Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3026

    I just didn't know where these people would go after Gu Qiuyi's concert.


      Just when Ye Chen was feeling emotional, he suddenly received a WeChat from Su Zhiyu, and when he hit his eyes, he was shocked by the content of the WeChat.


      When he looked at the time, he had just left for five minutes, how could Su Zhiyu have gotten these things out of Xiao Churan's mouth so quickly?


      He lamented Su Zhiyu's shrewdness while replying to her with a voice message, "What's wrong with arranged marriages? Although my wife and I are in an arranged marriage, we have a good relationship."


      Seeing that Ye Chen had returned a voice message, Su Zhiyu cautiously put her phone to her ear and listened to the message from Ye Chen.


      Afterwards, she lowered her voice and replied, "Eunuch, don't lie to me, I guess you and your wife are not only in an arranged marriage, but you two should have never been married, right?"


      Ye Chen didn't expect this Su Zhiyu's eyes to be so poisonous, so he said evasively, "There's no need to tell you everything between the two of us, is there?"


      Su Zhiyu replied seriously, "Avoiding talking about it is a sign of weakness. Moreover, if you two have a good relationship and have the reality of being married, then you can't have been married for four years without children, so I'm sure you two are in a shaped marriage!"


      Ye Chen was helpless at her speculation and did not admit or refute it, saying indifferently, "How you guess is your freedom."


      Su Zhiyu immediately took the good advice and said, "Your Excellency doesn't want me to guess, then I won't guess, your Excellency must not be angry with me."


      She said, without waiting for Ye Chen to make a statement, she hurriedly added, "By the way, Your Excellency, I have an appointment with Miss He to meet at 9:30 this morning at the Empire Group to discuss the details of the subsequent cooperation, I wonder if Your Excellency will be there?"


      Ye Chen replied, "I have something to do today, so I won't go there, but I have asked Hong Wu to contact Zhiqiu, when you meet with Zhiqiu, he should also go there, I have promised to give him the supply of materials for the cargo ship, as well as the security work at the pier, so he will also cooperate with you in the future, if you have any requests or needs, you can directly mention them to him. "


      Su Zhiyao then said, "Okay Your Grace, I will discuss it in detail with Miss He and Mr Hong."


      As she said that, she suddenly remembered something and opened her mouth to ask: "Right, Your Grace, you are not going to pick up Gu Qiuyi from the airport today, are you?!"


      Hearing this, Ye Chen could not help but frown and asked her, "Why do you say that?"


      Su Zhiyu said truthfully, "I know that Your Excellency and Gu Qiuyi have a marriage contract, and their family has reportedly not given up looking for Your Excellency for so many years, and combined with the fact that she suddenly chose the first show of her concert tour in Jinling, I can basically guess that she must be doing this for Your Excellency, since Miss Gu has come all the way here, it is reasonable for Your Excellency, as the host, to go to the airport to pick up the plane. "


      When Ye Chen heard this, he could not help but feel in his heart that this Su Zhiyu was indeed very clever, even so clever that he could not help but feel a little wary of her in his heart!