Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2988

 Ever since she left Jinling, as soon as she heard the word "Jinling", she immediately felt a shiver run down her spine.

She had always thought of Jinling as the Waterloo of her life, and it was probably a Waterloo that she would never be able to turn around again in her life, and there had been a black hole like a shadow in her psyche for a long time.

Zhong Zhengtao heard that Ye Changmin's voice was a little unnatural and hurriedly asked after her, "Changmin, what's wrong with Jinling? Is there something wrong?"

Subconsciously, Ye Changmin asked, "Did you just say that Tianyu was kidnapped and sent to Buckingham Palace?"

"Yes!" Zhong Zhengtao hurriedly said, "The news that came back did say that the person was taken to Buckingham Palace, I don't know if this matter has anything to do with the Ye family, but isn't Buckingham Palace a wholly owned property of your Ye family? So I thought I'd ask you to help inquire about it and see what's going on ......"

When Ye Changmin heard this, he almost immediately concluded that the matter of Zhong Tianyu being kidnapped must have something to do with Ye Chen.

Otherwise, with Chen Zekai's status, he himself would never have dared to lay a hand on Zhong Tianyu.

Thinking of this, she could not help but ask Zhong Zhengtao: "Did Tianyu get ......

Offend someone?"

"Offend someone?" Zhong Zhengtao said awkwardly, "This kid is always offending people, all day long, his mouth is unstoppable, but he still has a sense of proportion in his heart, if he really can't afford to mess with people, he definitely won't dare to mess with them."

I'm afraid that he might have gotten into trouble with the kind of young man who doesn't care about anything, in case the other party gets angry and doesn't care about his identity or the background of the Zhong family, but simply wants to fix him, that would be bad."

Then, Zhong Zhengtao said in a somewhat pleading tone, "Changmin, why don't you take the trouble to call the person in charge of your Ye family in Jinling and ask about it?"

Ye Changmin hesitated for a moment and said with some uncertainty, "OK ...... then I'll first inquire about what exactly the situation is."

"Good!" Zhong Zhengtao breathed a sigh of relief and busily said, "Right Changmin, don't you like jadeite, I asked someone to buy an imperial green bracelet from a Burmese person, it has been sent to Yanjing, see when you have time, come to my house to try it out?"

Ye Changmin was immediately a little pleased and asked with a deliberate smile, "So did you intend to let me try the bracelet, or did you want to trick me into coming to your house?"