Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2990

 Although Ye Changmin is also considered to be charming, but after all, the age is here, how to focus on appearance, it is not possible with ten young girls in their eighties and nineties, or in their twenties, are comparable.

The old rascal like Zhong Zhengtao, who has long since let himself go, has always had a very dense taste in choosing women.

However, Ye Changmin's case is a bit more special.

No matter what, she was the eldest lady of the Ye family, not to mention how much property she could inherit from the Ye family in the future, just her status and resources in the Ye family alone contained powerful energy and benefits.

Therefore, ever since that reunion, Zhong Zhengtao began to pay great attention to Ye Changmin.

Although Ye Changmin was already half an old woman, she was still a woman after all.

And, just as people say that a man is a teenager until he dies, a woman, even if she is old, also has a girl's heart.

Although the Zhong family has many sons and daughters, the overall strength of the Zhong family is still considerable, much stronger than Ye Changmin's declining in-laws, so the overall situation is more in line with Ye Changmin's requirements for her other half.

In the Zhong Zhengtao this kind of love field veteran all-round attack, Ye Changmin quickly fall into it, feel the whole person rejuvenated general.

So, the two people then quietly hooked up.

Zhong Zhengtao did everything he could to make Ye Changmin feel in love again, and Ye Changmin did give Zhong Zhengtao a lot in return, in terms of resources.

For Ye Changmin, she did have feelings for Zhong Zhengtao and wanted to divorce and be with him openly, while Zhong Zhengtao did not really like her, but he also wanted to marry Ye Changmin because of her status and background.

The reason why the two did not dare to take this step was also mainly because Master Ye was dead set on not allowing Ye Changmin to get a divorce.

So, Ye Changmin also had her own set of plans.

She was thinking that the old man didn't have many years left to live anyway, so she wasn't in a hurry to divorce or get married for a few years.

After all, although the two of them can't be open now, they have been finding all kinds of opportunities to secretly communicate with each other, and since they can have enough to eat by stealing, they don't care when the banquet starts.

Moreover, if they don't get married first, they can still keep catering to the old man's demands and make him happy, then in the future, they will have a better chance in terms of inheritance.

Perhaps when the old man is happy, he will be able to allocate more of his inheritance to himself.

In this way, after receiving the inheritance, she can divorce her original spouse and marry Zhong Zhengtao in an open and fair manner, and the rest of her life will be perfect.