Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3093

 Xiao Weiwei did not expect that the belt she wanted to buy to give to Ye Chen would anger her grandmother again.

        Once she saw this temper of her grandmother that wanted to control and decide everything, she also got angry and said offhandedly, "Every cent I spend now is my own hard-earned money, what I want to buy is my freedom, you have no right to interfere!"

        "What?! I have no right to interfere?!" Old Mrs. Xiao had just eaten at Ye Chen's place and was disliked back by Ye Chen for all her good manners, so she was very depressed in her heart, and when she saw that even Xiao Weiwei dared to talk back to her, it immediately ignited her anger.

        She then stopped in her tracks and angrily rebuked, "Don't forget that I have always been the head of this family, before, now and always! This is a difficult time for our family, and every penny must be spent on a good cause! If you are so wasteful, you are putting the life and death of our family in jeopardy!"

        Xiao Weiwei said angrily, "I used to let you take charge of everything because you were in charge of everything in the family, but everything in the family was lost in your hands! Now that everything is back to zero and I've started with nothing, why should I let you be in charge of the money I've worked so hard to earn?"

        Xiao Weiwei's voice rose a bit as she spoke, "From now on, I will be the one to decide my affairs! As for the money I earn, I will take out a portion of it for your living expenses, as well as for my father and my brother's rehabilitation, and every cent of the rest will be at my own disposal, you have no right to interfere!"

        Old Mrs. Xiao was furious, gritting her teeth and accusing, "You're really wrong! Are you going to follow the example of that heartless Xiao Churan and turn your back on me?"

        Xiao Weiwei said with tears in her eyes, "There is nothing wrong with following my sister Churan's example, she did not listen to you, but she is much happier than me now!"

        If you are willing to accept it, then do as I say, I will give you monthly living expenses from now on, and you don't care about the rest, nor do I have the right to do so, but if you don't accept it, then I will go out tomorrow and rent a room. It's not a problem at all!"

        When Old Mrs. Xiao saw Xiao Weiwei's determined attitude, she panicked and blurted out, "Aiya Weiwei, what are you talking about ...... we have come this far as a family of four, we have suffered all kinds of hardships and seen all kinds of waves, how can we just break up?"

        At this point, she immediately assured, "Weiwei, don't worry, from now on Grandma will definitely not interfere with your personal decisions, you can just peacefully earn money outside and leave the rest of the family matters to Grandma!"

        Xiao Weiwei immediately said, "Good! Then it's a deal!"

        Old Mrs. Xiao was busy saying, "Fine, fine, it's a deal, it's a deal!"

        She smiled and asked, "Weiwei, how much will you give me for living expenses in a month? You said I'm getting old, I need to eat a lot of good food to replenish my body, the food standard must be a little bit more, how about this, you give me 6,000 yuan a month, this is my living expenses with your father and your brother, in addition you give me an extra 2,000 yuan as your father and your brother's rehabilitation expenses, a total of 8,000 yuan a month, what do you think?"

        Naturally, Xiao Weiwei knew very well that one month, three people, and eight thousand yuan for living expenses was a bit too high a standard.

        However, she didn't bother to argue much with Old Mrs. Xiao, after all, as long as she could make Old Mrs. Xiao willingly give up the idea of taking control of herself, this would already be a huge victory.