Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2975

 If you can't get this huge gold mine of Gu Qiuyi .....

The company's business is not a good one.

Chen Mengmeng also understands Zhong Tianyu's meaning, paying half a million first, and the next half a million would definitely be out of the question.

Although she did not want to do this kind of thing without business ethics, but since her boss had given the word, how could she dare to disobey, so she had to say to Xiao Weiwei, "Mr. Xiao, our boss has promised that one million is no problem, but half of the money has to be paid first, and then the other half will be paid after the matter is completed."

Xiao Weiwei had been pitied many times before, she was no longer the stupid woman she was, she instantly understood the other party's intentions, so she said, "Miss Chen, if your company is willing to cooperate, after paying the full amount in one go, I will start making arrangements. Please forgive me."

After hearing this, Zhong Tianyu said with a grimace, "This bitch is really ruthless, she has killed all the room for bargaining for me at once!"

Chen Mengmeng asked helplessly, "Young master, so what now?"

Zhong Tianyu cursed, "What the hell else can I do, promise her! Tell her to hurry up and arrange someone for me to go there! If I don't see more than three hundred female fans when I get off the plane, I'll fucking kill her!"

Chen Mengmeng asked tentatively, "Then have the finance transfer the money now?"

"Yes!" Chen Mengmeng gritted her teeth and said, "You ask for the other party's account number, then inform the finance to transfer the money, I'll approve it directly on my phone."


Chen Mengmeng finally breathed a sigh of relief, although this matter was not her own pot, if it was not resolved in the end, Zhong Tianyu would definitely find herself in trouble.

Fortunately, it was finally considered resolved now.

Although it cost a lot more money, the debt would definitely be on Xu Dan Dan's head and had nothing to do with herself.

So, she hurriedly confirmed the cooperation with Vivian Xiao, asked her for the collection account number, and then immediately arranged for the finance to be responsible for the payment.

While Zhong Tianyu was boarding his private jet and waiting to take off, the finance side finished the transfer and after Zhong Tianyu had finished approving it with his mobile phone, Xiao Weiwei also immediately received feedback from the finance department that she had received a million dollars transferred from Zhong Tianyu's actor agency studio.

Xiao Weiwei was very happy in her heart, in her opinion, this single deal was simply a way to improve everyone's life, so she immediately sent a voice message in the company's 1,000-strong QQ group, and then Aite all the members: "Sisters, I've just received a big deal!"

Many people in the group hurriedly asked what the big deal was.