Three Thousand's attention appear.

        He was dressed in a very low-key manner and wasn't followed by anyone, looking ordinary, even thrown in the middle of the crowd, he was the most ordinary one, but Han 3,000 clearly recognized that this person was Nangong Boling.

        He had appeared in a low profile, wanting to see how Han Three Thousand had performed in the ring, but he absolutely did not expect Han Three Thousand to have recognized him.

        As the head of the Nangong family, Nangong Boling was very protective of his identity information, and in the entire world, apart from the Nangong family, there would never be more than ten people who truly knew what he looked like.

        "Nangong Boling is here." Han Giangli said.

        Shi Jing had heard Han Qianqian describe to her how powerful Nangong Boling was, so she was very curious about such a person, and once she heard Han Qianqian say that, she quickly inquired, "Where is it?"

        "There's no need to rush, he'll appear in front of me after the match is over, and you'll be able to see him more clearly then," Han Giangli said.

        Shi Jing nodded her head and didn't ask any more questions.

        Ten minutes before the start of the match, almost all of the spectators had already arrived, every family in Yanjing, every martial arts school, hadn't been absent, even Nangong Qianqiu had come, which was enough to see how much attention the match had received.

        Many people knew that this match was specifically for Han Qianqiu, and his opponent was bound to be a very powerful figure, so they wanted to see what kind of performance Han Qianqiu was capable of.

        Of course, there were still some of these people who were aware of Chong Yang's identity, and they were aware of his skills, so they were even more curious about the results.

        Once upon a time, Chong Yang was considered a very famous figure in the martial arts world, becoming famous for challenging countless martial arts schools, so his skills were naturally no exception.

        Rumor had it that Chong Yang had retired from the martial arts world, and this time when he came out again, not only did those people want to see Chong Yang's skills, they also wanted to know what kind of people could make Chong Yang come out of the mountain.

        "Master, there are so many people, you won't disgrace me." Qi Hu looked at this big scene and suddenly said something that made Chongyang almost bleed internally.

        Chong Yang slapped Qi Hu's head and said, "I'll let you see what it means to be strong later."

Chapter 1218

In Qi Hu's mind, his master was definitely the strongest, and he was saying these words to deliberately irritate Chongyang, as a small revenge against him, after all, when he was in the mountains, he was often unable to eat, so it was inevitable that he would have some resentment towards Chongyang.

        Finally, it was two minutes before the match was about to start.

        Han Giangli was the first to take the stage.

        His appearance immediately caused a burst of cheers from the stands, most of which were girls, fans transferred from Yan Bingfeng's side, a situation that made Han Marchiang very speechless, after all, he wasn't someone who took the idol route, these cheers would instead make him very disgusted.

        As for those martial arts insiders, most of them weren't too optimistic about this match, although Han 3,000 won over Yan Bingfeng, it was actually nothing at all, Yan Bingfeng was just a newcomer after all, but Han 3,000's opponent today was different, it was Chong Yang who had long been famous in the martial arts world, and had fought more than ten martial arts dojos in a row famously, his strength and Han 3,000's weren't on the same level at all.

        "I don't know who did this, but it's simply an unfair match to let Chong Yang out of the mountain."

        "According to Chong Yang's qualifications, he's not qualified to participate in the Martial Extremities Summit, the energy of someone who can do this is not simple."

        The Martial Extremes Summit, apart from being a competition between the major martial arts schools and business families, the more important significance was to cultivate new stars in the martial arts world, so those who could participate were bound to be newcomers cultivated by the major martial arts schools and families, that was why they said that Chong Yang was not qualified to participate, and this competition, indeed, reflected unfairness.

        But who would care?

        Chongyang's appearance was only for Han 3,000, as long as Han 3,000 was knocked out of the ring, Chongyang wouldn't participate in any other matches, in a sense, this was beneficial to everyone else, so even if this unfair situation arose, no one would argue anything.

        They were happy to see Han Third Thousand lose the competition and lose their eligibility to participate in it.

        "Grandpa, can Han 3000 win?" In the stands, Yang Bin also appeared in person, the first two matches he was waiting for news at home, but today he couldn't endure, because he had also heard the name Chong Yang, and Song Yun was also quite familiar with Chong Yang, so this match was crucial for the Yang family, and he didn't have the patience to wait at home.

