Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3002

   With that, he switched the camera and filmed Zhong Tianyu, who was kneeling on the ground, in.


      When Gu Qiuyi saw Zhong Tianyu, she was indeed surprised for a moment, and then she said, "Zhong Tianyu, since you are here, then I will open up the sky and tell you the truth, this concert in Jinling is specially prepared by me for brother Ye Chen! And the day of the concert is also brother Ye Chen's birthday, I won't allow this concert to have any flaws, so I can't accept your appearance at my concert, before you found all kinds of relations, which made it difficult for me to make things very clear, now that I've opened up, then I won't hide it anymore, I'm indeed sorry."


      Zhong Tianyu immediately broke down emotionally and muttered in his heart, "So I'm a f*cking 'flaw' in Gu Qiuyi's eyes!"


      So, he couldn't help but ask, "Why ...... is that exactly?"


      Gu Qiuyi said without thinking, "Because brother Ye Chen is my fiancé whom I have recognized since I was a child, and this is the first time I perform on his birthday, in the city where he lives and in front of him, it is very important to me, so I can't let you make an appearance."


      At this point, she said apologetically, "However, I will still keep my promise for the next concerts in other cities, and I won't stop you from appearing on stage at that time."


      Only then did Zhong Tianyu realise what a stupid mistake he had made.


      Gu Qiuyi had a fiancé candidate in mind long ago and had even taken the initiative to come this far to perform for her fiancé, yet he himself had run over like a fool to pursue her, only to end up in a mess because he had offended her fiancé instead.


      "Is this ...... not a f*cking trick?!"


      Thinking of this, Zhong Tianyu cried out emotionally out of control, "If you don't want me to participate, why the f*ck didn't you say so earlier! If you had f*cking told me earlier, would I still have come to this f*cking place in Jinling? Would I have suffered so much if I hadn't come to this sh*thole of Jinling?! You've f*cking killed me!"


      Ye Chen immediately chided, "Who gave you permission to speak to Nui Nui in such a tone? I'll give you a chance to re-speak, one more word that I don't want to hear, and three years will turn into four!"


      Zhong Tianyu shivered and immediately put away his angry attitude just now and said in a jarred voice, "Qiu Yi ...... just now I was too impulsive, I ...... didn't mean anything else, I'm sorry! "


      I'm sorry Zhong Tianyu, in fact I've refused you before, but you've found so many connections everywhere, so I really can't refuse anymore, so I can only reluctantly agree for the time being, but when I promised you, I've already made a plan in my heart, when the day of the concert starts, I will tell all the audience directly and openly at the concert venue, saying that you can't be there because of I'll tell the audience that you can't be there because of a temporary problem, and then I'll ask the security guards to stop you and not let you go on stage.


      At this moment, Zhong Tianyu finally realised that he originally thought he had a chance to woo Gu Qiuyi, but to his surprise, he was just a self-absorbed licking dog.


      Moreover, instead of licking the woman he loved, the licking dog had blindly licked an iron bar that was 40 degrees below zero, and was destined to have a layer of skin ripped off by this iron bar.


      This is really a lick to the end of nothing ......


      At this thought, Zhong Tianyu broke down emotionally and fell to the ground whimpering in pain.


      Ye Chen switched the camera back and said to Gu Qiuyi, "Nui Nui, don't worry, this guy won't appear at any of your concerts anymore."


      Gu Qiuyi nodded her head and said with some intolerance, "Brother Ye Chen you shouldn't be too hard on him, this is really something I did inappropriately."


      Ye Chen waved his hand, "There's nothing inappropriate about what you did, it was him who was shameless and stalking you, and what you just said was just your intention, you didn't actually carry it out, there's no need to feel guilty towards him at all!"