Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3029

 Hearing that her parents were going to a meeting, Gu Qiuyi hurriedly said: ''Mom and Dad, don't hang up yet, I haven't shown you the flowers that brother Ye Chen gave me yet!

        After saying that, she hurriedly switched the camera and took a picture of the bouquet of flowers on her lap.

        Lin Wanqiu on the other end of the video said with a smile, ''Aiya, such a big bouquet of roses, Chen'er is really thoughtful! I've been with your father for so many years, and it seems like your father hasn't given me many flowers.

        Gu Yanzhong said awkwardly: ''We are old married, how can we still talk about this,'' he said.

        Lin Wanqiu gave him a blank look and said: "So this is the difference between you and Chen'er, look how romantic Chen'er is? Even if it's just picking up the plane, a bouquet of roses will be prepared.

        Ye Chen was speechless for a while.

        At this time, Gu Qiuyi said with a smile: ''Dad, did you hear that, learn more from brother Ye Chen in the future!

        After saying that, she said contentedly: ''All right, I'm done showing off, you guys go busy, hang up now!

        After Gu Qiuyi hung up the video, Ye Chen asked her curiously: "Nui Nui, now Auntie Lin is also busy with Gu's group's affairs?

        Yes .

        Gu Qiuyi nodded and smiled, "Ever since my dad recovered, the group has been growing as fast as if it had been hit by chicken blood. There are a lot of things to do, and dad doesn't particularly trust my two uncles, so my mum went to give him a hand."

        She said, Gu Qiuyi sighed:" My mum is also really a strong woman, she is even more committed than my dad when it comes to work, during this recent period of time, she is obviously a bit more haggard than before, which is oddly heartbreaking.

        Ye Chen smiled faintly and said:" Then when Uncle Gu and Auntie Lin come tomorrow, I will give them a pair of medicine to take a - eat, it will definitely have a great relief for their bodies.

        Gu Qiuyi smiled cheekily and said: ''That's really great! Brother Ye Chen, you have such a good prescription, why don't you just give me a pair to take as well, I've been having a hard time lately too!

        "Sure." Ye Chen said casually, "That's just a matter of words?"

        Gu Qiuyi nodded, remembered something and hurriedly asked, "Right brother Ye Chen, what about that Zhong Tianyu now? What exactly did you do to him to make him make the decision to quit the entertainment industry?

        "He ah." Ye Chen said casually, ''I asked Hong Wu to arrange for him to go out to sea to fish first. Huh?'' 

"Gu Qiuyi asked with a surprised face:" What? Go fishing at sea? His agency announced that he was going abroad to study?

        Ye Chen laughed: " still want to go abroad to study? The beauty of his liver pain! I gave him a three-year seaman internship, three years shall not get off the ship, this is not yet the ocean shipping group's business up well, first arranged for him to go to the fishing boat internship, this time is estimated to have been to the South China Sea, began to fish.

        Gu Qiuyi snorted out a laugh and said: "Ye Chen brother you are too damaging, why let him go as a sea

        Ye Chen said in a joking tone: "The main thing is that too many people live in the dog farm, which is still expanding, and count his kid lucky.

        Gu Qiuyi froze, did not understand the question: "Ye Chen brother, what dog farm ah? What does it mean to live in a dog farm?

        Ye Chen waved his hand: "Nothing, this kind of thing is inappropriate for children, you do not need to know too much detail.

        Gu Qiuyi spit out her tongue, said good-naturedly: "Okay, then I do not ask.

        Said, Gu Qiu Yi asked him again: "Right Ye Chen brother, you Qingming Festival is to return to Yanjing to participate in the ancestral ceremony, right?"