Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3057

 Gu Qiuyi did not know that the main reason why Ye Chen punished Su Zhifei was actually because Su Zhifei wanted to check Xiao Churan's BMW.

        In her opinion, the reason why Ye Chen punished Su Zhi Fei was because her beloved brother Ye Chen, deep down, must still value her very much and had even protected her as if she was a private object, so naturally he was not willing to let Su Zhi Fei get his hands on it.

        Originally, Gu Qiuyi was a very independent young woman who had never scoffed at the macho argument that a woman was an appendage of a man.

        However, since she had reunited with Ye Chen, the big woman mentality in her heart had suddenly dissipated.

        Her greatest wish now was to be able to stay by Ye Chen's side, to be collected, cared for and even dominated by him like a precious private object.

        So, although deep down she felt that Ye Chen had been a little heavy-handed in punishing Su Zhi Fei for himself, she was still filled with a different kind of happiness.

        So, she said shyly, "Fortunately, I have decided to quit entertainment after this concert If not, I don't know how many people will be made to go on a pilgrimage to the southwest by brother Ye Chen in the future.

        Ye Chen laughed: "Could it be that if you leave the entertainment industry, there will be no one like Su Zhi Fei to harass you?"

        Gu Qiuyi said seriously: "After quitting the entertainment industry, we have to prepare to take over Dad's class, then every day at home to be a lady, out of the door to devote themselves to the cause."

        Gu Qiuyi then said: "But if you can get married earlier, it does not matter if you take over Dad's class later, hard work Dad retired later in the year, I'm at home first, give you two or three children and then, anyway, Dad is now in great health, I see him doing it for another ten years!

        When Ye Chen heard Gu Qiuyi say very bluntly that she wanted to give birth to two or three children, he was a bit embarrassed, so he simply changed the subject and asked her, "By the way, when will Uncle Gu and Auntie Lin arrive tomorrow?

        Gu Qiuyi replied, ''They should be around eleven o'clock.

        ''Good. Ye Chen then said: ''Then tomorrow after nine, I'll pick you up from the hotel, and then we'll both go together to the airport."

        Gu Qiuyi immediately replied excitedly, "Great! Then I'll wait for you at the hotel!

        When Ye Chen finished talking with Gu Qiuyi, he put away his phone and walked back to the villa, his wife Xiao Churan was chatting with his parents-in-law on the sofa.

        When she saw Ye Chen enter, she hurriedly asked, "Honey, tomorrow is your birthday, I just discussed with my parents, I'll come back early tomorrow afternoon and cook a big meal at home with my parents, let's celebrate your birthday at home as a family of four, okay?

        The first thing you need to do is to have a meal.

        How can that work." Xiao Churan said seriously, "This is your first birthday after moving to a new home, so it must be grand!

        Mother-in-law Ma Lan also hurriedly said: "Yes, good son-in-law, you are the pillar of our family, your birthday, we definitely need to be grand!

        Xiao Changkun said with some shame: "Ye Chen, you and Churan have been married for four years, and in these four years, your mother and I have never given you a birthday, it's really a shame!