His True Colors 1211-1213

 Chapter 1211

The hospital.

        Wu Xin had more or less a psychological shadow because of this incident, after all, she had been tortured for several days, the frightening pressure in her heart almost made her on the verge of collapse, it was fortunate that Han Qianqian appeared in time, so Wu Xin found a slight sense of security, and not only from more serious consequences.

        But whenever Wu Xin closed her eyes, the scene of being tortured would always keep reverberating in her mind, and once Mo Yan's face appeared, Wu Xin would tremble with fear all over her body.

        But the good thing was that Yang Wanlin had found someone to take care of Wu Xin personally, and when Wu Xin was afraid, she would be extremely gentle and whisper some comforting words in Wu Xin's ear, so that Wu Xin's emotions could be stabilized.

        But the moment Mo Yan appeared in the hospital room, Wu Xin finally exploded.

        "What do you want, don't come over, don't come over." Filled with fear, Wu Xin fled from the hospital bed directly to the corner, curling up into a ball, her body trembling incessantly.

        Seeing this scene, Mo Yanmou, who had come with Mo Yanmou, shook his head helplessly, what kind of torture must she have gone through to make her react like this.

        The usually seemingly incomparably well-behaved Mo Yangyi still had such a vicious and cruel side, this was something that Mo Yangyi had never expected.

        "Don't kneel down yet!" Mo Yan Gotham said in a stern voice to Mo Yan.

        Only by letting Wu Xin know that Mo Yan was here to apologize would her emotions be able to stabilize, and the most direct and easy to understand way would naturally be to kneel.

        If it had been in the past, to have the Mo family kneel down and apologize, this was something that Mo Yangyang would never allow to see, as it was a loss of the Mo family's dignity.

        But in this matter, Mo Yangyang had no other choice.

        For a high and mighty lady like Mo Yangyi, she naturally didn't want to kneel down to an ordinary woman, but with such a harsh tone from her grandfather, she knew that she wouldn't be able to get past it if she didn't kneel down.

        "Don't be afraid, I'm here to apologize to you." After saying that, Mo Yan knelt down on both knees in front of Wu Xin.

        Wu Xin's afterglow saw this scene and was stunned.

        During the few days she had been locked up in the villa, Mo Yan's attitude had been very arrogant and cocky, even acting as if she would kill her at any moment, not putting a fresh life in her eyes at all.

        But now, she was kneeling to herself!

        Wu Xin was terrified of Moyo, but she knew that Han 3000 had saved her, and Moyo's kneeling down to her must have been because of Han 3000.

        Wu Xin's emotions were much more stable when she thought of the three words Han Three Thousand, which were probably the three words in the world that could give her the most sense of security.

        "To express the Mo Family's apologies to you, whatever you want, just ask, as long as you can forgive her, my Mo Family is willing to pay any price." Mo Yanmou said.

        What do you want?

        Wu Xin hadn't thought about what she could gain from this; for the few days she'd been locked up, all she'd wanted to do was escape that demonic place, and now that she'd left, being in such a safe environment was what she wanted most.

        But Mo Yanmu would say this, obviously trying to compensate her with material things.

        "Was it Han Giang who told you to do that?" Wu Xin asked.

        Mo Yanmu didn't deny it, nodding his head and saying, "Yes, he wants Mo Yanmu to get your forgiveness within three days, so whatever you want, you can feel free to ask."

        "What if I don't forgive?" Wu Xin's expression suddenly changed, a woman's sense of revenge was a very frightening thing, it could make a weak person, instantly become strong.

        Wu Xin's current state of mind was a very typical manifestation of this.

        She hated everything that Mo Yan had done to her before, so when she had the chance to take revenge, all her fears turned into strength.

        Sensing the change in Wu Xin's expression, Mo Yanmou knew that something big was going to happen, and if Wu Xin didn't intend to forgive Mo Yanmou easily, then this would be a very difficult matter.

