Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3004

 "Sh*t!" Zhong Zhengtao roared in anger, "What kind of international f*cking joke is that? Letting my son work for him as a seaman for three years, what the hell does he think he is? If he doesn't release my son today, I'll definitely make him look good!"

Ye Changmin advised, "Zhengtao, listen to my advice, Ye Chen is not someone you can afford to mess with, even I can't afford to mess with him, if you offend him, you will still be dealt with wantonly by him, even my father won't look out for me, this time Tian Yu falls into his hands, no one can save him, including you and me."

"What?!" Zhong Zhengtao questioned through gritted teeth, "You mean I've lived for 50 years and I'm still no match for a milquetoast offspring of your Ye family?!"

Ye Changmin wanted to tell him, "Not to mention you, even the two boys of the Su family who were about your age had not been able to escape Ye Chen's clutches, but she did not dare to tell Zhong Zhengtao this, because she knew very well in her heart that if she betrayed Ye Chen, Ye Chen would definitely not let her go.

So, she persuaded her bitterly, "Zhengtao, I advise you to accept this matter calmly. As for Tianyu's side, although these next three years will be tougher, this is the best solution right now."

Zhong Zhengtao said in a cold voice: "Ye Changmin, your Ye family, you're really bullying people too much! Don't you just want to protect that nephew of yours? Then there's no need to use my son's future as a price, right? Besides, do you take me, Zhong Zhengtao, for a three-year-old child? Do you think I will willingly let my son go wandering in the sea for three years just because you persuade me a few times? I tell you, you're dreaming!"

Ye Changmin became furious and blurted out, "Zhong Zhengtao! Don't you understand good and bad words? That nephew of mine hates to sh*t on my neck, I wouldn't protect him even if I were a dog! If you listen to me, you can bear with me and let this matter end with Tianyu. But if you don't listen to me and go after Ye Chen, I bet you'll end up on the boat with Tianyu! "

Zhong Zhengtao was doubtful and spoke up, "I'll give Master Ye a call and ask his old man to administer justice! I don't believe he can allow his grandson to bully people like this!"

Ye Changmin said feebly, "Fine, as long as you don't get yourself into trouble with Ye Chen, just call my dad, you see what he says."

Zhong Zhengtao directly hung up the phone.

He immediately called Ye Zhongquan, the old man of the Ye family.

Ye Zhongquan knew Zhong Zhengtao, and his father had been a good friend of the Ye family before he was born.

At this time, when he received Zhong Zhengtao's call, Ye Zhongquan smilingly asked, "Xiao Zhong, why did you want to call me?"

Zhong Zhengtao hurriedly said, "Uncle Ye, there is something that I have to ask you to do for my Zhong family!"

After saying that, he hurriedly told the whole story over the phone.

After hearing this, Ye Zhongquan was slightly stunned for a moment, and then immediately saw that he was not surprised.

In his heart, he thought, "Ye Chen can even do what the Su family does, let alone a mere Zhong family?"

"Even Su Shoudao, the son of the Su family, was thrown into Syria by Ye Chen, your son Zhong Tianyu is probably no better than a dog in Ye Chen's eyes, just this kind of third-rate level, and still dares to take the initiative to go to Jinling and jump in front of Ye Chen, isn't this asking for death?"

Thinking of this, Ye Zhongquan gave a sarcastic smile and said seriously, "Xiao Zhong, your father and I were old friends back then, so I have to tell you something."

Zhong Zhengtao was busy saying, "Uncle Ye, you tell me!"

Ye Zhongquan said seriously, "Don't mess with Ye Chen, you can't afford to mess with him!