Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3070

Lin Wanqiu smiled faintly and said heartily, "There is nothing hard about it, as long as you are healthy and your career is going smoothly, I am relieved."


      As long as you are healthy and your career is going well, I will be relieved." Lin added, "I am also younger than you, so this little workload is nothing."


      Gu Qiuyi said, "Mum, after my concert is over, I will go back to help you and dad, and I will work hard to make it easier for you!"


      Lin Wanqiu smiled, "That's really great, when we play together as a family, your father and I will definitely be able to relax a lot too."


      Just then, a knock sounded at the door, so Ye Chen said, "Come in!"


      As soon as the words left his mouth, Hong Wu dragged a fine tray with one hand and pushed the door in with the other.


      On the tray, there were three glass cups filled with pure water, as well as a fruit knife that was one zigzag long.


      Hong Wu placed the tray carefully in front of Ye Chen and said respectfully, "Master Ye, the water and knife you want are here."


      Ye Chen nodded and smiled faintly, "Thank you for your hard work."


      Hong Wu was busy saying, "You are too polite, Master Ye, if there is nothing else I will go out first."




      After Hong Wu left, Gu Qiuyi asked Ye Chen, "Brother Ye Chen, what do you need the water and the knife for?"


      Ye Chen laughed, "You'll find out soon."


      Saying so, he took out a very delicate rosewood box from his pocket.


      When he opened the rosewood box, Gu Yanzhong instantly recognised the pill that was placed in it.


      He knew that it was the miracle pill that had saved his life at the beginning and even made him a dozen or twenty years younger at once.


      Lin Wanqiu and Gu Qiuyi, mother and daughter, had also witnessed this miracle with their own eyes, so naturally they were also extremely impressed by this Spring Return Pill.


      Only, the three members of the family did not know why Ye Chen had suddenly taken out such a precious treasure.


      At this moment, Ye Chen directly took out the Spring Return Pill, and then took the fruit knife that Hong Wu had sent over and divided this Spring Return Pill into three equal parts.


      At this time, this family of three also finally realized the purpose of how Ye Chen did it.


      Gu Yanzhong and his wife, Lin Wanqiu, both had some inexplicable nervousness, excitement, and a vague anticipation deep inside.


      It wasn't that they had always coveted the Spring Return Pill, but both of them had almost reached the age of knowing their fate, and the older they were, the more they longed for the youth that had passed away.


      Usually, they did not dare to hope that they would still have any chance to have any connection with the Spring Return Pill, so when they saw Ye Chen take out one and share it equally among three, they had already realised what Ye Chen was going to do, and their hearts were naturally excited.


      Immediately afterwards, they saw Ye Chen, put these three portions of the Spring Return Pill into three cups of pure water.


      Miraculously, once the solid Spring Return Pill entered the pure water, it immediately melted away and soon dissolved into the water completely.


      The pure water that had melted the Spring Return Pill was still invisible, as if the Pill had disappeared directly into the water.


      Afterwards, Ye Chen handed the three cups of water with the Spring Restoration Pill melted into it to the three of them and said, "Uncle Gu, Auntie Lin and Nui Nui, you are all in good health now, only that you are in a slightly worse state because of the intensity of your work, especially Auntie Lin. When Uncle Gu was ill, you had to worry a lot."


      "Each of these three cups of water contains a third of a rejuvenation pill, which will not make you ten or twenty years younger, but will at least restore your body, skin and mental state to that of five or eight years ago."


      "It will also greatly replenish your body's need for vital energy, and it will also give the three of you a great boost in energy and stamina in your future work life."


      Speaking of this, Ye Chen looked at Lin Wanqiu, who had an excited face, and said with a smile, "Auntie Lin, if you drink this cup of water, not only will your strenuous condition be completely relieved, your skin as well as your body will also be more youthful, and it is estimated that by then, people who don't know will think that you are still less than thirty-five years old!"


      "As for Uncle Gu, you are estimated to reach the state of thirty-eight or nine years old as well."


      "As for Nui Nui, it is estimated that the whole person will be able to return to the state of eighteen years old."