Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3056

 "He is almost eighty years old, and will only have a decade or two left to live, half of which will probably be spent completely paralysed, incapacitated or even incapable of thinking."

        If he does not find a capable successor as soon as possible and help him to consolidate his position, then once his years have passed, the entire Su family will start to fall apart, and by then, he will probably be lying on his hospital bed, witnessing the Su family falling apart and even killing each other.

        "If you have the chance, you have to make him recognise this reality and ask him if he is willing to bury the decades-old foundation of the Su family for the sake of these last few years of pain!"

        Su Zhiyu said in an educated voice, "Yes, Your Grace, Zhiyu understands! Thank you!

        Just as Su Zhiyu was experiencing Ye Chen's good intentions, Gu Qiuyi had just finished her last rehearsal.

        On stage, she had gone through all the songs she was going to sing at tomorrow night's concert three times over and over again, but fortunately she didn't need to work hard to sing them, because the main purpose of the rehearsal was to confirm all the processes and details during the performance, especially the lighting, sound, choreography, as well as the live backing band and backing dancers.

        With all the processes in place, Gu Qiuyi was already confident about tomorrow's concert.

        Chen Duo Duo walked onto the stage, handed a bottle of water to Gu Qiuyi and exclaimed, "Qiuyi, the visual and auditory effects of the stage this time are really fantastic! Not only has it surpassed all your previous concerts, but I don't even remember ever seeing a show with such great live Singing session!

        Gu Qiuyi smiled cheekily and said seriously: ''It's thanks to everyone's hard work.

        With that, she said excitedly, " With such a good hardware base, we can definitely give brother Ye Chen a birthday of a lifetime tomorrow!

        Chen Duo Duo bristled:" Just know your brother Ye Chen, don't you forget, tomorrow night. His wife will also come to see your concert!

        Gu Qiuyi laughed:" So what, in my mind, my concert tomorrow is for brother Ye Chen alone, all others are insignificant supporting characters.

        Saying that, she couldn't help but sigh:" I have to say, this lighting and sound equipment that Su Zhi Fei got is simply too much beyond my expectations, using this kind of equipment for a concert is really too extravagant!

        Yes! Chen Duoduo smacked his lips and said: "The investment in this area alone is even higher than the income from the concert, except for super live events like the Olympics, no one would be willing to invest such a large cost in a commercial performance, if it wasn't for the sake of pleasing you, Su Zhifei wouldn't have been able to invest such a large cost.

        Speaking of which, Chen Duo suddenly remembered something and said mysteriously: "Hey, Qiuyi, do you know, that Su Zhifei, just made a decision publicly on the Internet! 

        Gu Qiuyi asked, "What decision?

        Chen Duoduo said seriously, "He suddenly announced that he was going on a pilgrimage from Jinling to the Da Zhao Monastery in the southwest tomorrow morning. This is a journey of 4,000 kilometres! It's almost as difficult as the Monk's journey to the West!

        Gu Qiuyi was astonished and asked, "Is he crazy? Why is he suddenly doing this? What is so strange about the decision?

        Chen Duoduo said, "This is not the strangest thing, the strangest thing is that this guy scolded his grandfather and father, saying that they had sinned a lot and that he had gone on a pilgrimage to help them clear their sins. Would a normal person do such a brainless thing?"

        Besides, your concert is tomorrow, and this guy has been working so long and so hard for this concert, isn't that what he's waiting for? If he leaves for Da Zhaosi early tomorrow morning as he said, then I'm sure I won't be watching the concert tonight.

        Although she did not know Su Zhi Fei very well, she was very surprised to learn that these circumstances were very different from Su Zhi Fei's style of action.

        She suddenly remembered Ye Chen, so she hurriedly took out her mobile phone and sent a WeChat to him: "Brother Ye Chen, does Su Zhi Fei's matter have anything to do with you?

        Ye Chen received the content of the WeChat and replied to her with a dog's head emoji, plus four big words: "What do you think?"

        The same four words came back from Gu Qiuyi, who sent an emoji that covered her mouth and snickered: "It must be you!

        The family guy overplayed his hand a bit, after I dropped you off at the venue today, he had someone investigate my license plate number and came to the Empire Group to put on a big show just to meet me, so I'll give him a little punishment.

        Gu Qiuyi sent an angry emoji and then said, "Why did this guy investigate Ye Chen's brother's license plate number? Is it just because he saw me get out of brother Ye Chen's car?"

        "It should be."" Ye Chen laughed, "It's probably because he's been crushing on you, so he got carried away.