Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3052

 As soon as he arrived he saw that Su Chengfeng had fainted. He immediately took out his intercom and shouted nervously, "Master! What's wrong with you, Master? Where are the doctors? Get the team of doctors over here quickly, Master has fainted!"

        Finished speaking. Seeing that the phone was videoing with Su Zhi Fei, he hurriedly asked, "Young master, what's wrong with him?!"

        Su Zhi Fei looked at the unconscious Su Chengfeng at the other end of the video, his expression was cold and he said in a cold voice: "He? He's doing this to himself!"

        Su Anshun was confused: "What the hell is going on here? Is this still the same Su Zhi Fei who was so fawning and begging for mercy to His Lordship? How dare he say such words to His Lordship?"

        Su Anshun, who was so eager to protect his master, became furious and yelled out, "Su Zhi Fei! Who are you to say such things about His Lordship! Do you want to rebel?"

        Su Zhi Fei said disdainfully, "Yuck! I would rebel against this old man? I am ashamed to be associated with people like him in my life!"

        After saying that, Su Zhi Fei directly turned off the video.

        In an instant, the entire Su family villa exploded into a frenzy.

        And on the Jinling side. Everyone in the old Du family mansion was also completely baffled.

        Su Zhiyu looked at her brother and felt like her eyes were about to fall out.

        Only two days ago, she had just established that her brother had actually fallen back on his grandfather a long time ago.

        But she had never expected that. It was only a few days later, and her brother instantly looked like a different person, and in an instant he had even scolded grandpa, So, she couldn't help but ask Su Zhi Fei, "Brother, what's wrong with you today?

        Su Zhi Fei said with a bland expression and hollow eyes, "I'm not doing anything, I just can't stand what he's doing!"

        Su Zhiyu was stunned. He asked again, "Then you said you decided to start tomorrow and go all the way to the Da Zhao Monastery with a long kowtow, are you serious? Or was it just talk?"

        Su Zhi Fei glared at Su Zhiyu. In a disgruntled tone, he said, "Of course I'm serious! How can you doubt my initial intentions?! Do you think I, Su Zhi Fei, would joke about such a sacred matter! Is it possible that in your mind, I, Su Zhi Fei, am a villain who clams up, goes back on his word, and doesn't keep his word?!"

        Su Zhiyue was suddenly rebuked by her brother, and her brain was filled with 100,000 question marks, and her heart was even more shocked.

        She couldn't understand what was wrong with her brother!

        "Is my brother retarded?"

        "Or is he possessed?"

        "Or has he been descended?"

        She couldn't figure it out, and immediately looked at her mother, Du Haiqing, with a look of help.

        Du Haiqing's entire body had also been completely confused.

        She found out. She could not understand her son, who had been raised for more than 20 years, at all.

        In her own impression, he was not such a person at all.

        Don't look at his name as Su Zhi Fei, but in fact. Du Haiqing knew very well that in the kind of big environment of the Su family, the males are basically reckless about right and wrong and only care about profit.

        Therefore, Su Zhi Fei's sense of justice had suddenly exploded and he had completely turned against Su Chengfeng.

        So, she couldn't help but ask tentatively, "Zhi Fei, tell mum the truth, what's wrong with you today? Have you met something outside or been stimulated by something?"

        "No." Su Zhi Fei said indifferently, "I just had a sudden epiphany and realised that I can't go on degrading my life like this! The sins of the Su family are too deep, and as a descendant of the Su family, I must stand up and atone for the sins of the Su family!"

        Du Haiqing was even more astonished in his heart, but on his lips, he said seriously, "Zhi Fei. I'm really glad that you can see this, but you don't have to treat yourself in such a harsh way. It's a few thousand kilometres from here to Da Zhao Monastery, and your body can't take it. Plus it's a plateau over there, and a severe plateau reaction could kill you!"

        Su Zhi Fei said unconcernedly, "These are not problems, I am going to atone for my sins, not to commit suicide, so I am going to bring a few people along with me, and even another personal doctor, so that they can guarantee my safety issues along the way."

        Du Haiqing couldn't help but ask tentatively, "Zhi Fei, have you really decided? Is there any room to take a step back?"

        Su Zhi Fei stood up, his face grim and resolute, "Mum, there is no need to persuade me, I have made up my mind!"