Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3097

 Xiao Changqian's words didn't really comfort Xiao Hailong.

        On the contrary, what he said was too pragmatic, which immediately made Xiao Hailong despair about his future life.

        He had always been pretentious and always felt that he would definitely become a great big shot in the future, and even his future wife would have to be a first-class woman, not only with top-notch looks and a perfect body, but also with a strong family history and an overwhelming background.

        That's why he was so intent on pursuing Dong Ruolin and becoming the Dong family's son-in-law.

        But now, his father's words made him realize that he has no relationship with a woman like Dong Ruolin in the future.

        I'm afraid I can only be a blue-collar worker who works hard to earn money, and I'm afraid I'll have a hard time finding a woman of my choice, and I may even have to pay a high bride price to get a wife.

        According to this blueprint to conceive their own future, Xiao Hailong felt that his future is simply a gloomy, just like falling into a black hole is no different.

        So, he cried more fiercely.

        As he cried, Xiao Changqian's heart also felt very painful.

        He wanted to help his son, but he knew very well that his own future would not be much easier than his son.

        The only good thing was that he had at least gotten married and had a pair of children, while Xiao Hailong might not even be able to get married in the future if he didn't work hard.

        So, he also could not help but lament, and the whole person was much more disheveled.

        Sensing the extreme depression of the two, Xiao Weiwei rubbed her temples and spoke, "I'm going to the kitchen to cook."

        After saying that, she fled and walked out of the bedroom with quick steps.

        Originally, she still wanted to find the opportunity to give Ye Chen's belt to the mailbox at his door, but, once she thought of her family's current downtrodden appearance, she couldn't help but gush a strong inferiority complex deep inside.

        After thinking about it, she still decided to go to the store tomorrow to return that belt, from now on, down-to-earth efforts to make money.


        Meanwhile, Ye Chen returned to the villa living room, his wife and father-in-law and mother-in-law were still busy together in the kitchen.

        Just now the old lady Xiao in the courtyard door together with the noise, they simply did not hear any sound, which also let Ye Chen relieved.

        However, I think with today's play, old lady Xiao and Xiao Changqian, Xiao Hailong, the two masters, the future can certainly be completely calm.

        This family, also Xiao Weiwei is considered to know the mistakes can change, Ye Chen with a hand to help her, is also considered to be the most benevolent.

        As for the remaining three people in the Xiao family, Ye Chen did not want to take care of them, as long as they do not come looking for trouble, is dead or alive and he does not have any relationship.

        Half of the afternoon, Xiao Churan and her parents worked together to make a large table of delicious food.

        Xiao Churan brought Ye Chen to the dining room, the dining table set a variety of a total of twelve dishes.

        Ye Chen really did not expect that the three of them had cooked so many dishes and said in surprise: "Churan, Dad, Mom. There are only four of us, is it too wasteful to cook so many dishes, and how hard it must be for you to cook so many dishes."

        Xiao Churan wiped the beads of sweat on her forehead and said with a smile, "The dishes look like a lot, but they don't look like a lot when you eat them, and it's a birthday dinner for you, so it's natural to be grand, and it's not hard work at all."

        Xiao Changkun smiled and said, "Ye Chen ah, let's drink some?"

        Ye Chen nodded and said, "Then of course I have to drink with you, I will go to the storage room to get the wine."