Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3117

 Gu Qiuyi's cover of Zhou Hua Jian's song 'Tomorrow I'll Marry You' is an old song published in 1993.

        Many of the younger fans in the audience had never even heard of the song.

        However, the song itself is so classic that even big-name singers such as the diva Jacky Cheung, the diva Faye Wong, Mei Yanfang, Karen Mok and Xu Ru Yun have covered the song at their concerts.

        Only recently, over the years. This old song rarely appears in the public eye anymore.

        And Gu Qiuyi sang this song to perfection, and with this perfect white wedding dress of hers, it simply fitted the temperament of this song to the extreme.

        What's more, everyone knew that the reason why Gu Qiuyi sang this song was for the Prince Charming that she had been looking for for years.

        So, this moved the fans in the audience even more.

        Who would have thought that a goddess who was the centre of attention and had the love of thousands would be so infatuated with a childhood prince charming.

        So. When she wore her wedding dress and sang the song on stage in a gentle and moving manner, the female fans at the scene once again felt what it meant to be in tears.

        What made the fans feel even better was this. When Gu Qiuyi sang this song, her face was covered with the shyness and intoxicated smile of a young girl, and anyone could see the deep love and intoxication on her face.

        And Gu Qiuyi's wedding dress was also extraordinarily colourful. The dress fit her body perfectly, and at a glance it was specially tailored to her figure.

        Moreover, the style, material and workmanship of the wedding dress were all impeccable, and even with the high-definition picture magnified by the ten-metre-high screen, no flaws could be seen.

        Ye Chen's entire body had already been frozen like a wooden chicken.

        He had never expected that Gu Qiuyi would be wearing a wedding dress.

        What's more, he didn't expect that Gu Qiuyi would sing such a song at the end of the concert.

        At this moment, Ye Chen finally realised that this, was the surprise that Gu Qiuyi had carefully prepared for herself, which made his heart shocked and touched at the same time. At the same time, there was an unspeakable feeling of guilt.

        After all, his wife Xiao Churan was sitting beside him at this moment, while she was immersed in Gu Qiuyi's song. She would never have dreamed that Gu Qiuyi's song was actually sung to her own husband.

        At this moment, Ye Chen felt that in his heart, two consciousnesses were madly attacking each other.

        One consciousness told himself that Gu Qiuyi and himself were engaged to each other. And that she had persistently searched for herself for so many years and had always abided by her marriage contract, and that she had to give her a successful outcome no matter what she said.

        But. Another consciousness was telling itself, "Xiao Churan is your wife, the whole world has despised you for these years, thanks to her unfailing devotion to you, and how can you abandon her afterwards?

        While Ye Chen was inwardly conflicted, Gu Yanzhong, who was a few people away from him, was looking at his daughter in her wedding dress on the stage. Looking at his daughter on stage in her wedding dress, he was already in tears.

        Just before his reunion with Ye Chen, when he was suffering from advanced pancreatic cancer and was determined by the best doctors in the world to die within six months, he felt that there were only two major regrets in his life that he had not had the chance to make up for, one was that he had never found Ye Chen, and the other was that he would definitely not have the chance to witness the moment of his daughter's wedding.