Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2970

The female assistant was busy saying, "We've had a relationship for so many years, I won't pretend to be polite with you, I'll come to you when I finish my business first!"

After that, she hurriedly added Xiao Weiwei's WeChat.

Xiao Weiwei's WeChat nickname had now been changed to "Shangmei Etiquette Xiao Weiwei", and her avatar had also been changed to a professional photo of herself in a professional suit with a smile on her face.

It must be said that during this recent period, Xiao Weiwei has really done a good job.

Because she has changed the way of other etiquette companies, deducting and exploiting and even oppressing etiquette girls, she has wholeheartedly worked for the welfare of the etiquette girl group, so the girls who work as etiquette girls in Jinling now have great trust in her.

Moreover, with Ye Chen's face on the line, Master Hong and several of his powerful men, including Ma Zhongliang, usually help Xiao Weiwei introduce various resources, so Xiao Weiwei is not only doing great business, but also in Jinling, competitors do not dare to provoke her.

Shangmei etiquette company business more and more, etiquette girls also more and more, the company not only changed a larger venue, but also one after another bought several buses, buses, specializing in transporting etiquette girls in Jinling local and surrounding to receive a variety of activities.

In addition, Xiao Weiwei also invested in the acquisition of a closed dance training studio, the dance classroom as a venue for Miss Etiquette training, but also put up a large signboard, named Shangmei Etiquette Training Base.

In order to get this training base, she specially invited Miss Etiquette who had participated in the Olympic Games, Asian Games and other world-class events ......

Coming over as a teacher has instantly improved the overall quality of the etiquette ladies at Shangmei Etiquette Company.

In the past, most of the etiquette girls in Jinling, and even around the country, actually had little professional skills.

If it is an ordinary business event, let them be responsible for welcoming guests; if it is a large exhibition, let them guest car models; sometimes some conferences, political and business activities, will also let them to act as a facade, as long as they wear a unified uniform, with a smile on the scene, you can make the whole event look more complete.

However, there is still often a demand for high-end Miss Manners in the market, such as various large events and activities of an official nature, and at such times, there is a need for some professionally trained Miss Manners.

Xiao Weiwei now has this piece of quality up, immediately let the Shangmei etiquette company a lot of upgrade, some large official activities in the city will seek their cooperation, so the visibility is also relatively high.

At this moment she happened to be at the training centre leading a class with her staff, and saw someone add her friend with the note: "Hello, my name is Chen Mengmeng, a friend introduced a business to you for cooperation!"

Naturally, Xiao Weiwei didn't think much of it, so she just clicked through.

As soon as she passed the other person's friend request, Chen Mengmeng immediately sent a voice message: "Hello, Mr. Xiao, for business reasons, I urgently need 200 to 300 young girls to act as fan pick-ups at Jinling Airport in two hours, I wonder if you can pick them up.