Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3079

Hearing Lin Wanqiu's question, Ye Chen was a little stunned for a while.


      This was the second time that Ye Chen had heard someone ask him if he wanted to go to America to find his grandparents.


      The last person who had asked him was Gu Qiuyi.


      So, Ye Chen said to Lin Wanqiu what he had said to Gu Qiuyi before, stating that he did not want to disturb his grandparents, whom he had not met for twenty years and had not even met a few times before.


      When Lin Wanqiu heard this, although deep down she understood, she could still see from her expression that she felt more or less sorry for Ye Chen.


      After a moment's hesitation, she said seriously, "Chen'er, in fact, for so many years, you are not the only one who has been searching for the truth about your parents' murder, your uncle Gu and I have also been doing everything we can to find out who was behind that incident back then, but for so many years we have not been able to find any real meaningful clues, so your uncle Gu and I both feel that this incident So your uncle Gu and I both feel that there must be a very powerful mastermind behind this matter, pushing and manipulating everything, and if you want to find them out by your personal ability, I'm afraid it will be very difficult."


      Gu Yanzhong also nodded at this time and said, "Chen'er, although on the surface, today's society has become globally integrated, when it really comes to dividing the classes, the barriers between each class are far beyond your imagination."


      "In our country, there are only four or five top families, even if other families are also very rich, they can never integrate into the circle of top families, and many secrets, many special channels and resources, only these top families can know and master, and this is only in the country, if we look at the whole world, there are only those three real top families, many secrets, only There are many secrets that only these three families know, and many things that only these three families can possibly investigate."


      "Who killed your parents, your grandparents probably already know the answer to this matter, even if they don't know, if they use their resources, I think they will be able to investigate the whole thing.


      Lin Wanqiu also agreed and said, "Yes, Chen'er, your uncle Gu is right, it is even possible that your grandparents have already avenged your parents' death. In any case, it would be safest to first identify your grandparents and then confirm with them about this matter."


      When Ye Chen heard this, he was silent for a few dozen seconds and said, "Auntie Lin and Uncle Gu, I understand your reasoning, but I'm not mentally prepared for this yet, so let me think about it again."


      Lin Wanqiu nodded and said seriously, "Chen'er, there is another great benefit if you identify with your grandparents as soon as possible, and that is the An Family's immensely powerful resources, if the An Family is willing to give you a hand, it's not as simple as helping you get on the horse, they can even make you struggle for twenty years less."


      In his heart, Ye Chen did not think of using his grandparents' resources, but Lin Wanqiu's words did come from a completely good intention, so he knew that he definitely could not hurt other people's good intentions.


      So he also tentatively agreed and said, "Auntie Lin, you are right, I will also integrate in and seriously consider this aspect."


      "That's good!" Lin Wanqiu breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, "You are the grandson of the Ye family and the grandson of the An family, if you can fully inherit the Ye family in the future and then integrate the resources of the An family, all the major families in the country will be dwarfed in front of you in the future, and coupled with your own outstanding abilities, perhaps in a few years' time, the Ye family, under your leadership, can become the second among the top Chinese family."


      Gu Yanzhong also said seriously, "Although the Gu family is not yet at the top of the world in the true sense of the word, it still has the strength to give you a boost and may be able to help you stand taller and see further!"


      Ye Chen looked at the couple gratefully and said from the bottom of his heart, "Uncle Gu, Auntie Lin, thank you for your expectations of me, I will definitely do my best in the future and not let you down."


      These words came from the bottom of Ye Chen's heart.