        "Don't you give a damn." Mo Yangyi gritted her teeth and said, kneeling to Wu Xin was already one thing that she had broken her bottom line, so when she felt Wu Xin's lack of acceptance, her temper instantly rose in her heart.

        In Mo's thoughts, it was that Miss Ben had already kneeled for you, so you should rightfully accept and forgive.

        But Wu Xin wouldn't think so, because she had suffered too much pain and psychological torture these past few days.

        "This is your attitude of giving me an apology, and you still want me to forgive you?" Wu Xin said indifferently.

        Mo Yanmou knew that every word Mo Yanmou said now was adding fuel to the fire, so he had to remind Mo Yanmou, "If you continue fooling around, no one will be able to save you."

        Mo Yu was shocked, thinking of what Han Qianqian had said before, if she didn't get Wu Xin's forgiveness within three days, then after three days, Han Qianqian would return to the Mo family, and what would happen then would be out of her control.

        "The wound on your face, did Han Qianqian beat you?" Wu Xin suddenly asked to Mo Qui.

        Mo Yan lowered her head and didn't speak, only then could she restrain the anger in her heart.

        But no one expected that Wu Xin would walk directly in front of Mo Whisper, shining a slap down on the swelling and redness of Mo Whisper's face.

        The already swollen face was beaten again, and to Mo Whisper, it was the feeling of salt in the wound, making her pain unbearable.

        Just about to break into a curse, Mo Yanmu, who sensed her motive, snapped, "Bear with me even if you can't endure it, this is the price you should pay."

        Mo Yangyi clenched her fists, restraining her anger.

        As the eldest miss of the Mo family, she never thought she would be slapped like this by a girl who was so poor that she couldn't even afford quality perfume, and she couldn't have a single complaint.

        "If this will let you vent your anger, go ahead and hit me." Mo Yanmou said.

        Wu Xin was downright rude, and as soon as Mo Yangyang's words ended, she received several slaps to Mo's face.

        "I told you long ago that he would save me, didn't you say that he was trash? How could you give in to a loser?" Wu Xin had mentioned Han San Mi to Mo Yan numerous times, but unfortunately, Mo Yan's attitude towards Han San Mi was nothing but disdain or sneering, and even mocked Han San Mi in front of Wu Xin for how incompetent she was and how she was rejected by the Han family, and this was the time when she was finally able to vent her discontent.

        Mo Yan did not expect Han Qianli to be so highly regarded by Mo Yanmou, and it was true that she did not take Han Qianli seriously in the past, believing that Han Qianli was just a trash abandoned by the Han family, and how capable a person who did not even want her own family could be.

        But reality slapped Mo Yan's face hard, if she didn't think so little of Han Three Thousand, she wouldn't have incurred such consequences for herself.

Chapter 1212

Seeing Mo Yanmoth's dignity being viciously trampled by Wu Xin, Mo Yanmoth didn't feel too good either, after all, Wu Xin wasn't Han Giang's original self, she was just an ordinary woman, and she was completely unqualified to be so bold in front of the Mo family.

        But who asked her to have another Han Qianqian behind her, so even if Mo Yanmoth had some dissatisfaction, she could only hide it in her heart.

        "You make the conditions, this is a chance to change your life, how much do you want." Mo Yan Gotham asked to Wu Xin, he didn't believe that a woman like Wu Xin could refuse the temptation of money, so the best way to resolve this matter was to use money.

        Wu Xin was an ordinary girl, inevitably the commonplace would be lost because of money, after all most people's lives were running around for the word money, and it was a very extreme minority that could truly resist the temptation of money.

        "100 million." Wu Xin said without thinking, although this was a bit of a lion's share, but since this was what Mo Yanmou had initiated, of course she wanted an astronomical figure.

        "Fine." Mo Yangyang responded in one breath.

        100 million, to an ordinary person, that was unimaginable, but to the Mo Family, it was just a small amount of money, and to be able to use 100 million to solve the Mo Family's troubles, this was an easy situation for Mo Yangyang to accept.

        Wu Xin was stunned.

