Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3067

Ye Chen was not out of touch with Gu Yanzhong, he just felt that it was a bit of a breakthrough for him to suddenly give himself a private jet.


      And this was not an ordinary small private jet worth tens of millions or one to two hundred million dollars, this was a Boeing 737 airliner converted into a private jet.


      A Boeing 737 ordinary airliner costs around US$100 million from the factory, but this is just an ordinary airliner, and for a private jet, an ordinary airliner is the equivalent of a rough house, and the cost required to convert and renovate this rough house accounts for at least half of the total value.


      If you do the math, just this one plane would be worth a billion RMB.


      For a birthday, receiving such an expensive gift, Ye Chen was indeed a bit ashamed to accept it.


      Seeing that he seemed to be hesitant, Gu Yanzhong went forward to take him by the shoulders and said in a serious manner, "Chen'er, in my Gu Yanzhong's mind, you are just like my son, you also have your own business now, you often need to fly back and forth across the country or even around the world, having your own private plane will be much more convenient for you."


      Ye Chen said seriously, "Uncle Gu, in fact the Ye family also has a spare private jet in Jinling, which is generally enough for me to use, I really don't want you to go too far out of your way."


      Gu Yanzhong said with a very firm expression, "The Ye family's private plane is the Ye family's, the plane that uncle gave you is your own, using your own stuff and using someone else's stuff can that feel the same? Besides, your relationship with the Ye family now is not exactly Ming Lang, in case you have a falling out with your grandfather one day, by then using his plane again, won't you be short of someone?"


      He said, Gu Yanzhong added, "Besides, what else do you have to be polite about with your uncle? A plane is just a plane, at best it's only a billion, I'm also considered someone who almost died once, it's painful to have so much money with no place to spend it."


      Lin Wanqiu at the side also hurriedly echoed, "Yes Chen'er, just accept it painfully, don't turn around when your uncle Gu is so old and gives you a birthday present and still has to beg you to accept it."


      Hearing this, Ye Chen immediately realised that he was indeed being a little too insensitive.


      The more expensive the gift was, the more it represented the importance Uncle Gu and his wife attached to him, and if he still repeatedly excused himself, then it would hurt his feelings for them as well.


      So he immediately nodded and said, "Thank you Uncle Gu, thank you Auntie Lin, from now on I, Ye Chen, will also be someone who has a private jet!"


      As soon as Gu Yanzhong heard this, he immediately laughed, and the big hand on Ye Chen's shoulder shook vigorously as he said with a smile, "Go! Let's go to the restaurant!"


      Ye Chen invited Gu Yanzhong and his wife to sit in the back row of his BMW 760, and then pulled open the passenger door for Gu Qiuyi, while he instructed Chen Zekai before finally getting into the car, "Old Chen, let your car drive in front, let's go directly to Tianxiang House now."


      Ye Chen had already agreed with Hong Wu before that he would be entertaining important guests at the Tian Xiang Mansion today, so the entire Tian Xiang Mansion was not open to the public today.


      Hong Wu had also put off all the things at hand and rushed to the Tian Xiang Mansion early in the morning to supervise the work.


      From the security and service procedures of the entire House, to the freshness of each dish to be prepared today, the freshness of the raw materials and the cleanliness of each piece of cutlery, Hong Wu has basically checked everything more than once in advance.


      When Chen Zekai was leading the way and leading Ye Chen out of the airport, Chen Zekai had already informed Hong Wu of the news.


      Hong Wu immediately asked all the service staff to line up and prepare for the welcome at the car park in front of the Tian Xiang House, while also instructing many of his juniors to stand guard on both sides of the entrance, and asked them not to let any idle people in.


      After all, Gu Qiuyi, who was travelling with Ye Chen, was one of the hottest stars in the country today, and if the news of her dining at the Tianxiang Mansion was revealed, it would immediately make the gossip news, and Hong Wu was extremely loyal to Ye Chen, so he naturally did not want to


      leave any hidden problems for Ye Chen.