        In response to this question, Yang Bin and Song Yun discussed it in depth, but Song Yun did not give a definite answer, because what he knew, was the former Chongyang, and it was unknown how much the current Chongyang's strength had increased, so he could not judge the outcome of the match.

        "Just watch to find out, he has already brought me many surprises and miracles, and I'm sure this time will be no different." Yang Bin said.


        Nangong Qianqiu, on the other hand, was gritting her teeth in the hope that Han Qianqiang would lose, and only if Han Qianqiang lost would she be able to prove that her choice was the right one.

        "Grandmother, let him just kill Han Three Thousand Years," Han Jun said.

        Nangong Qianqiu also wanted to, but unfortunately the rules of the Wuji Summit didn't allow for any fatalities, and she wasn't qualified to order Chong Yang.

        "Even if he doesn't die, he'll be crippled, and when he's crippled, he naturally won't be able to compete with you, so don't worry." Nangong Qianqiu said.

        Han Jun's eyes had a viciousness that didn't match his age, and he was still facing his own brother's murderous intentions, so it had to be said that he was too much influenced by Nangong Qianqiu.

        Of course, there was also a part of Han Jun's fear of Han Qianqian, because Han Qianqian's current performance was too good, and he had always treated Han Qianqian as trash, and when he felt threatened, only Han Qianqian's death could make him feel at ease.

        Chongyang made his entrance, and instead of showing the temperament and style of an expert, he was a bit lazy, as it was hard for him to show his strength against a little kid like Han Qianxiang.

        Even if he won the match, he would still be bullying the small with the big, without any pride to speak of.

        "Little guy, how did you offend such a powerful person?" Chong Yang said helplessly to Han Giang, if he hadn't offended Nangong Boling, this match wouldn't exist.

        "Do you mean Nangong Boling? I know he's powerful, but I've never put him in my sights." Han Giangli said indifferently.

        Not putting Nangong Boling in my eyes!

        This little guy could really be a mouthful, even someone like Chong Yang would be intimidated by Nangong Boling's identity.

        "You really don't know who he is, do you know who he is?" Chongyang said.

        "The head of the Nangong family, the one who controls the world's economic power, one person can shake the country." Han Giangli said.

        Chongyang frowned, he had thought that Han Third Thousand didn't know how powerful Nangong Boling was, that's why he dared to mess with him, but he didn't think he knew so much.

        If he knew, why did he have to die?

        Could it be that he really didn't care about Nangong Bo Ling?

        How is this possible!

        Who was Nangong Boling, that was almost at the top of the world, he was able to stir up the entire Yanjing with a casual little move, let alone a little person like Han Qianqian?

        "You're really a dead man, you know it's a brass wall, but you're still banging up against it." Chongyang said.

        Han Giangli had a faint smile on his lips, a copper wall?

        For the old him, Nangong Boling was indeed worth fearing.

        But the current Han Qianxiang, was it so easy to put anyone in his eyes?

        "Him?" Han Giangli turned his head, looked in the direction of Nangong Boling, and said, "Copper Wall? You're also too high on him."

        Nangong Boling was shocked after he sensed Han Qianqian's line of sight, his identity would never be known by a third person in the entire arena other than Nangong Qianqiu and Chong Yang, but Han Qianqian clearly knew him with such a straightforward gaze.

        This made Nangong Boling feel incredible.

        He knew the secrets of the Nangong family, even the Earth's core, all of which Nangong Boling could accept, but he, why was he able to recognize himself.

        At this moment, Nangong Boling's heart was inexplicably a little chilled, and he finally recognized that Han 3000 was not simple, because it was never a simple thing to know his face.

        This meant that Han Qianli knew the Nangong Clan even better than he had imagined!

        Nangong Boling took a deep breath and said to Han Three Thousand in a mouth shape, "I'll wait for you."

        Han Qianlian smiled and turned to Chong Yang and said, "I'm sorry, I'm a bit anxious, I might have to let you down early."

        Chong Yang frowned tightly, this little guy was really arrogant to the point of being boundless, asking him to step down early, was this eating at him?