Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3044

 Ye Chen waved his hand: "With me, the rule of investment is that you pay the money into my account first, didn't you come with sincerity? Hurry up and arrange for your finance to credit 100 billion to the Empire Group first, then we can talk about cooperation later."

        Su Zhi Fei's cold sweat instantly flowed down like a waterfall. He said nervously, "En ......, your request ...... I really have no way to meet ...... our finance can't possibly make any risk assessment without seeing the contract. Without seeing the contract or conducting any risk assessment, we would be able to put such a huge amount of money as 100 billion into the accounts of other enterprises ah ......"

        Ye Chen sneered, "In the end is your finance unwilling to play. Or do you simply don't have that much money and have come here to tell me a lie?"

        Su Zhi Fei's back tensed up with a chill and said offhandedly, "Don't misunderstand me, how could I be false with you ...... I sincerely want to cooperate with you ......"

        Ye Chen nodded and asked with a smile, "Since you sincerely want to cooperate with me, then first have your finance put a 10 billion cooperation deposit on the account of the Empire Group, if this money is not taken out. You won't be able to leave."

        Su Zhi Fei was instantly startled and said offhandedly: "En Gong ...... me ..... Where am I going to get as much as ten billion dollars on a moment's notice!"

        Ye Chen sneered, "What? Didn't you say that you wanted to cooperate on projects of tens of billions of dollars? If you're going to work on a hundred billion dollar project, you should have ten billion dollars, right? If you can't even come up with ten billion yuan. If you can't even come up with ten billion, then why did you come over here and say that you want to cooperate with me, doesn't that mean that you are deliberately coming to amuse me?"

        Su Zhi Fei panicked beyond belief and explained, "No ...... it's not like that, I ...... I really ...... want to cooperate ...... really want to cooperate!"

        Ye Chen nodded: "Really want to cooperate, first call the deposit, the money arrived immediately to start cooperation. Don't worry, I won't covet a penny from you, I will give you a contract and a document when the money arrives. Make sure your money is safe."

        At this moment, Su Zhi Fei, seeing that Ye Chen was holding on to the ten billion, his whole body was so nervous that he was sweating, and he didn't even dare to look at Ye Chen.

        In the Su family, how could he possibly have the qualifications to mobilise ten billion dollars.

        If he were to raise the money immediately, it was estimated that he would only be able to raise 100 million by all means, 10 billion was absolutely impossible.

        When Ye Chen saw that he did not speak, he shouted angrily and said, "Speak up! Are you mute?!"

Su Zhi Fei's body shivered and he said in a hurry: "Don't be angry, Mr. Grace ...... I am only representing the Su family to talk to you about an intention to cooperate, although I am the eldest son and grandson of the Su family, I can also represent my grandfather to come out to talk about cooperation. The actual money is really not at the disposal of the power, the specific cooperation of the funds deployment, but also my grandfather's nod. As long as we reach a cooperation and my grandfather has no objection, the money can definitely be cashed in immediately ......"

        What Su Zhi Fei is thinking is, no matter what. Let's avoid this day first.

        Because he knew very well the terror of Ye Chen, if he could not even pass this hurdle today, then he would definitely be out of luck.

        So, he hurriedly assured Ye Chen again, "But don't think too much about it, Your Grace, I and the entire Su family really do sincerely want to cooperate with you and the Dihao Group! I am here to seek cooperation, nothing else!"

        Ye Chen smiled, "Since you said you are sincere in your desire to cooperate, then I do have a question for you."

        Su Zhi Fei said, "Your Excellency, please say ......"

        Ye Chen looked at his sweaty appearance and questioned in a cold voice, "What are you doing investigating my license plate number?!"