His True Colors 1214-1216

 Chapter 1214

"Master, is there a lot of good food here?"

        "Master, the mountains here are really high."

        "Master Shifu, what are these boxes and how can they run so fast."

        To Qi Hu, who had never seen the world before, everything under the mountain seemed especially new.

        He treated the tall buildings as mountains and described the cars as boxes.

        Chongyang looked at Qi Hu with a disgusted face, on what he said, Chongyang almost didn't want to acknowledge this disciple, too world-weary, too humiliated, if these words were heard by others, they wouldn't be laughed off.

        "Master, why are you ignoring me." Qi Hu bounced around, but found that Chongyang didn't take care of him.

        Chong Yang sighed, Qi Hu didn't have any knowledge because he had lived in the mountains since he was a child, and after being taken into the deep mountains by him as a disciple, it was normal that he didn't understand anything about the city.

        As a master, although he disliked it, he could only give Qi Hu a patient explanation at this time: "These aren't mountains, they're tall buildings, and the ones that run fast aren't called boxes, they're cars."

        "Tall buildings, cars." Qi Hu recited silently, as if he was trying to keep these fresh words in mind.

        "So is there anything good to eat here?" Qi Hu asked.

        "Of course, there are a lot of delicious food you haven't seen before, so I'll take you to try them after Master meets his friends." Chongyang said.

        Hearing this, Qi Hu jumped up in excitement, for a foodie like him, being able to eat was probably the happiest thing in the world.

        Zhong Changqiu brought the two of them to the hotel where Nangong Boling was.

        Although Chongyang and Nangong Boling belonged to the relationship of friends, Chongyang was still a bit intimidated given Nangong Boling's identity, he was able to stir the world economy with one hand, this was not something ordinary people could do.

        Arriving at the hotel room.

        Qi Hu was ordered to wait at the door, and Chongyang walked in alone.

        "I didn't expect that you could find me so easily, it seems that after all these years, you have no intention of letting me go." After seeing Nangong Boling, Chongyang said with a bitter smile on his face.

        "Since you promised to do something for me, of course I need to be clear about your whereabouts, otherwise, when I need your help, where can I find you?" Nangong Boling said indifferently.

        "You are surrounded by experts like clouds, what kind of people can't be found, do I have to be the only one to do it?" Chongyang said helplessly.

        "Aren't you happy that you owe me just the right opportunity to pay you back?" Nangong Boling asked.

        "Tell me, what kind of person to deal with, what kind of background." Saying any more, Nangong Boling had a point, so Chong Yang wasn't going to continue wasting his lips and got straight to the point, helping Nangong Boling solve the problem as soon as possible, he was also able to return to the mountain to train Qi Hu as soon as possible.

        "A child named Han Three Thousand Years old, only fourteen years old this year." Nangong Boling said.

        "Fourteen years old!" Chong Yang looked startled, such a small role, it was incredible that Nangong Boling would go all the way to find a fight to get him to step in.

        "Are you not kidding me, such a person is actually worth wasting your time to find me, isn't it a problem that can be easily solved for you?" Chongyang said.

        "I know you'll underestimate him, but you might not think so if I tell you another thing."

        "What is it?"

        "He has deep ties to the apocalypse, and may even be a core figure of the apocalypse," Nangong Boling said.

        Hearing this, Chong Yang directly waved his hand and shook his head, saying, "Impossible, he's only fourteen years old, how could he be a core figure of the apocalypse, you have to know that to be able to become a core figure of the apocalypse, you need to be at least at the Heavenly Character level, it's absolutely impossible for him to do so at this age."

        "What if he really is?" Nangong Boling asked.

        "No way, I dare to bet my life on it, he must be lying." Chong Yang said, he was so sure because he knew the apocalypse very well and knew what kind of strength it took to become a Heavenly Character level powerhouse.

        A fourteen year old boy, even if he was extremely talented, would never be able to reach the strength of a Heavenly Character level powerhouse.

        "Chongyang, I remember that you once said that you only know a little about the apocalypse, but looking at your current attitude, you know not a lot ah." Nangong Boling's face suddenly showed a touch of coldness.

        Chong Yang was shocked, Nangong Boling had been pursuing this matter of finding the location of the apocalypse, and Chong Yang had been hiding his knowledge of the apocalypse from him, but he hadn't expected to hold back for a moment and actually reveal his horse's foot.

        "What I know, I've already told you everything, the reason I can be so sure is because he's too young, you also know what kind of place the apocalypse is, do you really think that a child can reach such heights?" Chongyang said.

        "I don't know if he can reach such heights, but his performance at the Wuji Summit was phenomenal, I'm sure you've asked Zhong Changqiu on the way here." Nangong Bo Ling said.

