Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3046

 Then, with a snotty nose and a tear, he cried bitterly, "Your Grace ...... saved this dog's life of mine ...... and it is only right that you take it away ...... but I still want to beg you to spare my dog's life, even if it is for the sake of my mother and my sister, spare my dog's life... ...... please, please, please, please... ......"

        Ye Chen looked at his tearful and painful appearance, smiled lightly and said, "I have already spared your father's dog life for the sake of your mother and your sister, do you still want me to spare your dog life again?"

        Su Zhi Fei subconsciously asked, "En Gong, my father he ...... my father he still alive?!"

        Ye Chen smiled lightly, "Your father is now in Syria, although it is impossible for him to come back for a while, but he certainly can't die for a while."

        "Syria?!" Su Zhi Fei was dumbfounded and asked, "How could my dad ...... go to Syria?"

        Ye Chen said with a smile, "The reason he went to Syria was because he messed with me, originally I should have just killed him and put an end to it, but I stayed ...... for the sake of your mother and your sister.

He was sent to Syria to reflect on his life."

        Su Zhi Fei didn't expect that his father had been sent to Syria by Ye Chen, so he couldn't help but ask, "Your Grace, how did my father ...... offend you? As far as I remember, he shouldn't have had any dealings with you. ......"

        "How did he offend me?" Ye Chen snorted and said indifferently, "I forgot to tell you, I have a long-standing feud with your Su family, especially with your father and your grandfather."

        Speaking here, Ye Chen gave a slight beat, then added, "Oh yes, I also forgot to introduce myself, my surname is Ye, my name is Ye Chen, and my father's name is Ye Chang Ying."

        "Ah?! Ye ...... Ye Chang Ying ......" Hearing this, Su Zhi Fei's entire body had been completely stunned.

        Su Zhi Fei had never heard of Ye Chen's name, but Ye Chang Ying's great name was something he had heard of for a long time.

        He knew very well that his mother had always loved the long-dead Ye Chang Ying.

        Even the discord in their parents' relationship was due to the fact that his mother had always had a deep love for a man she couldn't get out of her mind.

        However, he never dreamed that the benefactor who saved himself and his sister in Japan would be a man from the Ye family of Yanjing, a long-standing enemy of the Su family!

        Moreover, he was the son of Ye Chang Ying!

        He was extremely nervous and asked in a trembling voice, "Your Grace ...... are you ...... really Ye Chang Ying's son?"

        Ye Chen said indifferently, "That's right, I am!"

        After receiving Ye Chen's affirmative reply, Su Zhi Fei knew that it was impossible for Ye Chen to let himself go so easily.

        Because not only did his own family have a long-standing feud with his family, but, as he had said, he also owed him a life.

        What was even more fucked up was that he had taken the initiative to come to him without knowing his own life.

        When he thought of this, his heart was ashen, and his eyes looked at Ye Chen with deep fear as he tentatively asked, "Your Grace, what exactly are you going to do with me? Why don't ...... you send me to Syria as well, so that I can be a companion to my father, and we can both reflect and atone for our sins in Syria ......"