Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2974

 Xiao Weiwei herself is not some silly white girl, although she has not done much business before, but in the past one or two years, she has also been full of human heartache, so she is now very clear about the basic law of survival in society, which is to do her best to fight for her own interests.

Moreover, she was not alone now, there were hundreds of young girls following her for dinner behind her, so she naturally wanted to fight for more benefits for everyone.

On Chen Mengmeng's side, when she heard that Xiao Weiwei wanted one million, she immediately subconsciously looked at Zhong Tianyu at the side.

She was only Zhong Tianyu's assistant, so whether she wanted to spend the money or not was entirely up to Zhong Tianyu.

Zhong Tianyu's expression at this moment was extremely ugly.

He gritted his teeth and said, "This Xiao Weiwei's appetite is really big! She dares to ask me for a million dollars for such a trivial matter, she is clearly trying to knock me out! Do you really think I'm an ingrate?"

Seeing Zhong Tianyu's anger again, Chen Mengmeng hurriedly said, "Young master, what if I refuse her now?"

Zhong Tianyu glared at Chen Mengmeng and scolded, "Do you have any f*cking brains? Reject her now, I'll get to ......

What if there's no one to pick me up in Golden? How do I send out today's circulars? How do I buy the hot search?"

After saying that, Zhong Tianyu said with a cold face, "You tell her, one million is one million, but I'll pay half a million first, and the remaining half a million after it's done."

Zhong Tianyu's thought was very simple, such a hasty matter, it was too late to sign a contract, everything was a verbal agreement, first pay half a million, the remaining half a million when the matter is finished, it is impossible to pay.

Zhong Tianyu's family is very big and he is also a first-rate star, but the sunk cost of his initial investment is too big, and he needs to continue to spend money in order to maintain his "top stream" label, so he pays particular attention to the cost.

What's even more annoying for Zhong Tianyu is that he chose the music route to pursue Gu Qiuyi, but these days, the ability of singers to make money is a hundred thousand miles behind that of actors.

The singer's ability to draw money is a hundred thousand miles less than that of an actor these days, and even though he can earn tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars a year from various performances, variety shows and announcements, the marketing costs behind each year are basically the same as his income.