        It was true that Chongyang had some knowledge about the Martial Extreme Summit competition from Zhong Changqiu's mouth, but in his opinion, it was feared that a certain family was behind this matter, and that little guy called Han Qianqian was most likely just a pawn to be used.

        "There is constant strife among the great families of Yanjing, I'm afraid that this matter is a deliberate move by someone, after all, the Martial Arts Summit is long since not as pure as it was back then, and it won't be difficult for them to arrange a few stunning matches." Chong Yang said.

        "This is the reason why I called you here, I need you to help me verify this matter." Nangong Boling said.

        Chong Yang was actually very puzzled, Nangong Boling was doing this, it was completely redundant, he could have other ways to prove it, why did he have to go all the way to find himself?

        Of course, what Chongyang didn't know was that Han Third Thousand knew things that he shouldn't know, and that was why Nangong Boling was scrupulous.

        For example, the Nangong family, Han Giang shouldn't even know about the existence of this family, but he acted as if he was very familiar with the Nangong family in front of Zhong Changqiu, which had to give Nangong Bo Ling more consideration and scruples.

        What's more, he also seemed to be very familiar with himself, which was even more scrupulous for Nangong Boling.

        "Fine, I don't care what exactly you're looking for me for, but after this matter is over, we'll owe each other nothing." Chongyang said, returning the favor as he didn't bother to understand what Nangong Boling's true intentions were, and the relationship between him and Nangong Boling would be broken.

        "Don't worry, after this matter is over, I will never look for you again." Nangong Boling said.

Chapter 1215

After Chong Yang left, Zhong Changqiu entered the room.

        "This guy really knows quite a few things, he had been hiding it from me before and only revealed it this time." Nangong Boling's eyes were cold and filled with a killing intent.

        His obsession with the apocalypse was unimaginable to many, and only Zhong Changqiu, his personal confidant, knew the price Nangong Boling had paid to be able to find the apocalypse.

        For Nangong Boling, anything about the apocalypse, he would try to find a way to know about it.

        Since Chongyang had something to hide, he would never let go of him easily.

        Although he said with his mouth that he wouldn't look for Chong Yang again after this matter was over, he had no intention of letting Chong Yang off the hook in his heart.

        "Master, what do you plan to do?" Zhong Changqiu asked.

        "I really have to wait until after tomorrow and throw him to the Earth's core." Nangong Bo Ling said.

        "What about that little apprentice?"

        "Do I even need to tell you such things, bury them anywhere." Nangong Boling scolded.


        After leaving the hotel, Chong Yang's eyelids jumped straight, somehow having a sense of foreboding.

        Qi Hu, on the other hand, acted as if he knew nothing, happily waiting for his master to take him to eat something delicious.

        "Master, what are we going to eat now?" Qi Hu couldn't wait to ask.

        "Eat, eat, eat, what else can you do but eat?" Chongyang glared at Qi Hu and said.

        Qi Hu had already gotten used to Chong Yang's changeable temperament, so he shut up honestly.

        "Damn, there's always a feeling that something is wrong, this guy Nangong Boling, I don't know what he wants to do." Chong Yang looked like he had a sad face, dealing with these scheming people was a great headache for him, if he wasn't careful, he would fall into a trap and never recover, which was why Chong Yang chose to live in seclusion in the mountains.

        "Master, are you so powerful, do you still have to be afraid of him?" Qi Hu was puzzled.

        "If I were invincible, of course I wouldn't be afraid of him, but it's a pity that I'm not strong enough to do that." Chongyang said helplessly, in Qi Hu's eyes, he was a very powerful person, but only Chongyang himself knew that although he had small achievements, he was only small, and compared to a truly strong person, there was still a big gap between him and a truly strong person.

        Unless he could reach the kind of strength that was at the Heavenly Character level of the Apocalypse, he might not be afraid of Nangong Boling.

        Thinking of the Heavenly Character level, Chongyang thought of Han Qianqian, it was ridiculous that such a fourteen year old brat could brag so much that he was the core of the Apocalypse, while Nangong Boling actually believed him somewhat.

        Of course, Nangong Boling couldn't easily believe this matter, there must be another reason, but he hadn't told himself yet, which was the reason why Chong Yang had a bad feeling about it.

        "Qi Hu, remember, if there is any danger, you run and don't turn back, understand?" Chong Yang said to Qi Hu, whether or not this matter would end smoothly, Chong Yang didn't know in his heart, so he could only remind Qi Hu first.

        Qi Hu didn't quite understand what Chong Yang meant, but he still nodded, for him, if he didn't understand something, just nod, if he let his master explain more, once he got impatient, he would definitely have to suffer skin and flesh again.

        For Han 3000.

        He didn't have any expectations for tomorrow's match, as the current one was no longer something that Chong Yang could beat, and the outcome was predictable.

