Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3092

When Old Lady Xiao heard this, her heart thudded.


      She knew that Ye Chen had sensed her intentions.


      To the old lady, after she had learned that Ye Chen was the one who was valuable to Xiao Weiwei, she realised that not only was Ye Chen not a tyrant, but his ability and influence were even far above her previous perception. After realising this, the old lady began to think in her heart of taking the opportunity to repair her relationship with Ye Chen's family, so that the benefits she could get in the future would definitely be much more than what she had now.


      But she didn't expect that this was what she had in mind. Ye Chen not only rejected her, but even blocked her chances of finding Xiao Churan, Xiao Changkun and even Ma Lan to save her country.


      At this moment, she was inwardly regretting a million things: "Ai! If I had known that Ye Chen could be so capable, why should I have kept targeting him and the four members of their family in the first place? Now that I've offended all of their family, it looks like there's not much chance to further repair the relationship in the future ......"


      Ye Chen saw Old Lady Xiao's strange expression and did not say a word. Then he questioned, "Did you understand what I just said?"


      "Heard and understood ......" How could Old Mrs. Xiao dare to disobey Ye Chen, after all, Xiao Weiwei's current job was the survival guarantee for her family of four, and if she offended Ye Chen, there would definitely be no good end.


      So, she could only nod resentfully and said, "Okay ...... I know ......"


      Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and spoke, "It's good that you know, remember what I just said, from now on, well water does not offend river water!"


      After saying that, he looked at Xiao Weiwei again and said, "You take her back."


      Xiao Weiwei nodded gently and said in a good manner, "Okay brother-in-law. I'll take Grandma back now."


      Then, she helped Old Mrs. Xiao and spoke, "Grandma, let's go home."


      Old Mrs. Xiao was like a defeated rooster, nodding her head gently.


      Seeing this, Ye Chen directly closed the courtyard door and stepped back to the villa.


      Outside the door, Old Mrs. Xiao had just turned around to leave. She then saw the Hermes bag Xiao Weiwei was carrying in her hand, the bag was not large and there was a Hermes box inside.


      So she subconsciously asked, "Weiwei. Why did you still buy Hermes things? How can our family afford such luxury goods in this economic situation now!"


      Xiao Weiwei immediately said in a bit of panic: "Ah, this ...... grandma ...... is something I bought for someone else, so you should leave it alone ......"


      "Bought it for someone else?!" Old Mrs. Xiao suddenly said in exasperation, "The whole family is saving money now. I was hoping that your father and brother would get better sooner and be able to go out to work to subsidize the family, but how good are you, you've just earned some money and you've started buying luxury items to give away? Are we the kind of family that can give away Hermes at the drop of a hat?"


      As she said that, she reached over and snatched the bag away, pulling out a small ticket straight away and exclaiming, "Oh my god! Almost $10,000 for a belt?! That's crazy, isn't it? You can barely eat, and you're still here poorly burning the bag, hurry up and return it to me!"