        She had never thought that a shocking figure that she had casually said, Mo Yanmoth had actually agreed to it without even thinking about it.

        Was this ...... a dream?

        If he had 100 million, Wu Xin wouldn't even dare to imagine what kind of drastic changes he would see in his future life.

        One hundred million.

        She would never have to go to work again.

        When she saw beautiful clothes, she no longer had to sneak around to look at the tag prices.

        All those name brands she dreamed of, she could bring home!

        Like most women, Wu Xin was immune to the vulgarity of the pursuit of famous brands, and to have them, one needed a strong economic base to be able to do so.

        In the past, Wu Xin didn't dare to think about it.

        But now, it seemed that she suddenly possessed this ability.

        "You're not kidding me, right?" Wu Xin didn't dare to look at Mo Yanmou incredulously and asked.

        "Of course not, I will have someone contact you as soon as possible, and the money will be remitted to your account within three days." Mo Yan Gotham said.

        When Mo Yangyi saw Wu Xin's unbelievable expression, she couldn't help but despise it again in her heart, she really was a poor person, and this little amount had actually scared her.

        Wu Xin was still stunned when Mo Yanmu took Mo Yanmu away, this feeling was even more unreal than winning the lottery.

        One hundred million, that was nine digits!

        The numbers on Wu Xin's bank card had never exceeded six digits, so it was hard for her to imagine how nine digits would actually be presented.

        What would it be like to have that long list of numbers?

        "Grandpa, do you really want to give her that much money?" Stepping out of the hospital, Mo Yan asked with a face full of disdain, although 100 million was not much in her concept, but giving it to such poor people, her heart was inevitably a little unacceptable.

        "You should feel fortunate to be able to use this money to solve your troubles, and stay away from her in the future, or else I won't be able to save you next time." Mo Yanmoth instructed, the reason why he said this was because he was worried that Mo Yanmoth would secretly seek revenge on Wu Xin, after all, he knew his granddaughter's temper very well, once she made a mistake, the relationship between the Mo family and Han Qianli would be broken.

        "Grandpa don't worry, I know what to do." Mo said, even though his heart was unconvinced, he had to give in to reality.

        Still going to seek revenge on Wu Xin, unless she was almost a fool.

        At the same time, Han Qianqiang received a call from Yang Wanlin.

        The person Yang Wanlin sent to take care of Wu Xin had already told him about what happened at the hospital, so he had to inform Han Three Thousand at the first opportunity.

        When Han 3000 learned that Wu Xin was asking for 100 million, he couldn't help but smile, of course, he knew that it was a number that Wu Xin casually said, but it was a good thing for her, after getting the money, she should have a more perfect life, and this was Han 3000's compensation for her.

        "By the way, any news about the Martial Arts Summit?" After speaking about Wu Xin's matter, Han Qianli asked Yang Wanlin.

        "Although the officials haven't notified yet, the probability has been confirmed that your opponent for the match the day after tomorrow should be someone named Chong Yang." Yang Wanlin said.

        This matter wasn't a surprise to Han 3000, with Nangong Boling's ability, it would be a simple matter for him to manipulate the Martial Arts Summit, and it would only be strange to Han 3000 if he couldn't do it.

        "In the ring, you can't kill anyone, right?" Han Giangli asked.

        Yang Wanlin's eyelids jumped and he quickly said, "This is the rules of the conference, you must not make a scene."

        Han Giangli looked regretful, this wouldn't be able to make Nangong Boling more deeply aware of his strength.

        The person that Nangong Boling had personally found was definitely not bad in strength, and if he died under Han Giang's hand in one move, then Nangong Boling would definitely put his foot down.

        It was only a pity that ......

        "By the way, what did you just say my opponent's name was?" Han Giangli suddenly changed his expression and asked Yang Wanlin.

        "Chong Yang, do you know him?" Yang Wanlin said.

        "Chong Yang?"

        "Chong Yang!"

        Han Giangli was dumbfounded, he'd felt a bit familiar with the name just now, but hadn't remembered exactly who it was!

