Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3116

 At this point, someone posted the topic to Weibo and it quickly shot back up to the top ten of the hot search, which was titled: "Gu Gu Qiu Yi's elaborate look is in what style!"

        Below this hot search, several options were given, including classical style, modern style, post-modern style, western court style, dark style, gothic style and even abstract style.

        There was even a prize competition for famous V fans to choose ten lucky winners among those who guessed correctly. One person would be given an autographed album by Gu Qiu Yi.

        Xiao Churan took out her phone and swiped through Weibo for a while, and couldn't help but ask Ye Chen in a low voice, "Honey, what do you think Gu Qiuyi will look like on stage later?"

        Ye Chen said awkwardly, "How can I guess this ...... ......"

        Xiao Churan said, "Don't people call you Master Ye? You can pinch and calculate, can't you calculate a rough estimate?"

        Ye Chen shook his head and said truthfully, "I have no research at all on what dressing style and so on. So if I were to guess I definitely wouldn't be able to guess."

        Xiao Churan thought about it and spoke, "Then I'll guess a gothic style, Gu Qiuyi once appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine and chose a black-toned gothic style, and at that time that look not only made it to the top of the news, but also won an award!"

        Ye Chen laughed and said seriously, "Honey, to be honest, I don't even know what gothic style is."

        Xiao Churan laughed, "The Gothic style is mainly the architectural style of the Germanic peoples of Western Europe. You must have heard of the Gothic cathedrals, monasteries and castles in the West, the kind of stone architecture that is particularly towering, exaggerated and cold. It's normal for you boys not to know this."

        Xiao Churan said, "I'll guess a Gothic style blindly, if I guess correctly. There's also a chance to get Gu Qiuyi's signed album!"

        Ye Chen nodded and didn't think much of what style Gu Qiuyi's last look actually was.

        Ten minutes quickly passed. The stage lights hadn't come on yet, and Gu Qiuyi hadn't appeared.

        However, the audience at the venue was not anxious, on the contrary, everyone was waiting patiently, although they were all very much looking forward to it.

        These fans who were willing to pay for tickets to see her concert were all true hardcore fans, and no one was up in arms or making any noise.

        Fifteen minutes in, there was still no movement at the venue.

        At the twenty-minute mark, a soft guitar sound suddenly came from the live sound.

        The fans cheered all at once!

        Because they knew that the guitar sound they heard at this moment must be the intro to the last song!

        So, Gu Qiuyi was finally going to make an appearance!

        After the melodious sound of the piano, Gu Qiuyi's sweet singing voice came out.

        "The second hand and minute hand ticking in my heart ......"

        "My eyes twinkle twinkle so hollow ......"

        "My heartbeat flutters in bursts ......"

        "I ask myself how much I want you to love you ......"

        "How impulsive I want to be with you ......"

        "My heart is fluttering up and down ......"

        Everyone at the scene was immersed in this wonderful atmosphere of only hearing the voice but not seeing the person. Gu Qiuyi's voice was extremely beautiful, and coupled with these lyrics full of little beauty, it made the fans at the scene intoxicated.

        And at that moment, the stage lights suddenly lit up without warning!

        All the spotlights were aimed at the centre of the stage, and at that moment, the noble and elegant Gu Qiuyi, dressed in a beautiful, holy and dazzling white wedding dress, slowly rose from the centre of the stage!

        At this instant, the whole audience exploded!

        No one expected that Goddess Gu Qiuyi's last look would be a white wedding dress!

        At this moment, she gently held the microphone with her white lace gloved hand, and with tears in her eyes, she emotionally sang the most classic chorus of the song: "Tomorrow I'm going to marry you, tomorrow I'm going to marry you ......"