Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3049

 In fact, Ye Chen had long known that Su Zhi Fei was pursuing Gu Qiuyi.     

      Based on the principle of "freedom of love", he did not want to interfere with Su Zhi Fei, and even though Richard Chen had suggested that he intervene, he had not moved to do so.


      Ye Chen also felt that everyone had the right to like others and to be liked by others.


      As long as the liking was fair and reasonable, no one had the right to interfere.


      But Su Zhi Fei's mistake was that he himself did not make this point clear.


      When he found out that he had driven Gu Qiuyi to the venue, his first thought was to investigate his own identity, point the finger at himself, and even investigate his wife's license plate, which completely violated the basic principle of "freedom of love".

      Therefore, Su Zhi Fei's decision was also the key to his determination to punish him.

      It was for this reason that Ye Chen gave him a psychological suggestion.

      Psychological suggestion was a very powerful brainwashing function, and with Ye Chen using his aura as a medium, this kind of psychological suggestion was even more drugless.

      Ye Chen also knew very well that if he only made a verbal agreement with Su Zhi Fei, then he would definitely backtrack immediately after he left here, and might even escape.

      Even if he was forced to kowtow all the way to the Da Zhao Monastery, it was very likely that he would also try every possible way to be sneaky along the way.

      The only solution was to give him a strong psychological hint and make him strict with himself.

      After this psychological hint is given, he will be like Wu Qi who must refill his meals every hour, no one can stop him and no one can make him give up his demands on himself.

      In this way he would be so strict with himself that he would not forgive himself if he took one step less or kowtowed one less.

      This would naturally make it impossible for him to cheat.

      However, psychological suggestion has powerful side effects.

      Once he has accepted this kind of psychological suggestion, his entire normal thinking pattern will also be greatly affected.

      At that time, the person might look incomprehensibly like he had turned into a demented fool in the eyes of others.

      But to Ye Chen it didn't matter, what he wanted was for Su Zhi Fei to honestly go through these three long years of getting high.

      He had once saved his life, and now that he had returned the favour, it was already extraordinarily kind of him not to kill him, and to let him kowtow for his sins was, in Ye Chen's opinion, a kind of preferential treatment for him.

      Su Zhi Fei had already been completely psychologically impressed by Ye Chen, and all he could think of was what Ye Chen had told him.

      When Ye Chen saw this, he said, "Alright, go and call your men now and ask them to send you home, if they ask you how the talk went, just tell them that this time it was a misunderstanding and that the person you are looking for is not in the Dihao Group."

      Su Zhi Fei immediately nodded his head and said, "I understand, Your Grace!"

      After saying that, he immediately turned around and walked out without looking back.