Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3082

Ye Chen came out of the kitchen and had just sat in the living room for a while when the doorbell rang.


      He saw from the monitor that the person ringing the doorbell was a delivery man, so he walked out of the room.


      Outside the courtyard, a middle-aged delivery man spoke up and asked, "Is this Ms Xiao's house?"


      Ye Chen nodded, "Yes."


      The other man handed him a square box with a side length of about fifty centimetres and said, "This is the cake Ms Xiao ordered, please sign for it."


      When Ye Chen took the cake and was about to sign the slip, the other party reminded him, "You'd better open it and look at it, if there's any problem I'll carry it back to the cake shop directly, don't turn around and complain after you've signed for it, then we riders will also be responsible."


      Ye Chen didn't think much about it, so he untied the red ribbon on the cake box and carefully opened the top lid, and a beautiful double-layer cake leapt into view.


      The cake did not look as luxurious and exquisite as the five-layer cake made by Gu Qiuyi, nor did it have lifelike shock-absorbing flipping sugar dolls, but only a modest cake.


      The line read, "Happy birthday, my dear Mr. Ye."


      It was inscribed, "Love, your wife, Chu Ran."


      Seeing these words, Ye Chen smiled heartily and said to the rider, "The cake is fine, I'll sign for it straight away."


      After saying that, he signed on the slip and handed it back to the rider.


      The rider took the order and left, so Ye Chen repacked the cake and carried it back to the house.


      This scene happened to be seen by Old Lady Xiao who was drying her clothes on the terrace of the villa opposite.


      When she saw Ye Chen walking back to the villa with the cake, she couldn't help but be curious and asked Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong, who were lying on the bed, "Changqian, Hailong, do you know what day it is today?"


      Xiao Changqian let out a bitter smile, "Mom, from before New Year's until now, I've been eating, drinking, sleeping and shitting all in bed, so I don't know what day of the week it is."


      Xiao Hailong echoed, "Grandma, I don't remember the days either."


      Old Mrs. Xiao muttered, "Today is the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar, the head of the dragon, but I can't remember who's birthday is today.


      Xiao Hailong remembered something and spoke, "February 2nd Dragon Raising Head ...... today seems to be that bastard Ye Chen's birthday!"


      Old Mrs. Xiao frowned and asked, "Are you sure?"


      "Sure!" Xiao Hailong nodded repeatedly, "Once just after the first month, I ran to the barber shop to get my hair cut, and I just happened to see Ye Chen and Xiao Churan eating at the small restaurant next to the barber shop, and there was a small cake on the table, and I observed that it was Ye Chen who blew out the candles, so it must have been Xiao Churan's birthday for Ye Chen, grandma you don't know, at that time, that cake was shabby, it was not as big as a fucking vegetable The plate was bigger."


      When Old Mrs. Xiao heard this, she seemed to be in a good mood and said with a smile, "Aiya, so today is that white-eyed wolf Ye Chen's birthday! I didn't expect him to die so soon!"


      Xiao Hailong asked in confusion, "Grandma, what's wrong? Why do you say that?"


      Old Mrs. Xiao bristled, "How many people lined up in front of Ye Chen's house to give him gifts before New Year's. Look, it's just the first month of the year and no one has come to congratulate him on his birthday, which proves that he's no longer viable, those rich and powerful people don't take him seriously anymore!"


      Xiao Hailong subconsciously asked, "Grandma, can you tell from this alone that Ye Chen can't make it?"


      Old Mrs. Xiao said seriously, "Hai Long, there is an idiom called "A leaf knows the autumn", as long as you see a leaf fall, it means autumn is coming, when autumn comes, can winter be far away?"


      She said, with a profound analysis, "Think about it, if Ye Chen is really good now, then his home must be surrounded by those rich people now, there is a Chinese idiom called "gate court is like a market", which describes a person who is popular and his home is more lively than a vegetable market!


      "But look, today is Ye Chen's birthday, for those who want to flatter him, such a big event is much more important than the New Year, their house has not seen a single person come to the door so far, instead it reflects another idiom, called the door is full of sparrows!"


      "I can clearly tell from this signal alone that Ye Chen is definitely in trouble now, or even worse, is about to be finished!