Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3111

 Surprised, Lin Wanqiu couldn't help but whisper in Su Zhiyu's ear and ask: "Zhiyu, how do you know Chen's son?"

        Su Zhiyu didn't cover up, and said frankly and openly: "Ye Chen is my life-saver, and also my mother's life-saver, before my brother and I were kidnapped in Japan. It was Ye Chen who saved us both, and it was also Ye Chen who saved us when my mother and I had an accident in the Forbidden Mountain Tunnel in Jinling some time ago."

        Lin Wanqiu suddenly realized!

        "So that's how it is ......"

        This time she also figured out why Su Zhiyu knew Ye Chen.

        She sighed in her heart, "If Chen'er just saved Su Zhiyu, Su Zhiyu couldn't possibly know his identity, but if Chen'er also saved Du Haiqing, then the situation would be completely different, Chen'er looks so much like his father, it's impossible for Du Haiqing not to recognize him. In that case, it would make sense for Su Zhiyu to know Chen'er's true identity."

        Several generations of the Su family. Lin Wanqiu could say that she was very clear.

        Su Zhiyu's mother, Du Haiqing, was also on good terms with her back then.

        Moreover, Du Haiqing had always liked Ye Changye, and Ye Changye and Gu Yanzhong were good brothers, so when Lin Wanqiu first fell in love with Gu Yanzhong, Du Haiqing wanted to increase the success rate of his pursuit of Ye Changye through the relationship between Lin Wanqiu, Gu Yanzhong and Ye Changye.

        So for a while, Du Haiqing and Lin Wanqiu got very close.

        But no one expected that Du Haiqing had been chasing after Ye Changya for so many years without result, while Ye Changya came back from a trip abroad and brought back a standout An Chengqing.

        After the wedding of Ye Chang Ying and An Cheng Qing, Du Hai Qing married Su Shou Dao with complete regret.

        As a woman, Lin Wanqiu is actually very sympathetic to Du Haiqing.

        But she knows very well in her heart, feelings such things can not be forced, destined to the other party does not love you, you are invested in more is not likely to have a harvest.

        Thinking of this, Lin Wanqiu heart can not help but feel that the world has been created.

        Himself and her husband came to see her daughter's concert, next to the next. Sitting is the daughter's fiancĂ© and his current wife.

        And sandwiched between himself and Ye Chen's current wife, and the daughter of Ye Chen's father's long-time admirer, and the family also has an unholy grudge against Ye Chen.

        What's more amazing is. Ye Chen actually saved the enemy's son and daughter.

        What's even more amazing is that Ye Chen saved his enemy's daughter twice!

        At the same time, Lin Wanqiu couldn't help but have a question in her heart: "This Su Zhiyu, who had been saved twice by Chen's son and now appeared here again, this is definitely not some kind of coincidence. Is it possible that she also has that kind of heart for Chen'er?"

        The more she thought about it, the more she felt that her guess was eight or nine times right.

        She couldn't help but lament in her heart, "What kind of sinful fate is this ......"

        When she was lamenting, the lights of the entire arena suddenly went out in this instant.

        The lights of the entire arena went out. This is a sign that the show is about to officially begin.

        Sure enough!

        After five seconds of darkness, the big screen on the stage suddenly lit up.

        Immediately after that, a video of the show began to play.

        At the beginning of the video, it was a video clip with yellowish tones, with a lot of noise and a sense of age.

        In the picture, a four or five-year-old girl. Wearing a beautiful floral dress, hands carry the skirt, is dancing around a beautiful birthday cake, while dancing also with a childish voice singing happy birthday song.