Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2971

After hearing this voice, Xiao Weiwei was a bit stunned for a while.

She had been working as a courtesy girl for quite a long time, and she had been running Shangmei for quite a long time, and had taken on many different kinds of activities, but she had never taken on a job like this where she had to impersonate a fan to pick up a plane at the airport.

So, she replied apologetically, "Sorry, Miss Chen, we haven't done this business before, we're not very good at it, so in order not to affect your business, we suggest you find some company that specialises in this area."

When Chen Mengmeng heard this, she became anxious.

Looking for a company that specialises in this area to work with?

There was no such thing as a professional company, but they all had to prepare resources in advance.

Not to mention that she couldn't find the group leader that Xu Dan Dan was working with right now, even if she could find one, it was even more unlikely that the other party would temporarily adjust the schedule for tomorrow morning to two hours later.

The reason is that these people are not always watching this one project, those group leaders are like taxi drivers, they are either running this job or that one, if you have booked a car for 9am tomorrow, he can only make sure that he doesn't pull any other jobs at this time tomorrow.

So it's simply not practical to try to change the appointment time on the fly, and to do so for two or three hundred people in one breath.

It was because of this that Chen Mengmeng felt that in the whole of Jinling right now, I'm afraid that Xiao Weiwei was the only one who could do this.

The reason is that she is different from the head of the group, the head of the group is only an intermediary and does not have absolute control over the group actors below, but Xiao Weiwei is different, she has her own company, her own company directly signed hundreds of courtesy girls, those courtesy girls are all her employees, she definitely has absolute control over her own staff deployment power.

Therefore, she hurriedly opened her mouth and pleaded: "Mr. Xiao, I really have no other way now, so I can only ask you for help. It doesn't matter if you have never done this kind of business before, in fact, this is very simple, just need you to coordinate the people well, when the time comes, let them appear in the designated position at the designated time, and then shout out our designated slogan. "

After hearing this, Xiao Weiwei still didn't quite want to take on such a job.

Under her management, Shangmei Etiquette Company had long been on the fast track, operating very smoothly in all aspects, with abundant cash flow and a relatively high profit margin.

Under such circumstances, she really did not want to take on such rare and odd jobs.

So, she still said apologetically, "I'm really sorry Miss Chen, this business doesn't match the business our company runs, and to be honest, I personally am not very Interested, so please forgive me."