Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3071

Hearing Ye Chen's words, Lin Wanqiu was not only excited and thrilled, her eyes actually followed suit and turned red.


      She was truly touched by Ye Chen.


      Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that Ye Chen would take out a Spring Returning Pill directly because of her recent exertions, this generosity greatly exceeded her normal perception.


      Although the Gu family was very rich, Lin Wanqiu herself and her mother's family were also not bad.


      However, the richer she was, the more Lin Wanqiu understood that money was not the most important thing in this world, and that the things that no amount of money could buy were the most precious in this world.


      For those poor people for whom even making a living is a problem, even if he knows full well that this job, will hurt his body badly, he is willing to trade his health for this reward in order to support his family.


      But for these top wealthy people, who have long since achieved complete financial freedom, their greatest fear is anything that harms their bodies.


      And they go out of their way to invest a lot of money just so they can be healthier and keep themselves alive for a few more years and months, or even just a few days.


      However, there are times when money is not everything.


      Even a billionaire, in his 50s or 60s, cannot stop his body from getting older, his physical strength and his energy from declining.


      This is why something like a rejuvenation pill has become the most precious treasure in the eyes of the rich.


      This was also why Li Tailai was willing to spend 2 billion yuan in cash to bid for Ye Chen's Spring Return Pill.


      If a group of top tycoons of the Gu family were gathered together, the auction price of a Spring Return Pill might even exceed ten billion dollars.


      Lin Wanqiu knew very well the value of the Spring Return Pill, so he was naturally excited and grateful.


      Gu Yanzhong was even more moved.


      After all, Ye Chen had once saved his life and even made him at least ten years younger, such a great kindness, he did not know how he could repay it at all, and now Ye Chen took out another Spring Return Pill and gave it to his family of three, which made him feel even more ashamed.


      So, he hesitated for a second and spoke, "Chen'er, you are so kind to our family of three, uncle is really very grateful, but this big gift is really too expensive, uncle is too ashamed to accept it ......"


      At this point, he couldn't help but sigh and added: "It's just that your Auntie Lin's health is really not too good recently, every time I see her working day and night for her work, my heart hurts, so I'll take this cup of water for your Auntie Lin with a shameless face, the remaining two cups you'd better keep for yourself!"


      I've already said that this rejuvenation pill is for you, Auntie Lin and my daughter. If she gets tired again, we will all regret it.


      Gu Qiuyi said, "Brother Ye Chen, I'm fine, I'm so young, it's okay for me to be tired!"