        Instead, he was looking forward to meeting Qi Hu.

        After all, once upon a time, they were also brothers in general, and although they were now back in one life and Qi Hu couldn't remember him, in Han Giang's heart, he also treated Qi Hu as a brother.

        This was the second very important person, besides Qi Yiyun, that Han Three Thousand's rebirth had seen.


        It was somewhat difficult for Han Third Thousand to sleep, his head full of thoughts of what had happened when he had met Qi Hu.

        Back then, Qi Hu was like an idiot who was ignorant of anything in the city, like an idiot.

        I don't know if he would behave the same way this time when he came to Yanjing.

        When she thought of the past, Han Giangli couldn't help but smile.

        At that time, Qi Hu, who didn't recognize cars or buildings, could have made him and Blade Twelve very happy.

        Thinking about these past events, Han Third Thousand became more and more sober.

        Knife Twelve was also a very important brother in his life to him.

        When he met Knife Twelve in the boxing ring, the two were considered not to fight each other, and the help that Knife Twelve gave him was also very great, when he was deep in the heart of the earth, Knife Twelve also did not hesitate to sacrifice himself with him.

        I don't know what the Knife Twelve is doing nowadays.

        There were too many things for Han three thousand to remember and reminisce about, and these important people, after Han three thousand returned to Cloud City, he would seek them out one by one, so that they would reappear by his side and still be brothers.

        The night passed quickly amidst memories, and although Han Three thousand didn't close his eyes, his spirit wasn't bad at all, and his heart was surging.

        He now wanted to settle the matter in Yanjing as soon as possible, then return to Yun City and meet up with those former brothers one by one.

        And according to the current time, Han Three Thousand could still change Mo Yang's fate, as long as he didn't wash his hand in the pot of gold, he wouldn't become the owner of the commissary, and his wife, too, wouldn't have an accident.

        In the past, Han 3000 didn't want to change things in this life, but now, he couldn't wait to do so because only by changing could he make up for the regrets that shouldn't be there.

        "You're up so early, why don't you rest a bit more." As soon as he walked out of the room, Han Giang ran into Shi Jing, who was making breakfast.

        Since there was a match today, Shi Jing wanted Han Three Thousand to rest a bit more, but she didn't expect him to get up so early.

        "Haven't slept all night and thought of too many things." Han Three Thousand said with a smile.

        "What's going on, you still have to be in the ring today, how can you not sleep?" Shi Jing was worried for a moment, she was afraid that Han Marchand's lack of rest would affect her competitive state.

        "Mom, don't worry, sleeping or not, it doesn't make much difference to me." Han 3000 said, he was in the Xuanyuan World, but he was a strong divine realm, he had already brought to the realm where he didn't need to sleep, the reason why he still retained his mortal habits was solely because Han 3000 didn't want to be out of step with this world.

        "All that nonsense, how can people not sleep." Shi Jing said.


        Han Giangli thought to himself, was he now a man or a god?

        The former still accounted for a greater probability, after all, a true god would have to go to the space above the world of Xuanyuan, and only that strong space could be called a true god.

        But to get there, there was still a hurdle in front of Han Giangli, the Lin Long!

Chapter 1216

After breakfast, Han Three Thousand and Shi Jing both went out to the venue of the Martial Arts Summit.

        This was the third time Han Qianqian had come to this place, and he already seemed to know it well, but the big difference was that the first time Han Qianqian came here, he was still unknown, and even if people knew him, they would only treat him as the Han family's trash young master.

        Now, after two competitions, Han Three Thousand's reputation was so great that no one regarded him as a trash, and even many martial artists looked at Han Three Thousand with admiration.

        After all, Han 3,000 had beaten the most promising champion, Yan Bingfeng, into the hospital, which was a matter worth savoring for the entire martial arts summit participants, and to be able to battle to become a championship favorite, didn't that mean that he was also one of the favorites to win the title?

        Shortly after arriving on the scene, an old man with a group of disciples appeared in front of Han Qianli and his two men, but looking at his kind expression, he wasn't here to pick a fight.

        "Hello, my name is Wang Xiangnian and I'm the master of the Wind Ling Pavilion." Wang Xiangnian's self-introduction was simple, and the smile that he showed on his face was also gentle.

        The Wind Ling Pavilion was a relatively famous existence in the Yanjing martial arts world, and back then, Wang Wannian had even won the championship of the Martial Arts Summit, but unfortunately in recent years, the disciples under him were really unqualified, so the Wind Ling Pavilion had been showing signs of declining, and the reason why he appeared before Han Qianli was because he was impressed by Han Qianli's skills, hoping that Han Qianli would join the Wind Ling Pavilion so that it could regain its tide.

