Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3033

 Su Zhi Fei was not considered a local snake in Jinling.

        Therefore, although he was able to use a lot of connections, the reliability of such connections was not very high. Basically, his men had to go around several layers of connections before they could get hold of key people.

        Normally, if he wanted to check the information of a certain person in Jinling, he would make a phone call to his men, who would then mobilise their contacts and look for local connections in Jinling, which was a little more troublesome but not too difficult.

        However, what he did not know was that the BMW he wanted to check this time was registered in the name of Ye Chen's wife Xiao Churan.

        As the spokesman of the Ye family in Jinling, and as Ye Chen's right-hand man, Chen Zekai had long since tied up the top and bottom, and all the personal information related to Ye Chen, as well as Ye Chen's wife Xiao Churan, his old husband Xiao Changkun and his mother-in-law Ma Lan, had very timely warning alerts.

        If someone inquired about the four members of their family within the system, the moment he entered his name or car registration number and clicked on the enquiry, an early warning would be sent to Richard Chen in the first instance.

        At the same time, no matter whether he is inquiring about Ye Chen's family's name, or their car license plate, address, or ID number, the system will immediately trigger the protection rules, first giving a feedback of "System information is under maintenance, please wait, Try again later" prompted the other party.

        Therefore, when the key person found by Su Zhi Fei's men entered Xiao Churan's license plate number into the system, Richard Chen immediately received the message.

        When that person found out that the system message was being maintained, he didn't think much of it and planned to wait for a few minutes before trying again.

        And during the time he waited, Richard Chen immediately contacted the head of Jinling's traffic department and conducted a counter-check directly in the internal system, and in less than a minute, he counter-checked the person who searched for Xiao Churan's car number.

        He had just received a commission from a friend a few minutes ago to help him check the registration number of a local car. The other party only said he wanted the registration information of the car, so he didn't think much of it and was ready to give the other party feedback after checking.

        But what he didn't expect was that it took Richard Chan less than a minute to lock him in.

        Afterwards, he was suddenly called to the leader's office.

        How could he know that it was his own search just now that had caused the big trouble? On this side, he pushed the door in and asked with a flattering face, "Bureau Zhang, what are your orders for me?"

        The person called Bureau Zhang immediately questioned him, "Did you just check the information of a BMW car in the system?"

        "Uh ......," the man nervously Said, "No ah Zhang Bureau, is this some kind of misunderstanding?"

        "Misunderstanding?" Zhang Bureau said in a cold voice: "Don't forget that there are behavioural statistics within the system, the login account that just queried that car was yours, and the IP address that sent the query request came from your workstation, how do you explain that?"

        The man was startled, he usually had a good relationship with Bureau Zhang and was considered to be one of the other party's inner circle, by definition, he shouldn't have suddenly become so serious, he must have really gotten into trouble himself.

        So, he hurriedly said in a low and flattering voice: "Zhang Bureau, we are doing the work of the traffic system, I check a license plate number, there is no problem of principle, right? Why are you so angry? Don't let me ruin your health again."

        Zhang said in a stern voice: "Normally, I would just turn a blind eye to it, but this time you have stirred up a big mess! I can't save you either!"

        The man asked nervously, "Zhang ...... Zhang Bureau ...... what the ...... hell is going on here? Can you give me a rough idea? I'm panicking like crazy ......"

        Zhang Bureau glared at him and said in a cold voice: "Because of your matter, the Buckingham Palace's General Manager Chen Zekai Chen has come to me, you know his origin, to make him come up so quickly, it must not be a small matter!"