Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3100

 This is basically the same as classmates and colleagues party, regardless of the city, the party process is generally first dinner, and then KTV.

        So, when Xiao Churan took out the cake from the refrigerator and lit the candles, Ye Chen was ready to make a wish and blow out the candles in a familiar way.

        On the side of Xiao Churan, also sang a happy birthday song for Ye Chen, her voice is not loud, but very gentle, a pair of big eyes looking at Ye Chen sang out: "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you ......"

        Ye Chen in Xiao Churan's song silent wish, blow out the candles.

        Then, Xiao Churan spoke: "Honey, you close your eyes, I have a gift for you!"

        Ye Chen nodded his head and gently closed his eyes.

        Xiao Churan took out a gift box from behind him, held it up with both hands, put it in Ye Chen's hands, and said with a smile, "Okay, open your eyes!"

        Ye Chen looked down and saw that what was in his hand was a watch box.

        On the top of the box was simply written a line of English letters, Ye Chen recognized at a glance, but it was Patek Philippe.

        He looked at Xiao Churan in surprise and said, "Wife, why did you buy such an expensive gift for me?"

        Xiao Churan said shyly: "It's not expensive, open it quickly to see if you like it!"

        Ye Chen nodded, opened the package, and there was a Patek Philippe Nautilus watch lying quietly inside.

        At this time, Xiao Churan said in a soft voice: "This Nautilus, in the Patek Philippe, is a relatively entry-level model, and after I finish the project of the Empire Group and settle all the upstream and downstream payments, I will buy you a better one!"

        Ye Chen said, "My good wife, a Nautilus now costs at least half a million, right? Now the price of the watch is speculated too outrageous, from now on it is better not to buy me such an expensive watch, even if it is a good mechanical watch, it is not as accurate as the time on the phone."

        Xiao Churan said with a smile, "How can it be the same? Men wear a watch is not to see the time, mainly a temperament, now the more sophisticated men have several watches, to attend different occasions, with different clothes, but also to choose a different watch, I do not want my husband to go out in the future to be picked on, especially your customers are rich people, always see you do not even wear a watch, certainly think that the wife did not spare you to buy!

        Ye Chen heard this, the heart can not help but be a little touched, said with a smile: "Thank you, wife! Or wife is the most considerate."

        Ma Lan on the side heard staggering, exclaimed: "Boy, just such a watch, its appearance, want more than 500,000?

        Xiao Churan seriously said, "Mom, this is a classic model, not only is it expensive in our country, it's the same all over the world."

        Ma Lan touched her heart and said, "This is a BMW on the wrist!"

        Xiao Churan laughed: "If you say so, there is also a luxury villa worn on the wrist."

        Ye Chen said seriously: "Wife. Just buy a watch, never buy another one in the future."

        Xiao Churan said with a smile: "Buy or not, look at my mood, two to see if I can earn money, anyway, you do not say."

        Ye Chen smiled and nodded: "Good, good, all listen to you."

        Xiao Churan said with satisfaction: "This is more or less the same!"

        After saying that, she hurriedly took out the watch and said to Ye Chen, "I'll help you put it on, from now on you try to wear it every day, don't stop wearing it after a few days."

        Ye Chen laughed: "From my wife, of course I have to wear it every day!"

        Xiao Churan nodded, and while examining the watch on Ye Chen's wrist, she exclaimed, "Nice! Low-key and connotative, much better than the big gold watches that the tycoons like most! Honey, don't take it off, and wear it when you go to see the singing later!"