Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2997

 As soon as he heard that Ye Chen wanted to break his legs and make him crawl to Yanjing, Zhong Tianyu's body jolted.


      He had been in the second generation circle in Yanjing for more than 20 years, and from what he knew about this circle, although people in this circle were arrogant and domineering, and although they were ruthless, they were basically only domineering towards people outside the circle, and most of them would be more restrained when dealing with people inside the circle.


      For example, he himself has been a bully for many years, and he has broken the legs of others more than once, but that was only against poor people who were far less powerful than he was, and if he were in this circle, everyone would give them some face.


      After all, we all have money and power, and every now and then we cross paths in business, so we all know to leave a line in the sand between each other in all matters.


      This has long since become an unspoken rule that everyone in the second-generation circle abides by.


      However, Zhong Tianyu found that the person in front of him, Ye Chen, did not seem to care about this established rule.


      So, he said offhandedly, "Ye Chen, if you really break my legs, my family will definitely not let it go, and you will also be ostracised and isolated by everyone in the circle, so why don't I kowtow to you and admit my mistake, and pay you some money, so you can let me go!"


      Ye Chen said expressionlessly, "I have already told you two choices, now you choose one for yourself, within minutes, if you have not told me your final choice then the two years in the first choice will become three years, and the second choice will be the same as before."


      Zhong Tianyu saw Ye Chen oil and salt, hurriedly shouted into the phone, "Auntie Ye, you help me to say a good word ah Auntie Ye ......"


      Ye Changmin sighed and spoke, "Tianyu, auntie advises you to hurry up and choose the first one, if it drags on, two years will turn into three, I'm afraid you'll be even more unbearable ......"


      The previous Kong Delong of the Yanjing Kong family, just because he offended Ye Chen, pedaled his bicycle from Yanjing to Jinling and lived in the dirtiest and worst shantytown in Jinling. It was worse than a beggar ......"


      Since being educated by Ye Chen, Ye Changmin had secretly investigated Ye Chen's actions, and the more she investigated, the more fearful she became of Ye Chen, so as a person who had come over, she immediately helped Zhong Tianyu make the best choice.


      In her opinion, the best situation for Zhong Tianyu at the moment was to hurry up and agree to the first option Ye Chen gave him, otherwise, the conditions that followed would only get worse and worse.


      When Zhong Tianyu heard Ye Changmin talk about Kong Delong, he was stunned speechless.