        Han 3000 knew his intentions, and for him, joining any martial arts school was not something he would do to consider, but Han 3000 understood the truth of extending a hand without a smile, so he didn't show any particularly obvious rejection.

        "Hello, Pavilion Master Wang," Han Three Thousand said.

        Seeing Han Three Thousand's humble attitude, Wang Linian smiled, he had thought that Han Three Thousand was a very cold character, after all, it was very rare to have such a skill at his age, and it was only reasonable for some people with exceptional talent to have some bad temper, but Han Three Thousand was completely different from what he had imagined, making Wang Linian a little surprised.

        "I'm sure Young Master Han knows why I'm here, so I won't mince words, I want Young Master Han to join the Wind Ling Pavilion." Wang Xiangnian didn't beat around the bush, after all, he also knew that Han Qianli could guess what he was up to, and talking nonsense would be a downfall instead.

        Han Qianli nodded and said, "Master Wang, I don't currently have any thoughts of joining any martial arts school, I hope Master Wang will understand."

        This was an answer that Wang Xiangnian had expected in his heart, but hearing Han Qianli say this in person, his heart was still a bit lost, after all, if an expert figure like Han Qianlian could join the Wind Ling Pavilion, the benefits it would bring would be unimaginable.

        "Hey." Wang Qiannian sighed and said, "Young Master Han, I know it's impossible for the Wind Ling Pavilion to enter your eyes, but don't worry, as long as you're willing to join, the Wind Ling Pavilion will definitely do its best to give you what you want, so I hope you'll give it some thought."

        "Wang past year." Just at this moment, an abrupt voice suddenly sounded.

        A person who was about the same age as Wang Renian walked over, also with a group of disciples behind him, it was obvious that this was also the owner of a certain martial arts school, and looking at his appearance, I'm afraid that he was more than a little at odds with Wang Renian.

        "Wang Past Year, you wouldn't want Young Master Han to join your Feng Ling Pavilion, you don't look at what a shambles it is now, even the venue is leaking rain and wind, right?" The man said in a sarcastic tone.

        Wang Xiangnian's face was gloomy, this was a rival for many years, being both Yanjing Martial Arts Dojo, it was inevitable that there would be competition between them, but this person's methods had always been unclean and had also tripped up Wang Xiangnian, causing the two families to hold a grudge for a long time, but since the Feng Ling Pavilion was no match for the other, most of the time, Wang Xiangnian was only able to swallow his anger.

        "What do I have to do, does it have anything to do with you?" Wang Xiangnian said coldly.

        "Why it doesn't matter, I don't want to see a top talent like Young Master Han join your broken martial arts school." The man said with a smile.

        Han Qianli could see the smell of gunpowder between these two, although they were both after him, Han Qianli would never want to get involved in this dispute, he still wanted to go to Cloud City as soon as possible after resolving the matter and stabilizing the situation in Yanjing, he couldn't cause any more trouble.

        "You two take your time chatting, I'll be leaving first." After Han Qianli said this, he left with Shi Jing.

        Walking beside Han Qianli, Shi Jing whispered, "It seems like there are many martial dao schools that want you to join ah."

        "It's not that they want me to join, it's that they don't want to see me join another martial dao school." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        Every martial dao hall, its master was almost the pinnacle of the entire martial dao hall's strength, which was why those owners were able to exist, and who would be willing to actually invite an expert back, which not only suppressed the martial dao hall, but also suppressed those owners themselves, as long as a normal person would never want to invite a Buddha back over their head.

        But in the current situation, they were even more reluctant to see another martial hall invite Han Qianqian, the Buddha, home, which was why they were forced to have this situation.

        "Why?" Shi Jing didn't understand Han Qianli's words as well as she did, so in her opinion, she didn't understand Han Qianli's words.

        "The simple truth is, if you were the head of a family, would you invite home one that was more capable than you?" Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Shi Jing thought about it and shook her head very decisively, the majesty of the head of a family is to be the strongest, inviting a stronger person home, isn't that making trouble for yourself?

        "Sometimes I really wonder how you understand these things." Shi Jing smiled helplessly and bitterly, to her, the more thoroughly Han Giang thought about it, the more mature she became, but how could a child who was only fourteen years old possess such a mature mind?

        "No way, don't you understand that I'm already finished?" Han 3000 said that he knew more now than he did back then when he was fourteen years old, but Han 3000 didn't think that he was just a child back then, because in another fourteen years old, he had also already had a mind city.

        Shi Jing didn't say anything, she understood what Han Qianqian's words meant, indeed, if he didn't know anything and was oppressed in the Han family, how could he have achieved what he did now?

        "Han 3,000 is here!"

        "It's Han 3,000, he's finally here!"

        "Male god, this is my new male god."

        Many spectators in the stands boiled up as soon as Han Giangli walked into the venue.