        This Chong Yang, was he Qi Hu's master.

        Qi Hu had told him that when he was very young, he had followed his master to cultivate in the mountain, and Qi Hu's horizontal strength had been refined by crashing into trees.

        According to the current time, Qi Hu should have just gone up the mountain not long ago, but he didn't expect Chong Yang to come down the mountain because of him.

        It seemed that his rebirth had changed too many things that had happened and changed the trajectory of many things that had happened.

        I don't know if it was a good or bad thing for Qi Hu.

        The two of them, brothers, were able to meet much earlier, but the Qi Hu of now was not as strong as he was back then ah.

        "What's wrong, what's the problem? Or is this man too powerful and you're no match?" Yang Wanlin asked worriedly, originally he was very confident in Han Three thousand, in Yang Wanlin's mind, Han Three thousand was almost invincible in battle.

        However, in Han Qianli's tone, Yang Wanlin felt shock, so he inevitably wondered if Han Qianli knew this person, and if this person's strength was above Han Qianli's.

        "It's nothing, can you find out where Chong Yang is?" Han Giangli asked.

        "This ...... I can only try my best, after all, only his name is known now, no one knows what he looks like." Yang Wanlin said with difficulty, it was still a bit difficult to find out where he was based on just a name, but Han Qianli had a request for this, he would definitely try his best to do it.

        "There's no need to force it, you'll be able to see him the day after tomorrow anyway, so there's no need to spook him." After saying that, Han Three Thousand hung up the phone.

Chapter 1213

Although there was no way to confirm Chongyang's identity yet, Han Three Thousand had decided this matter in his heart nine times out of ten, and it was bound to lead to an early meeting between him and Qi Hu.

        In other words, Han Three Thousand's rebirth had changed one more thing, and it was very likely that this matter would have a huge impact on Qi Hu.

        After all, when Qi Hu had descended from the mountain, he had already reached the point where he was a master of martial arts and was considered an expert in the world.

        And now, Qi Hu was still just a child, and the matter of martial arts was only just starting, so going down the mountain now would definitely affect his achievements in the martial arts path.

        More importantly, Chongyang was found by Nangong Boling, so if he lost the match, what kind of hidden consequences there would be was not something Han Qianqian could be sure of.

        Once Nangong Boling turned his back on him, it was feared that Chongyang would become an outlet for Nangong Boling to vent his anger, and at that time, Qi Hu could lose his own master.

        "What's going on, looking like you're sighing, what happened?" Shi Jing came to the living room and happened to bump into Han Marchant sighing, so she was puzzled, after all the time she had been in contact with Han Marchant, Han Marchant rarely behaved like this.

        "The day after tomorrow's match has been confirmed, and Nangong Boling has arranged for an out-of-this-world expert." Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

        Han 3000 said that, and then picked up on the sighing state he had just been in, which couldn't help but make Shi Jing worry and ask, "Out-of-this-world expert, very powerful?"

        It was indeed quite powerful for the old him, thought Han 3000, thinking about his skills when he was on the mountain, he was indeed no match for Chong Yang.

        But it was different now, with Han Three Thousand's strength, a character like Chong Yang wasn't worth mentioning at all.

        "It's okay." Han Three Thousand barely gave an appraisal.

        "Then what do you have to worry about?" Hearing Han Marchant say that, Shi Jing could sense his confidence in this match, so she wondered even more why Han Marchant was sighing.

        "I'm not worried for myself, but for a friend, and I don't know how much this will affect his life, but if it's impossible, I'm afraid I'll have to go and help him make some changes." Han 3,000 said.

        He wasn't particularly willing to change the world for the sake of change, but Qi Hu was a very important person to him, so he couldn't just stand by and watch Qi Hu's future be destroyed by Nangong Boling.

        If it was necessary, perhaps he would have to be Qi Hu's master himself.

        "With you here, even if it will affect your friend, it's easy for you to change him, there's nothing to worry about." Shi Jing advised.

