Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2981


Ten minutes later, Hong Wu arrived in a hurry.

As soon as he entered Richard Chen's office, he asked impatiently, "Master Ye, what orders do you have for me?"

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "There is something that I want you to work with Old Chen to get done for me."

Hong Wu busily said, "Master Ye, just give me an order!"

Ye Chen then said, "Hong Wu. You have many disciples under you, so gather a group of your men for me now."

Hong Wu asked, "Master Ye, how many men do you need? What are the requirements?"

Ye Chen said, "People. All of them should be male, and they should be the kind of strong men who practice fitness regularly and are covered in tendons, and those with scars on their faces and necks would be perfect. As for the number of men, two or three hundred is the minimum, the more the merrier."

Hong Wu asked with a surprised face, "Master Ye. Are you bringing people to a fire fight with others?"

"No." Ye Chen waved his hand and said, "I want them to pick up the plane at the airport."

"Pick up the plane?!" Hong Wu was bewildered by what he heard, completely unaware of what medicine Ye Chen was selling in his gourd.

However. Chen Zekai, who was at the side, immediately understood, and he couldn't help but laugh, "Young master, you're planning to have your gang of road thugs go and pick up the plane for Zhong Tianyu as fans, right?"

"Right!" Ye Chen laughed, "Is it because you like platitudes? Then let's make this row for him ......

of a little bigger!"

Saying that, Ye Chen informed the two of them of his detailed plan.

After hearing this, Chen Zekai was full of shock and at the same time said with a bad smile on his face, "Young master, your way of fixing people is too damaging, if you mess with them like this, I think this Zhong Tianyu will definitely have to withdraw from the circle ......"

Ye Chen laughed: "He better behave and quit the circle, otherwise even if he doesn't take the initiative to quit the circle himself, I will find a way to make him quit."

Saying that, Ye Chen's expression carried a bit of contempt as he said, "I will never allow this kind of trash. appear at Nui Nui's concert on the day of my birthday."


Two hours later, a private plane landed at Jinling Airport.

As soon as the plane landed it was taken directly to the hangar by a guidance car.

Zhong Tianyu's make-up artist had just finished fixing his make-up.

At this moment. There was a Toyota Kosta parked next to the plane, which was the airport's special ferry vehicle used to transport VIPs.

However, Zhong Tianyu was not in a hurry to get off the plane. Instead, while looking in the mirror and checking his makeup, he opened his mouth and asked Chen Mengmeng, "Check with that Xiao Weiwei to see if the fans are in place."

Chen Mengmeng hurriedly agreed and then sent a video call to Xiao Weiwei.

Xiao Weiwei quickly got through, and when she saw Chen Mengmeng, she smiled and asked, "Miss Chen, Mr. Zhong ......

Have you landed yet?"

Chen Mengmeng nodded and said, "We have landed, but we are still in the hangar and have not gone out, I want to ask you if your side is ready first?"

Xiao Weiwei hurriedly switched the video call camera and used the rear camera, filming in the three hundred etiquette ladies at the exit of the airport arrival hall, and spoke, "Look Miss Chen, our people are all in position, and I've specially asked them to temporarily prepare banners, and the slogans have been matched with them, so we will definitely build up the momentum when the time comes."

Zhong Tianyu came over to take a look and found that there was indeed a large group of pretty young girls, clustered near the airport arrival gate, and the formation was indeed huge.

He then breathed a sigh of relief and said with satisfaction, "Since it's all ready, then we'll go over there now and arrive in about ten minutes."

Xiao Weiwei said offhandedly, "Okay Mr. Zhong, we'll wait for you in the arrival hall."

Chen Mengmeng hurriedly instructed, "Mr. Xiao, you are in the arrival hall of the main terminal, right? Don't make any mistakes!"

Xiao Weiwei pointed the camera at the airport sign and said seriously, "There is only one arrival hall in the main terminal, just outside the baggage carousel, don't worry, there is no mistake!"

"That's good." Chen Mengmeng breathed a complete sigh of relief.

After hanging up the video, she then said to Zhong Tianyu, "Young master, we can get off the plane now!