Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2980

 Although Ye Chen had never met Zhong Tianyu, he did not have any good feelings towards him because of Xu Dan Dan and the matter of the presidential suite.

What's more, this guy even wanted to pursue Gu Qiuyi, and that made him even more upset.

Thinking of Zhong Tianyu's harsh words to Richard Chen over the phone earlier, so Ye Chen planned to. Do his best to be a good host and let Zhong Tianyu feel the warmth of the people of Jinling from the moment he got off the plane.

Didn't you want to hire a female fan to pick up the plane? Then I'll arrange a little surprise for you.

At this point, Xiao Weiwei on the other end of the phone asked with some curiosity, "Brother-in-law, do you know that Zhong Tianyu?"

Ye Chen said, "No, but I should get to know him soon."

After saying that, Ye Chen then said, "Right Weiwei, I still have some things to take care of on my side, let's talk later."

Xiao Weiwei heard these words. Although she didn't want to hang up, she was too embarrassed to pester, and hurriedly said, "Okay brother-in-law, you go ahead and get busy, I also have to go organize the pick up later."

When Ye Chen hung up the phone, he immediately said to Chen Zekai, "Old Chen. Call Hong Wu to come over."

Chen Zekai nodded and hurriedly called Hong Wu first...

A phone call was made before he said to Ye Chen, "Young master I've finished eating with Hong Wu, he'll come over right away, he'll be here in 10 or so minutes."

"Good." Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "You have connections at the airport, ask them to keep an eye out for any private planes from Yanjing landing in Jinling this afternoon, if so, ask for the landing time and the ground handling arrangements after landing."

Chen Zekai asked curiously, "Young master, what are you doing here?"

Ye Chen smiled, "Zhong Tianyu is coming to Jinling, so I'm preparing a surprise for him."

Soon. Richard Chen then inquired about a message from the airport.

There was a private plane that had applied for permission to fly from Yanjing to Jinling in twenty minutes, the plane would land in Jinling in two hours, and after the plane landed and parked in the hangar, the Jinling airport side had arranged for a VIP pick-up vehicle within the airport, and would pick up the person first after the plane had stopped.

Chen Zekai explained to Ye Chen: "Young master, generally speaking, private planes to the airport can be arranged to go through the business jet terminal and are on the VIP channel, the business jet terminal is also generally a separate building, and the main terminal will have a certain distance, the passengers of private planes basically ......

 Up and down the airport would not be with ordinary passengers, but this Zhong Tianyu specifically gave the airport a request to not send him to the business jet terminal. Instead, he was sent to the main terminal, I don't know what his intention was."

Hearing this, Ye Chen said with a smile, "His intention is simple. The place in the business terminal is so small and the entry and exit vetting is so strict, if we leave the airport directly from there, won't we be unable to enjoy the ritual of being met by fans?"

Said. Ye Chen added, "I just heard that he paid three hundred etiquette ladies to go to the airport and pretend to be fans to pick up the plane, the main terminal is a big place and there are many people, so when the show gets bigger, it might be able to make a hot search."

"So that's how it is." Chen Zekai nodded lightly and laughed, "These people in the entertainment industry are too fake, they even pay for their fans, no wonder people say that Zhong Tianyu is losing money as a star. It turns out that the glamour is all in exchange for money."

Ye Chen laughed, "Since Zhong Tianyu is so concerned about the show, I will arrange a unique fan pick-up show for him today!"

Chen Zekai was busy asking, "Young master, what are your plans?"

Ye Chen hummed and laughed, "Wait for Hong Wu to come. I'll tell you all together."