Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3103

 Ye Chen recalled that Dong Ruolin had seen himself and Gu Qiuyi in the backwaters, at that time, he also lied to her, saying that he was a helper of Gu Qiuyi's family, Dong Ruolin knew this, and still asked so, must be deliberately flirting with himself.

        So, he said casually, "Actually, I've never had much feeling for idols and stars and such, only that Churan likes it, so I accompanied her to come and see."

        "So that's how it is." Dong Ruolin also did not poke holes, smiled and asked Xiao Churan: "Hey, by the way Churan, your seats are which section and which row ah? Let me see if we are close to each other."

        Xiao Churan said awkwardly, "I forgot if you didn't ask, the tickets were obtained with the help of Ye Chen, I don't know exactly which row and which seat."

        After saying that, she looked at Ye Chen and asked, "Right husband, I haven't asked you yet, which row of seats are we?"

        Ye Chen took out his ticket and looked at it and said, "It says 1st row, 18th and 19th in the infield."

        Dong Ruolin immediately exclaimed: "I go! The first row of the infield? Ye Chen, this is almost the most prime position! This kind of ticket, you are too awesome!"

        Ye Chen casually laughed: "Harm, in fact, there is a layer of customer relations, you know, I often give people feng shui or something."

        Dong Ruolin bristled, pulled out his own tickets, some lost said: "Hey, I've been looking for connections everywhere to get an infield 6th row, and you are still several rows away."

        The venues for large concerts are generally chosen in stadiums, which are generally standard soccer fields, so the venues are large in size and volume.

        But because the stage to be placed in the stadium at one end of the soccer field, so the entire stadium can be used to sell tickets only half of the area.

        The surrounding fan-like stands area is generally cheaper, the further away the cheaper, and the real core of the most expensive is the infield tickets.

        The so-called infield tickets are in the middle of the entire soccer stadium.

        This area is the closest to the stage, and in front of the stage, so it is said to be the best viewing position for the concert.

        And the most expensive of these is of course the first row, which belongs to the absolute unobstructed golden area.

        Moreover, there are forty people in one row of the infield, and Ye Chen got this 18, 19, just in the middle of the whole first row.

        The first row starts from number 16 and goes all the way to number 25, these ten seats are the best seats, and Ye Chen and Xiao Churan's position, in these ten seats, is also considered the best batch.

        Xiao Churan also did not expect that Ye Chen would be able to get such a good seat, so she could not help but ask in a low voice: "Honey, how did Miss Gu give you tickets for such a good position?"

        Ye Chen whispered in her ear: "People in the show business are especially superstitious about feng shui, don't you know? They all call me Master Ye now, they must want to have a good relationship with me for a long time, and it costs millions to get a feng shui reading from me, so what is it to them to give two tickets with a better location?"

        Xiao Churan couldn't help but spit out her tongue and joked, "It's more enjoyable to be a master, when are you going to package me up and let me be a master too?"