Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3063

 Early the next morning.

        After Ye Chen and Xiao Churan had breakfast, they drove her to the old mansion in the old city, just as they had done yesterday.

        From what Xiao Churan said, Du Haiqing had put a lot of effort into restoring this house, and many small details were even perfected regardless of the cost.

        In the car, Xiao Churan lamented to Ye Chen: ''It's the one you met yesterday, that client of mine, Auntie Du, I originally made him a proposal of more than two million dollars, which was actually very sufficient for repairing her old mansion, but she kept adjusting the proposal again yesterday and increased the budget directly to one thousand

        I find that rich people really don't care about the cost of doing things, the actual sale price of this house is estimated to be no more than one million, and the government does not allow renovation or major changes to the exterior, but she has to use so much money to restore the interior, ten million could almost buy that alleyway, I really can't understand

        Ye Chen smiled faintly and said: '"Maybe this old mansion has some special meaning to people, so it makes sense that people want to spend money to fix it up better.


       I don't know why she chose to come to Jinling to retire," Xiao Churan said, "By the way, Auntie Du's daughter is also said to be living here with her, and her daughter also speaks with an accent from Yanjing.

        Ye Chen nodded and laughed: "In fact, living in Jinling is much better than living in Yanjing, Yanjing, a place where the summer is hotter than the south, and the winter is particularly cold, and the spring and autumn days are particularly short, usually October is directly into the winter, the next year in March and April began to warm up, the most important thing is that the weather is particularly dry, windy all day and night, some years ago there were sandstorms, the past two years is considered The last two years have been better, but all kinds of environment is still much worse than the south, you see how good our Jinling, the air is moist, the four seasons are clear.

        Xiao Churan could not help but laugh: " Look at you say, as if you are familiar with Yanjing, you have lived in Yanjing ah?

        Ye Chen laughed: " not to help a client in Yanjing some time ago to see the feng shui, the client and I spit, in fact, the more people to the north, the more they yearn for the south, you see the northeast all year round cold, the people there like most is the South China Sea.

        Xiao Churan nodded and said: "What you say is also...The climate conditions in Jinling are indeed much better than in the south.

        After that, Xiao Churan said: "By the way, Auntie Du seems to have a good impression of you, has been asking me about you, after hearing that you can read feng shui for people, she said she wants to invite you to go over and give her a look too, if you have time, go and give Auntie Du a look, she is quite nice.

        Ye Chen could not help but frown, Du Haiqing is not unaware of his true identity, why bother to say this to Xiao Churan again?

        Thinking of this, his mouth will casually said: "last time I went to see, her set of old mansion feng shui is still very good, there is no need to do any changes, if you really want to transfer, then also wait until after all done. When the time comes to do a subtle adjustment will be almost done.

        "Good." Xiao Churan did not know that Ye Chen was being perfunctory, nodded and said: "Later, when we arrive, I will go and talk to Auntie Du.

        Ye Chen sent Xiao Churan to the entrance of the old mansion, Du Haiqing just came out from the courtyard, and when he saw Xiao Churan get off, he said with a smile: "Churan is here.

        Xiao Churan smiled and said, "Hello Auntie Du, I made a slight adjustment to the last plan, you can take a look at it again later."