English Amazing Son-in-law 2339-2340


 Chapter 2339

Listening to Charlie wade's analogy, Aurora seemed to understand some of it.

She asked curiously, "Master Charlie, as long as I practice hard enough, I can feel the breath and guide it through my body?"

Charlie wade nodded and said with a smile. You should never think that this is so profound, like we ordinary people sing and open our mouths, while professional singers can control their breath and use a part of their body to participate in the resonance of their voices when they sing."

"Some singers can resonate with the head cavity, while some use the chest and abdominal cavity, it's not really anything mysterious at all, as long as you find the right and appropriate method to practice diligently, you can take it in and out."

Aurora said excitedly, "Thank you, Master Charlie, Aurora will definitely practice hard and never let Master Ye down!"

Charlie wade smiled in satisfaction and nodded his head, "You must practice well, if you can train your internal martial art to a certain level, then it's possible that you'll be an opening sect master in the future. Little"

Aurora threw out her tongue and said seriously, "Aurora doesn't dare to dream of opening a sect, as long as it can disappoint you, Master Charlie, that is Aurora's greatest satisfaction!"

Charlie wade nodded, "Good, it's good that you have the determination, this thing won't take effect in a day or two, not to mention internal martial arts, even a ventriloquist performer might need to practice for a year or two to get started, so you have to be calm, don't be anxious or impatient."

Aurora immediately assured, "Master Charlie you can rest assured, Aurora will control her emotions and play steadily, never be impatient!"

Charlie wade smiled, "That would be the best!"

Then, Charlie wade began to help Aurora so that she could gradually familiarize herself with the knack of the Four Elephant Palm, but as he said, this kind of thing should not be rushed, and it was almost a fool's dream to make Aurora master the knack of the internal boxing method in one afternoon.

By five o'clock in the afternoon, Graham Quinton ran over to Charlie wade and said, "Master Charlie, Isaac Cameron and Don Albert have come over and are having tea in the living room, do you want to come out and sit down?"

Charlie wade smiled, "Okay, I'll be right over. Say"

After saying that, he said to Aurora, "Aurora, you have also practiced for an afternoon, why don't you call it a day."

Aurora was now covered with fine sweat and was also a bit tired, so she nodded and said, "Okay Master Charlie, then you go have tea first, I'll go back to my room and take a shower before coming down."

Charlie wade nodded, and then he went to the living room with Graham Quinton.

In the living room, Isaac Cameron and Don Albert had just sat down.

As soon as they saw Charlie wade come in, they immediately stood up in unison and said respectfully, "Greetings, Master Charlie!"

Both Isaac Cameron and Don Albert knew Charlie wade's identity, knew that he was the young master of the Wade family, and called him young master in private, but as long as there were other people around, they would uniformly change their title to Master Charlie wade.

Charlie wade nodded lightly at the two of them and smiled, "You two are chatting early enough, did you come here together?"

Don Albert smiled at this time and said, "Master Charlie, I happened to be doing some business near General Manager Isaac's hotel, so I made an appointment with him and came over together."

Charlie wade smiled slightly and spoke, "Right Don Albert, I gave that Liu Devi's Shangmei Etiquette Company to my wife's cousin to manage, you know about this, right?"

Chapter 2340

Don Albert hurriedly nodded and said, "Master Charlie, I know about this, that bastard Caesar has already told me that I slapped him twenty times as punishment for aiding and abetting the evil-doer, and I've warned him that if he dares to participate in any forced prostitution in the future, I'll abolish him!"

Ye Chen nodded and said seriously, "In the future, say hello to those brothers of yours from the underground world, we can all mix and mingle, but we must have the proper discipline, porn, gambling and drugs are the red line, never touch them, no matter how profitable they are!"

Don Albert hurriedly said, "Master Charlie, don't worry about that, I've already told all of my men, after hearing about what Liu devi did at that ceremonial company this time, I also gave a special explanation to my men, whoever dares to do this kind of thing under my nose again, I will definitely not spare him!"

Only then was Charlie wade satisfied, and said, "Right, my wife's cousin's side, you usually have any etiquette needs, you can take care of her business, but don't make it too exaggerated, Wendy's character used to be very floating, I'm afraid that she will be complacent again after gaining power."

Don Albert nodded, "Okay Master Charlie, I got it!"

After saying that, he was also a bit confused and asked, "Master Charlie, haven't you and this sister-in-law of yours been very much at odds? I remember that she seemed to have treated you badly before, she used to be so bossy with you when she followed Kenneth Wilson , and then when she followed that Jeffrey of the Jeffrey's family, it seems like she even licked the urinal at the Splendid Club, why are you still taking care of her?"

Charlie wade smiled, "Knowing one's mistakes can be corrected, there is no greater good, Jeffrey and that lecherous old man of his, didn't I also keep them alive and let them reform well in the Changbai Mountain. Proud."

After hearing this, Don Albert nodded gently and exclaimed, "Grandmaster Charlie, you have been able to net someone who has offended you in the past and give them a chance to mend their ways, you have a heart of gold that Don Albert extremely admires!"

Isaac Cameron also couldn't help but lament, "Yes Master Charlie, if it were anyone else, with your strength, when facing these dregs, I'm afraid that you would just kill them in one go. Say"

Charlie wade shook his head, "If a person's own sin is not to die, but he has to be punished by dying, this is overexerting himself."

"It is true that the Beggar's Gang Xue Nanshan's gang who lost their conscience deserved to die, but it is also true that Donald crime is not worthy of death;"

"Jeffery & his father, although arrogant and domineering, but it is true that they did not commit any capital crimes, if I kill them, how will I be able to convince people in the future?"

Saying that, Charlie wade sighed slightly and said from the bottom of his heart, "I want my strength to continue to increase, but I also want the lineup under my command to become stronger and stronger, since I want to expand the lineup under my command, I have to make sure that I can reward and punish people and obey them with virtue, otherwise, how can I make everyone willingly use them for me?"

Don Albert cupped his hands and lamented, "Master Charlie is right, Don Albert has been taught!"

As he was saying that, Graham Quinton walked in again with Jeffrey's, the current general manager of Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical. Net.

Before Liam even reached the front, he cupped his fists very respectfully and said, "Greetings, Master Charlie!"

Charlie wade nodded and smiled, "I was talking about your family and you came here."

Liam curiously asked, "Master Charlie, you were talking about the Wei family? What happened to my family?"

Charlie wade said indifferently, "Just chatting about your father and that half-brother of yours, I said that the main reason why I sent the two of them to the Changbai Mountain was also because their crimes did not deserve death."

Liam couldn't help but nod, "Master Charlie, you are a compassionate and righteous man, my father has always despised my mother's birth and the Changbai Mountain where I grew up, for you to send him to the Changbai Mountain to spend the rest of his life, is the best punishment for him!"

Charlie wade nodded slightly and said, "By the way Liam, I haven't taken the time to ask you recently, how has the sales of Nine Xuan Stomach Dispersion been this period of time?"