Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2979

 Xiao Weiwei hurriedly said with unparalleled seriousness, "Brother-in-law, you have 10,000 hearts! I, Xiao Weiwei, did ......

 I really don't know how to do things, no matter what I do, I'm a lot worse, but I've really changed my mind now, after the last time I was cheated, I also understand that life is not easy, so now I'm always open and honest to the company staff, and I think of them in every way!"

Xiao Weiwei said, "Today, for example. For example, today, I received a large order of one million dollars, and the other party wanted 300 people to pose as fans at the airport. In that case, it would only cost 150,000 and the remaining 850,000 would be profit. As for the company's income, I could have kept it from them and kept them in the dark, so naturally they wouldn't have any problems."

"However, I finally decided to give the bulk of it to the employees. So for these three hundred people, I gave two thousand five hundred each!"

"The reason for this is that on the one hand, like you said, brother-in-law, I don't want to see money to exploit them;"

"On the other hand I also want to treat this one as a reward. To motivate those who perform better and make them work harder in the future, and also to stimulate those who didn't get the chance and show them the benefits of hard work! This will also make them more motivated in the future."

Ye Chen couldn't help but praise, "I'm really impressed that you can do this."

Saying that, Ye Chen gave a slight pause and added: "If you just count the economic accounts, you seem to have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit, but if you look at the long term, Hundreds of more die-hard quality employees have been harvested."

"The profits these people can generate for the company in the future will certainly be much more than just a few hundred thousand."

"But if you lie to them today and hide the actual income from them, this is like buying a time bomb, in case they find out one day, they will be resistant to you and to the company, which will in turn make your future path narrower and narrower."

Xiao Weiwei happily said, "Thank you brother-in-law for the compliment! I will definitely find a way to make my future path wider and wider in the future!"

Ye Chen gave a hint and was about to hang up the phone after exchanging a few pleasantries. But suddenly, he thought back to a detail that Xiao Weiwei had mentioned in the phone call earlier.

So, he pursued the question, "Right Weiwei, you just said that someone gave you one million. Is it to hire three hundred etiquette ladies to go to the airport and pose as fans to pick up the plane?!"

"Right!" Xiao Weiwei said with a smile, "It's also the first time I've received such a job, but it seems like there are quite a lot of celebrities who buy fans now, not just celebrities. Many milk tea shops and netflix restaurants are spending money to hire people to fill up the scene, supposedly to package themselves to be very popular, so they can trick others into joining, thus earning high franchise fees."

Ye Chen was busy asking, "Do you know who the person is who bought the fan pick-up?"

Xiao Weiwei didn't hide anything from Ye Chen and said directly, "It's a new generation singer called Zhong Tianyu, who is said to be quite hot recently." 

Ye Chen couldn't help but laugh out loud, "Yoo-hoo, it's him