Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3090

"You were the one who made me go with Wang Yunfei, you were the one who made me go with Xiao Yiqian, you were the one who caused me to lose my reputation, caused the Xiao family to go completely bankrupt, and caused me to be forced to work as a courtesan to support my family!"


      "You're the reason I've been suffering for over a year! You don't repent, but now you want to force me to turn against my brother-in-law, who has been so kind to me, what the hell are you thinking?


      Old Mrs. Xiao also broke down and cried, "Of course, you can blame me for what I did in the past, and I have nothing to say about it. You don't know how to be thankful to me, but you even said that Ye Chen has been kind to you, don't you think you are losing your conscience?


      The angry Xiao Weiwei said without thinking, "Of course I don't feel ungrateful! When I was forced to sign a contract of sale at the etiquette company, it was my brother-in-law who rescued me!"


      With tears in her eyes, Xiao Weiwei continued, "Not only did brother-in-law save me, but he also drove that black-hearted boss and his concubine away, and restored the freedom of all the other sisters who had been forced to sign the deed of sale together!"


      "And, I'll tell you the truth, it was my brother-in-law who gave me the Shangmei Etiquette Company! It's all because of my brother-in-law's care that I, Xiao Weiwei, have become what I am today! The noble man I'm talking about is him!"


      When Old Mrs. Xiao heard this, her entire body was instantly shocked, and her eyes could not wait to fall to the ground.


      She had never dreamed that the noble person that Xiao Weiwei had met would be Ye Chen!


      It was ridiculous that she had thought that Xiao Weiwei had climbed up the ladder of nobility and that Ye Chen might have a thunderstorm instead, so she had come over to taunt Ye Chen, but she had never thought that the only reason her family could still have food and drink was because Ye Chen had rewarded them with a meal!


      At this moment, Xiao Weiwei became more and more agitated as she spoke to Old Mrs. Xiao and said loudly, "It's not because I, Xiao Weiwei, am so capable that Shangmei Etiquette Company has been able to get up so quickly, it's because my brother-in-law has long helped me deal with Master Hong's men, so the outside world is now trying to take care of my business by all means!"


      "Master Hong has so many powerful men and so many different kinds of industries in his hands, and now whenever there is a need for Miss Manners, he will definitely seek my cooperation!"


      "Even on occasions where they don't need a courtesy girl, they still have to ask me to work with them!"


      "Have you ever seen the head of the gang sick in hospital and asked a few courtesans to help collect gifts and register at the entrance of the ward?"


      "Have you ever seen the bosses at a meeting and asked dozens of hostesses to welcome them and sign in?"


      "Have you ever seen a big brother marry his daughter-in-law and instead of hiring the hotel's own waiters, he pays for over a hundred courtesans to serve the guests with food and wine and tea?"


      "The reason they did this was because of my brother-in-law's face, so they tried to help me! It's because of this relationship that Shangmei has been able to develop so quickly!"


      Saying that, Xiao Weiwei pointed at Old Lady Xiao and rebuked, "The food and clothing you, my father and my brother have now are all given by brother-in-law!"


      "Even this new dress you're wearing is only possible because of brother-in-law's blessing!"


      "Otherwise, I would have been forced to sign a contract to sell my body and become an escort at a KTV, so I wouldn't have any money to buy you new clothes!


      "You might even have to go to the supermarket and pull plastic bags to feed yourself!"


      "Now that you've got a stable life, you've come out to make a fool of yourself.


      "Do you want to force me to leave home and make a clean break with you?"