Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3037

 Su Zhi Fei would never have dreamed that all the information he had inquired about through his men was actually a trap that Ye Chen had deliberately asked Chen Zekai to lay.

        He deliberately revealed his identity as "Chairman of the Empire Group" to Su Zhi Fei in order to give him a sense of urgency, thus completely diverting his attention.

        Otherwise, if Su Zhi Fei had been working on his wife's BMW, he would have gotten his wife's true identity very quickly.

        So he deliberately had someone feed a fake message over to inform the other party that the car belonged to the Dihao Group, and at the same time, in order to strengthen Su Zhi Fei's trust, he deliberately exposed the details that the BMW was actually a BMW 760, in this way, he was naturally able to convince Su Zhi Fei.

        Once Su Zhi Fei believed that the car belonged to the Dihao Group, Su Zhi Fei's attention was completely carried away by himself.

        He then unleashed the possibility that the chairman of the Dihao Group was a handsome, young and brilliant young man, and was related to the godly rich man that was rumoured to be on the internet in the first place, then he would be even more convinced of it all.

        As Ye Chen had expected, all of Su Zhi Fei's attention was now focused on the chairman of the Dihao Group.

        While he asked someone to make an appointment with Wang Dongxue of the Dihao Group, he took out his mobile phone and searched for the man who was initially in Jinling, The short video of the God-ranked tycoon that was all the rage was indeed found by him, and he found the video of Ye Chen being filmed at Cui Ge Xuan back then.

        However, it was a pity that the angle of that video was not good and the distance was far, so he could not see Ye Chen's appearance, but he could make out a clearer outline of Ye Chen's body, which was 1.85m tall and weighed less than 140kg.

        Although he is already 5'5", which is an average height for a male, and even slightly taller than the popular national husband, he is still a bit dissatisfied because he is only considered rich and handsome in the three words "tall and handsome", and he must be at least 5'8" to be tall.

        Therefore, when he saw that Ye Chen's height in the video was around 5'8", which was 10cm taller than his own, Su Zhi Fei was quite upset.

        At this time, Su Zhi Fei's assistant ran out from the arena and knocked on Su Zhi Fei's car window.

        Su Zhi Fei opened the central lock and the assistant hurriedly pulled open the door and sat on the passenger side, asking, "Young master, Miss Gu has already started rehearsals, don't you want to go in and take a look?"

        "Not going!" Su Zhi Fei annoyingly waved his hand and said, "Hurry up and make an appointment for me with that Wang Dongxue, I'm going to meet her!"

        "Good." The assistant nodded and said, "I've just asked someone to ask for Wang Dongxue's contact information, I guess I'll be able to give a reply in a while."

        Just after he finished speaking, his phone immediately received a text message.

        In the text message, there was a string of mobile phone numbers starting with 139.

        The assistant busily said, "Young master, the phone number has been sent over, I'll call her now!"

        Su Zhi Fei hmmed absentmindedly, his eyes still staring at the phone screen, Ye Chen's figure in the short video.

        Meanwhile, his assistant had already placed the call to Wang Dongxue's phone.

        Without beating around the bush, this person directly introduced himself to Wang Dongxue on the phone and said, "Hello, Vice Director Wang of the Dihao Group, right? I am the assistant of Mr. Su Zhi Fei, the young master of the Yanjing Su family. Our young master wants to talk to the Dihao Group about cooperation, I wonder if Vice Dong Wang has time to meet with our young master?"

        "What? The Yanjing Su family?" Wang Dongxue exclaimed in mock surprise, then she pretended to be flattered and said in a flattering tone, "Aiya! I never thought in my wildest dreams that Young Master Su would even look at our Dihao Group! What a privilege! I wonder when Young Master Su will be available? I'll come and pay a visit anytime!"