Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3088

After all. She was now earning money for one person, eating for four, and her dad and brother still needed quite a bit of convalescence money, so she had been saving the eight thousand or so for herself.


      After she had asked the shop assistant to help her wrap the belt at the boutique, she had been thinking about it on her way back. How should she hand over the gift to Ye Chen.


      After thinking about it, she planned to put the gift in the mailbox at Ye Chen's doorstep, and then send Ye Chen a WeChat message, asking him to come out and pick it up himself.


      She felt that this was relatively safe and would not be known by other people, especially her sister Xiao Churan.


      Moreover, if Ye Chen did not want to accept her gift, there was no chance that she could refuse it to her face. More or less, she could still give herself some leeway.


      However, just as she was about to pass by Ye Chen's door, she heard her grandmother's furious voice from quite a distance away.


      This scared Xiao Weiwei's soul half to death!


      So, she hurriedly stepped on her high heels and ran furiously to the door of Ye Chen's house. She dragged Old Mrs. Xiao by the hand and pulled her without any further ado, "Grandma, come home with me!"


      Xiao Weiwei had gone through this period of training. Now she could be said to be very discerning, and when she saw that the old lady had come to trouble Ye Chen, she knew that the old lady must have caused a great deal of trouble. She could not continue to argue with her in front of Ye Chen's house at this time, or else she would not know what she would say to anger Ye Chen if she became emotional and agitated.


      Therefore, the best way was to get the old lady out of the way first, and then find a way to apologize to Ye Chen!


      Old Mrs. Xiao did not expect Xiao Weiwei to return at this time, and when she saw that she was pulling herself to leave as soon as she arrived, she hurriedly said, "Aiya Weiwei, don't pull me, I'm telling you, this guy Ye Chen is about to go on a thunderstorm, what are you afraid of him for? Maybe in a few days the family will ask us to take them in!"


      Xiao Weiwei felt her back filled with cold sweat and blamed offhandedly, "Grandma what are you talking nonsense! Brother-in-law is so powerful, how could he possibly thunderstorm! You quickly apologize to brother-in-law, let's hurry home after apologizing, don't give brother-in-law a hard time here!"


      Old Mrs. Xiao raised her eyebrows, "What? You want me to apologise to him? How can a liar like him, who is always trying to cheat, deserve to have me apologize to him? How dare you ask me to apologize to him? I'm telling you Wei Wei, you've been deceived by the illusion that he's been answering all the calls before! Look at his birthday today, not even a single person came to his door to give him a gift, what does that mean? It means he's gone! Maybe he'll be reprimanded sometime later!"


      Xiao Weiwei knew very well that Ye Chen's connections in Jinling were extremely strong, so how could he just say thunderstorm?


      If Ye Chen really wanted to storm, then Liu Zonghui, the previous owner of Shangmei Etiquette Company, would definitely have to come back to find himself and snatch the company back again at the first opportunity.


      Therefore, there is no need to look at anything else, as long as Liu Zonghui hasn't come looking for himself, then Ye Chen will definitely not be able to storm.


      The only possibility was that his grandmother was in big trouble again!