Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3021

Gu Qiuyi then sent another message, writing that she would see you then.


      When it was time to eat. Ye Chen took an extra glance at the time, Xiao Churan normally left home at eight o'clock, and he drove her to the hotel site of the Dihao Group before heading to the airport. The time was definitely in time.


      While eating, Xiao Churan said to Ye Chen, "Right husband, from today onwards, you don't have to work so hard to pick me up and drop me off every day, I see that there hasn't been any more bizarre murder cases in Jinling in the past few days, so there shouldn't be anything wrong."


      Before Ye Chen could say anything, Ma Lan hurriedly said, "Aiya Chu Ran. Maybe the murderer is hiding for the time being, so you should be careful. Don't let anything happen to you!"


      Ever since she had moved into Townsend I, Ma Lan had basically realised the reality that she would have to rely on her daughter and son-in-law for her future life.


      It goes without saying that her daughter is gentle, kind and obedient to her parents, while her son-in-law, although not to be outdone, is an outsider.


      Therefore, on the one hand, she is concerned about her daughter, but on the other hand, she is also worried that in case something happens to her daughter, Ye Chen will turn his back on her mother-in-law.


      In other words, Xiao Churan is her guarantee to enjoy a good life.


      Although Ye Chen knew that Yu Jinghai's brother Xuan Fengnian was dead and that there would be no more bizarre murder cases like that in Jinling in the future, he still took the initiative to reassure his wife and in-laws and said, "Churan. Let's be cautious during this period and not take things lightly, so it's better for me to take you to the construction site later."


      Xiao Churan smiled faintly and said, "Then it will be hard for you to take me to the old city in a while. I'm not going to go to Dihao Group this morning."


      Ye Chen asked curiously, "Why are you going to Old Town early in the morning?"


      Xiao Churan smiled and said, "The design work for the Empire Group has already been completed and construction has started, so now the company is also taking other design orders, and my staff took on a new client in the old city a few days ago to renovate an old mansion. I did the design, so I had to go there myself and communicate with the owner there."