        Han Giangli smiled, it made sense, with his current abilities, he stepped in to protect Qi Hu, there was no way Qi Hu would have an accident, and he would be able to change Qi Hu's future at will.

        "Mom, Yang Wanlin called me just now, he said that the Mo family has gone to the hospital to meet with Wu Xin." Han Giang smiled and said to Shi Jing.

        As soon as she heard about this, Shi Jing instantly became interested and hurriedly sat next to Han Qianli, eagerly asking, "How is it, has Wu Xin made any conditions?"

        "Guess what." Han Qianqian sold out.

        Shi Jing glared at Han Qianqian and said, "You're itching for skin, aren't you, and you dare to sell me out."

        Han Qianqian looked helpless and said, "In that case, guess a price, she made a price and the Mo family has agreed to it."

        This was a bit unexpected of Shi Jing, in her opinion, Wu Xin most likely hadn't even thought of it.

        "It really didn't occur to me, I was worried that she wouldn't think of such a thing, since Mo Yanmou has already agreed to it, it looks like there should be a few million," Shi Jing said.

        Han Giangli shook his head and said, "The compensation was something that Mo Yanmoth took the initiative to ask her to set a price, but although she wasn't the one to bring it up, the price she set was surprising."

        "A few million isn't enough, is it ten million?" Shi Jing said.

        Han Giang continued to shake his head and didn't say anything, looking at Shi Jing with a smile on his face.

        "More or less?" Shi Jing was confused.

        "It's less." Han Giangli said.

        Ten million was actually less.

        It was true that this amount of money was nothing to the gentry, but to an ordinary girl like Wu Xin, it was already considered very high.

        Since she had taken the initiative to make the offer, where could she go?

        "Hard to believe it's still 20 million, she doesn't have the guts," Shi Jing said.

        "One hundred million."

        "One hundred million!" Shi Jing exclaimed out in shock, this astronomical number almost scared her.

        A mere ordinary person dared to ask for such a lion's share of money, this was a number that ordinary people didn't even dare to imagine ah.

        "You're not kidding me, she really dared to open her mouth for 100 million?" Shi Jing asked.

        "Of course not, but I'm a little surprised how she made the offer to that amount, but Mo Yanmou has agreed to it, and she's now considered a billionaire." Han Giangli said.

        Shi Jing breathed a sigh of relief, this was truly a life-changing sentence.

        For an ordinary office worker like Wu Xin, who suddenly had a hundred million dollars, her life would be completely changed by this money.

        "This is a good thing, it could be a bad thing as well." Shi Jing's face suddenly showed worry, with such a large amount of wealth falling from the sky, whether Wu Xin, as an ordinary person, could still remain normal or not.

        Once she fell into that kind of sudden wealthy spending, even with 100 million in hand, she would still fall, and 100 million might not necessarily be enough to keep her fed and clothed for the rest of her life.

        "That's not something we can concern ourselves with, the compensation I've given her is already in place, so it's not for us to interfere with her choices next." Han Qianli said.

        Shi Jing understood this, if she herself fell due to money, it had nothing to do with anyone else.

        Just such an ordinary, good girl, Shi Jing was really afraid that she would completely change because of the money.

        "I can already foresee that the first thing she should do is buy a house, and it's not cheap, and then she'll be obsessed with luxury goods, which might be a road to perdition." Shi Jing said with a bitter smile, Wu Xin didn't have the ability to earn wealth, so she would have to sit on her hands, if this situation she was talking about really happened, then sooner or later Wu Xin would be ruined on this money.

        Han Qianli didn't say anything, as he said, Wu Xin was no longer someone he should care about, and with this time, it would be better to think about how exactly to fight Chongyang in the ring the day after tomorrow.

        Was it to save face for Chongyang, or was it to end the fight as quickly as possible so that Nangong Boling could feel his power deeply.

        "I don't know Chong Yang yet, so there shouldn't be any need to give face, right?" Han Giangli thought for a long time, a bad smile on his face.