English Amazing Son-in-law 2341-2342


 Chapter 2341

After hearing that Charlie wade asked about Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder, Liam became excited and said, "Master Charlie, Jiu Xuan Stomach Powder has now fully occupied the entire Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian markets. Get ready to make a big push into Europe and America next month!"

Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and asked with a smile, "The European and American markets should have been quite resistant to Eastern Chinese herbs, right? Confidence?"

"There!" Liam said without hesitation: "Although Europe and the United States is the birthplace of Western medicine, but Europe and the United States is also the main force of alcohol consumption, per capita alcohol consumption ranking of the top 20 countries, all of them are European countries, in addition to Europe, there are Australia, South America, several countries, the annual per capita alcohol consumption, all in more than 10 liters! This is the first tier of highest per capita alcohol consumption. "

"Then there's the second tier, represented by the United States, Canada, Japan and Korea, which consume about seven or eight liters of alcohol per capita per year. "

"These countries have a high percentage of stomach and liver diseases because of high alcohol consumption, and Jiuxuan Stomach Disperse has no toxic side effects, is also extremely convenient to take, quick in effect, and has a very good protection and repair effect on the stomach, once such a drug is launched, the first wave of users who will benefit are those who drink alcohol."

"Once we take word of mouth among these user groups, it will soon sweep across Europe and America!"

In that case, we can start with restaurants, bars and hotels, and then send a push team to do a free trial in front of bars and restaurants in major cities in Europe and the United States, and control the dosage of the trial suit a little smaller, to ensure that they can feel the effect, but the effect can not be maintained in the long term, so that repeated rounds of promotion, will be able to Immediately take this group of chronic drinkers and absorb them as our die-hard users."

Once Liam heard this, he hurriedly said, "Master Charlie, your solution is really good! We'll start with the people who need Jiuxuan Gastric Dispersion the most, and hit them where it hurts, so that they won't be able to do without it, and even regard it as a miracle medicine.

Saying that, Liam quickly said, "I'll call a meeting with the management tomorrow and quickly set a detailed plan for ground promotion in Europe and America!"

In the past, it was their sky-high prices that earned us money, and the special effects drugs were priced at tens of thousands of dollars a month in China. . "

Liam smiled and said, "Master Charlie, I don't think it's a problem to price it higher, but the key is that we have to find a way to stop them from coming to the Chinese market to buy, and then go to the European and American markets to sell it. In that case, all the money will be made by this group of peddlers."

Charlie wade smiled slightly, "This is simple, in the future, the Nine Xuan Stomach Dispersion, in any country, must be purchased in limited quantities, one person, one month, at most one box with valid documents, strict control of the source of goods, but also do a good job of strictly preventing the means of stringing goods, this should be learned from the tobacco industry, all drugs factory, must have a corresponding area code, while regular Verify to make sure that there won't be any stringing of goods from region to region, or country to country."

Liam busily said, "Okay Master Charlie, I've got it all down!"

Charlie wade added, "In addition, we have to strictly supervise our dealers and sign a clear contract, anyone who dares to hoard supplies or charge ultra-high prices, immediately cancel his dealership, and at the same time make him pay a large amount of damages, and if he doesn't, file a lawsuit against him until he goes bankrupt!"

Chapter 2342

"In short, there must be no price gouging like that with Maotai! A bottle of Maotai official retail price of 1,499, but ordinary people do not have the opportunity to buy at this price, while the dealer to sell to the outside, a bottle of at least two thousand seven hundred and eighteen, and even higher during the New Year's holidays, is not this is a clear pit of consumers?"

Liam immediately stated, "Don't worry, Master Charlie, I will severely prevent similar things from happening to Jiu Xuan Stomach Dispersion! Any dealer who dares to hoard and raise prices, I will immediately disqualify him and hold him legally accountable! It will not be tolerated!"

Charlie wade nodded his head in satisfaction and said, "After Jiuxuan Stomach Dispersion is fully spread in Europe and America, I'm sure the alcohol industry in Europe and America will see another surge in development."

Liam said approvingly, "Yes! Many drinkers in Europe and America are highly dependent on alcohol, and if Jiuxuan Stomach Dispersion is on the market, it is equivalent to alleviating the damage that alcohol does to their bodies, drinking too much alcohol, especially the stomach is the most uncomfortable, and Jiuxuan Stomach Dispersion just solves their problem."

Saying that, Liam could not help but exclaim, "Master Charlie, it would be even better if we could launch a liver protection product down the road! Stomach and liver support, it's a must-have for American and European wine drinkers!"

Charlie wade smiled, "You first push Jiuxuan Stomach Dispersion to the European and American markets, and after a while I'll bring out a recipe for liver protection tablets, and then we'll focus on stomach and liver protection!"

At the side, Isaac Cameron smiled and said, "Master Charlie, if you put your refined pills out for sale, I'm sure the market will be even bigger! There's no need for a pill as powerful as the Rejuvenation Pill, as long as that blood dispersing and heart saving pill from before is diluted to 10%, it'll probably be sold off!"

Charlie wade nodded slightly and said, "If this drug is really sold, sales will definitely not be a worry, but this drug can't be mass-produced through normal pharmaceutical equipment, so the production capacity can't be brought up, and it doesn't have the conditions to sell in large quantities."

"So that's how it is ......" Isaac Cameron said with some regret, "Nowadays, in the market, many medicines that are slightly effective in prolonging life are speculated to an extremely high price by those rich people, you for example, the An Gung Niu Huang Pills that were produced in the 1960s and 1970s are now speculated to more than 100,000 a piece, but in fact, the main treatment of this medicine is only clearing heat and relieving poison, high fever convulsions and stroke coma, it is impossible to It prolongs life, but everyone thinks it's magical, so the price is speculated very high."

Charlie wade nodded his head and smiled, "That kind of medicine is mainly still in low stock, plus some of the raw materials are from protected wildlife and are no longer allowed to be used, so it appears to be a strange commodity, but it's actually nothing remarkable in terms of effect."

As he was saying that, the Quinton family's servant quickly ran over and spoke, "Master, Old Mr. Moore  and Miss Moore are here!"

Graham Quinton hurriedly stood up and said to Charlie wade and the others, "Master Charlie, Director Cameron , Don Albert, you guys sit down first, I'll go outside to welcome Mr. Moore and Miss Moore."