Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3024

   After saying that, he looked at Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu and smiled, "Auntie Du and Miss Su, goodbye."


      Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyu also politely said goodbye to him, and then they watched Ye Chen drive away together with Xiao Churan.


      Seeing Ye Chen leave, Xiao Churan then said to Du Haiqing, "Auntie Du, let's go in."


      "Good." Du Haiqing smiled faintly and led Xiao Churan into the courtyard of the old mansion together.


      While the three of them were walking, Du Haiqing asked with interest, "Churan, how did you and your husband meet?"


      Xiao Churan smiled faintly and said truthfully, "My husband and I were introduced by my grandfather."


      "Introduced by your grandfather?" Du Haiqing was curious and could not help but ask, "Then how did you get together?"


      Xiao Churan said somewhat awkwardly, "How can I tell you this ...... The two of us actually got married at the request of my grandfather ......"


      Su Zhiyu couldn't help but ask nosily, "Huh? Didn't you guys fall in love together freely?"


      Xiao Churan bit her lips and said truthfully, "Before we got married, the two of us actually didn't know much about each other ......"


      Su Zhiyu suddenly got a little excited and blurted out, "Isn't that equivalent to an arranged marriage in feudal society?"

Su Zhiyu's words caused Xiao Churan to become more embarrassed all of a sudden.


      She stroked the hair between her temples and stammered, "This ...... I don't know if it's considered an arranged marriage ......"


      Su Zhiyu couldn't help but say, "The two of you didn't know each other before you got married, so naturally you didn't have any emotional foundation, and without an emotional foundation while tying the knot at your grandfather's request, isn't this a typical arranged marriage? Just like the literary magnate Mr. Lu Xun back then, he and his original wife, Ms. Zhu An, also had little affection and were married at the request of Mr. Lu Xun's mother."


      As she said this, Su Zhiyu suddenly thought of something and asked out of the blue, "Mr. Lu Xun and Ms. Zhu An never seemed to be married all their lives, so you two wouldn't be the same, would you?!"


      Faced with Su Zhiyu's blunt words, Xiao Churan looked even more shoddy and said awkwardly, "I ...... I ...... this ...... this ...... this ......"


      Xiao Churan's nervousness and shortness of breath suddenly caused a pleased look to float in Su Zhiyu's eyes.


      She felt that she should have guessed correctly, and that was why Xiao Churan was acting so unnaturally.


      If her guess was indeed correct, then Ye Chen and her were just a couple in name only.


      In that case, wouldn't that mean that he had a better chance?


      On the side, Du Haiqing also saw some clues from Xiao Churan's performance, and she also realised that this was a wonderful situation for her daughter.


      However, she was at the same time ashamed of herself for thinking this way, after all, this kind of thing was not honourable and even a bit despicable.


      At this moment, Su Zhiyu hurried forward and took Xiao Churan's arm in a self-effacing manner, asking in a low voice, "Churan, how long have you been married to your husband?"


      Xiao Churan truthfully said, "We have been married for four years."